In Dark Corners


Brought back to life in a cold sweat

Snapping out of vivid imagination

Taken for a wild ride once again

As the spinning room settles down

Eyes open wide to the possibility

Of reality never coming into focus

An existence dances in the shadows

While illusion grabs up all the light

A place deep inside that takes hold

Playing keep away with proper sanity

Held prisoner inside these four walls

Sunlight and it’s absence are wardens

A jailbreak gets played out every night

Within the confines of a frantic dream

Conceived with careful forethought

Never to be brought to it’s fruition

As it is always deemed much safer

Inside the chain link and razor wire

In Dark Corners of a dangerous mind




I find myself drifting off again to obsidian

It is in these shadowed dreary places

Within the recesses of a quiet mind

That I sometimes fall into trance

Recapturing dark  fascination

Wishing reluctantly

For the comfort

And Quiet of


Knowing well

Who and or what

Waits for me to slumber

Fitfully throughout stormy

Night inside my troubled head

Holding vigil quietly waiting on me

My return is greeted by familiar form

Shadow black and Sandman’s malicious grin



Styx (Forever Together)


Panic stricken defines our victim’s calling

Into depths unknown and quickly falling

Frantic memories emerge while thinking

Pictures painted on a mind that’s sinking


She struggles against what she knows best

Devils tears torture with promised unrest

Darkness so terrifying that it truly burns

As a nightmarish reality twists and turns


The waters of Styx are bathed in hells fire

Set ablaze by a Demons ceremonial  pyre

Not one but two now descending at speed

Waters get darker where spirits are freed


Together forever was the deal they made

Blood on parchment so quickly betrayed

Forever together very soon they shall be

Devils promise of forever; not forever free


So now they are together forever it seems

In an ocean of torture, a sea of bad dreams

Reaching his love, once again they embrace

But all love is gone, only grief in it’s place


Lucifer’s ruthless game of deceit is at hand

While river consumes his prey on command

Drowning them all in sins of lust and desire

Delivering them to this infinite ocean of fire

Night Train (A Nightmare Concluded)

Some of you may recognize the first image from a prior flash fiction piece of mine entitled  “A Nightmare To Remember” . I had always intended to continue with that story and finally found a suitable image that inspired the rest of the story. This is a bit different in style to the original piece but tells the continuing story of the character’s quest for what lies below……

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed bringing it to it’s conclusion



Familiarity for a place I have never physically been before

A sense of dread combined with an eager anticipation

Things my eyes show me to be the truths of my surroundings

Become both overwhelming and soothing to my sensibilities

As my dreamscapes overseer draws me downward once again


Shadows and voices return with renewed ferocity and tangibility

Past recurring theme of being led into the intriguing unknown

Curiosity and terror battle for control as I make my way down

A subterranean seduction of my desire to know the unnamed

To finally find what has been beckoning for so long in the night


Far beyond where I am repeatedly taken from my journey so abruptly

Further below than I have ever been or may have ever hoped to be

My fervent questioning of secrets within the shadows perhaps foolish

As my thirst for awareness is once again shrouded in paralyzing fear

My delivery to the origin of these eerie steps leaves me stupefied


A subway platform of the most odd and unimaginable exists

Far below the place where my delusional odyssey began

A sinister place seemingly alive with shadows and voices

Multitudes of dark and insistent voices that I know so well

Haunting me; taunting as they deliver me to my waiting train


As I cross the threshold I am struck by the foul stench of death

Telltale signs of those that came before me are ever present

Epiphany arises as I am struck by the dire truth of my destination

There can be only one place that this voyage will come to it’s conclusion

My fascination with what waited for me below brings me to my Hellish end


Greeted by a new yet too familiar figure as it draws me ever near

I am burdened with the memories of all my human indiscretions

Branded with a number to become my new and infinite identity

My headstrong will to survive is stolen with astonishing force

As a modern day Charon removes the pennies from my eyes









Rise To The Occasion

waking the dead

Once again an infrequent occasion is upon us

The time when calendar coincides with moon

In night sky our lunar bystander shines full

As if to cast a spotlight on dire circumstance


Time has arrived for the quiet to be interrupted

As the silent ones shall once again be heard

Some recently suppressed, others quelled for ages

Mystic prophecy proclaims they shall rise again


As the world turns, so now does the sacred earth

Coming alive with such a terrifying resurrection

Souls of the wrongfully dead reunite with mortal remains

As the unholiest of all reanimations comes into being


From the ancient natives ruthlessly killed for their land

To innocent bystanders taken away from family and love

All shall now be given a chance at vengeful retribution

Their time for retaliation is upon us as corpses walk again


A reclamation of life to seek vengeance has been granted

With an evil twist that could not be expected or prevented

 Innocent and guilty alike shall fall victim to this uprising

There will be no escaping this insurrection of the damned


So hastily say your prayers, make peace with your maker

Plead that your fate should be dealt swiftly and mercifully

For our time has run out and the tables have been turned

Predestined apocalypse on this Friday the 13th’s full moon












Dreamscape’s Doorway


Waking to the bright sun shining through the trees

Realizing that waking is not at all what has transpired

As I push through the barriers of unconscious mind

To find priceless treasures of a most extraordinary kind


Sometimes the visions arrive as if beckoned by the night

Others must be coaxed from the shadows against their will

Strange realities await me as the clock ticks on the wall

I drift out beyond the edge and feel the shivers as I fall


Such beauty beckons me from each and every side

As hideous truths come out to dance along the edge

I hear the chanting from some age old weathered text

As I cross the threshold from this existence to the next


A contradiction of elegance and impurity abounds

Fire and water intermingle like lovers of long ago

While land and sky meet in a torrid, lustful embrace

And sun chases a moon clad in black leather and lace


These illusions become etched into my conscious being

To a point that I feel most comfortable within my dreams

I often anticipate the moment I can collapse upon my bed

And let confusion and clarity reclaim their home inside my head




Go back to sleep my dear


that is what they always say

it was all just a bad dream

or perhaps light casting shadows from the window.


Go back to sleep my dear


do they not see?

do they not hear what I hear?

I just want them to stop


Go back to sleep my dear


dream pleasant dreams

as if I have control?

it is when I am awake at night that I am most afraid anyway


Go back to sleep my dear


everything will be alright in the morning

they do not understand

morning may not arrive for me


Yes, I will go back to sleep


perhaps to join my tormentors in their obvious agony

for an eternity of crying out at night

as if woken from a horrible dream


I will go back to sleep


maybe then they will see and hear

and I will whisper from the grave

go back to sleep my dears……….