A warrior so pure of heart

Cannot ever be questioned

Perfectly assembled animal

Simply stunning work of art


Shining example of the truth

Carrying nary a single burden

Walking with a determination

Ever steady from tail to tooth


Standing vigilant over the pride

Power and grace in abundance

Never waning loyalty it’s power

Engines of creation in full stride


Courage of conviction emphasized

With no regret for past indiscretion

Lived and learned it’s lessons well

Now it’s strengths fully mechanized




This strange reality has taken hold

A solitary soldier left alone in battle

Given the choice to stand and fight

Or collapse under the weight of gravity

Tides bring a raging surf to uproot

Lightning strikes like an electric serpent

The skies mock with cruel condescension

While the universe looks on with glee

A blazing sun sets after a long day

Of shedding light on imperfections

Giving this warrior a fighting chance

To set deeper roots under quiet moon

An ally is found and a deal is struck

A lunar compatriot to fight alongside

One that chases away the angry sun

And has complete control of the tides

A singular combatant no longer

These mighty champions seek glory

Changing desperate fortunes of war

Into brilliantly lit new circumstance

Solid and sturdy presence on the ground

While Luna commands the infinite skies

Sol and the seven seas shrink away

The world witnesses a new power rise

As the malicious smile slowly fades

From the insolent lips of the cosmos

The Birth Of Light (Phoenix)


Legend can be found in each ray of the sun

As we reach deeper into a dirty well of truth

A blistering heat of vividly colored realities

Holds vague memories of misguided youth


A brilliant smile brings warmth everywhere

While oceans and skies of blue see the world

Solar intensity burns bright and everlasting

A flag of painful truth and loyalty is unfurled


Sol exists only to bare witness and shed light

On the beautiful and brilliant phoenix rising

From smoldering ashes of staggering atrocity

A story of true suffering in need of reprising


A new tale told, one of determined survival

Allowing others to seek shelter under wing

This protective angel out from under ashes

Carries with her hope, as angels voices sing





The Pen And The Sword

For ALL my friends at Kindred Words


Stand Tall, Stand together

Never shall we let an enemy prosper

Across vast wastelands and endless oceans

We forge onward into battle without fear or hesitation

Side by side, mind for mind and heart for heart

Never shall we let a fellow warrior fall

All for one and one for all

Our soldiers oath

A word is as good as gold

When written in the blood of friends

The pen is mightier than any sword could be

But honestly if given my weapon of choice

I would not hesitate to make a decision

As surely as I have two hands

I would choose both



Where am I?

Who turned out the lights?

Once again I sit alone in darkness

Unsure of all that seems real when the sun shines

I am so familiar with the absence of light

It was my custodian through trying times

My benevolent protector when my reality burned

Scalded by the flames of self inflicted radiation

 Shadows kept me safe from poisonous predators

The light has gone away once more

As I am enveloped by the inner calm of blackness



I see you there with a hand outstretched

Enticing me, testing my will as you do

Beckoning me to trust in your touch

Reassuring me with the promise of tranquility

The warmth of day awaits if only I take your hand

Sounds of laughter will only be replaced by a cacophony

A dissonance born of unimaginable self loathing

This I know as certainly as I know the darkness is tangible



So coax me if you must, as that is your purpose

It will only make this warriors armor stronger

To be constantly reminded of the battlefields of old

Keep on with the promises of eternal light and warmth

For I see all too well the dangers inherent within the glow

Reach forever outward to grasp control of my livelihood

As it will now and evermore be denied with steadfast resolve

I have come to know one thing above all in the company of shadows



It is far better to feel my way through the darkness with uncertainty

Than to be touched again by the perilous mistakes of a past in the light

Strike The Match


Strike the match and light the fuse

It matters not which way you choose

A walk this way will clearly be bringing

The thundering roar of Hells Bells ringing


Take the road all too easily chosen

Seek a souls eternity painfully frozen

Follow the path of the righteously unsung

Absolute truth in “only the good die young”


A rat in a trap, it’s a catch twenty two

Damned if you don’t, damned if you do

Who makes the rules in this sickening game?

I need to know where to point finger of blame


Dreadful things happen to the best of us all

As malevolence thrives, never taking the fall

Take the good with the bad is what they all say

I say fight, letting chips fall where they may


So take not my words of vengeance so lightly

A beacon of salvation shines ever so brightly

Sulfur chokes the sky as flames burn the ocean

The match struck, retribution is set in motion

In Dark Corners


Brought back to life in a cold sweat

Snapping out of vivid imagination

Taken for a wild ride once again

As the spinning room settles down

Eyes open wide to the possibility

Of reality never coming into focus

An existence dances in the shadows

While illusion grabs up all the light

A place deep inside that takes hold

Playing keep away with proper sanity

Held prisoner inside these four walls

Sunlight and it’s absence are wardens

A jailbreak gets played out every night

Within the confines of a frantic dream

Conceived with careful forethought

Never to be brought to it’s fruition

As it is always deemed much safer

Inside the chain link and razor wire

In Dark Corners of a dangerous mind

Ring Of Fire


Borne within is the power to burn

A blistering razor wire lies in wait

For the ill-fated who dare oppose

Or the hatefully mindless aggressor


Step lightly where only Angels dared tread

Mindful of those who have gone before

Leave no trace of your undesired presence

Knowing a ripple causes permanent waves


Never look back at the river of flames

As the ferryman will wait for eternity

To carry you quickly and excruciatingly

Farther away from Dante’s doorway


Beware the hungry hounds at the gate

Held in molten chains about to break

Images of Hellfire inside ravenous eyes

Chops licked in such deadly anticipation


Once again I caution the boldly unaware

To seek absolution for their atrocities

The “Man In Black” welcomes with open arms

All who are willing to gamble with their soul

Curtain Call

This was written for an image challenge presented by Debra at Please check out her site and take a look at what the extremely talented roster of writers and poets also came up with for this image, as well as all of Debra’s own wonderful creative work.


Lights dim

As the audience  simmers

A hush falling over the crowd

Of unsuspecting spectators

Spot lit by a silvery moon


Act 1 sees the birth of her Majesty

Splendid in every way

From her golden sandy shores

To the depths of the bluest waters

And climbing the highest alpine peaks


Introduction of the villain clouds Act 2

Humanity in rare form

Seemingly harmless in the beginning

As the race to be human unfolds

Power and prosperity rule simple minds


Act 3 and the clouds roll quickly in

Thick black smog formed by smoke of progress

Choking our heroine and covering her in soot

Lightning singes and tatters beautiful attire

As it all becomes too much for her to endure


A scene of retribution outlines Act 4

As seas part and the skies open wide

Swallowing the mass of humanity

The cause of her turbulent undoing

As her pride and joy can once again thrive


The final act brings a peaceful serenity

As the orchestra plays softly from the pit

Our leading lady arrives at center stage

Where she has always belonged

Gods and Goddesses alike rise to their feet


Only fitting, this tribute from a joyous crowd

As Mother Nature takes her bows

Showered in roses from her own gardens

A standing ovation heard across the Universe

Our Lady Earth is renewed by this curtain call

Beneath The Surface


The struggle to stay afloat churns the surface

Drawing the attention of mindless man eaters

A strong will to survive and stamina to endure

The constant rise and fall of this ravenous tide


Air to breathe and bright sun keep hope alive

As a menacing intensity drives the undertow

Gravity pulls downward with weight of despair

As sharks start to circle in hungry anticipation


Strength renewed could easily see you to shore

While the spirit within provides limitless fight

Yet a peaceful realization takes hold of the mind

While surface waters rage in aquatic turbulence


The perils to avoid most certainly reside above 

While the surface hides perfection in quietude

A calm like no other can be found in the depths

The most beautiful rays of light can be viewed


From Below