Obsidian Reality


A heart that knows the heat of a volcanic eruption

Must also realize what molten lava leaves behind

A hardened glass;  glossy, sharp and jagged rough

Deeper shade of onyx would be impossible to find


Broken shards of a soul with an obsidian reality

Forged in the shadow of fires scalding perfection

This gem of human condition grows solid as it cools

It’s lustrous broken surface shines in black reflection


It’s stony surface now razor sharp, barbed and broken

This organ now pumps a lifeblood of fear and distrust

Once burning with the heat of a thousand angry suns

Now hardens icy cold from this love destroyed by lust


Dangerous Curves


Soft and simple in it’s complexity, yet so elegantly stunning

Brandished in ways to demand attention, deviously cunning


Nothing capture’s an imagination quite like the lines of you

The graceful beauty is matched by far between, and few 


You carry it with you always and know what everybody sees

This weapon of carnal wantonness that brings us to our knees


You use it to your advantage as you know it makes us weak

Our weakness gives you power as that is what you seek


I know all too well the game you play to win this life of favor

But I cannot look away from you as this vision I must savor


I am weak of flesh and lack the will not to wander or to stray

I find myself enraptured, spellbound, so in your trance I stay



Desperation Angel

Desperation Angel

A sad and tragic story gets told in charcoal black.

An existence of sins committed can’t be taken back

Crystalline droplets form unyielding frozen tears

Too late for her now to relive the wasted years


Existence of insanity and wanton salacious fires

Day by night living on those twisted lust desires

Sands of lifetimes hourglass ran out for her so fast

Now called before the Master to answer for her past


His newfound tainted angel, of temptation and of sin

Earns black wings of destiny as her servitude begins

An eternity of emptiness and a barren lifeless soul

Her desperation grows as she is given her new role


Hers will be to pull the children back in from the light

To be that sultry voice that guides them in the night

   Her torture to spend an afterlife reliving wicked youth

Life’s fractured illusion turned death’s morbid truth

Day One

It’s time to introduce you all to my newest Duet partner and friend Elizabeth from Journey in Rhyme. She is an amazing poet, with a true gift for the written word. Her amazing strength in the face of adversity and courage to overcome her demons is inspiring to me, and I am sure you will draw inspiration from her positive outlook and spiritual approach to life as well. Check out her blog and see for yourself how wonderful a “journey in rhyme” can be. Penning this heavy piece about the triumph of beating down the demon addiction with her was both enlightening and therapeutic. I hope you will look her up here.  http://journeyinrhyme.wordpress.com


Day One


Today is the day, I’m going to do it this time

I’m finally finished, I can leave it behind


Do you hear yourself? You’ve said it time and again

It’s eleven in the morning, I’ll see you by ten


Tick, tick, tick, tick…each one louder than the last

Skin’s starting to crawl, feet tap erratic and fast


I have the strength and  courage to see this through

I just HAVE to stop, this endeavor long overdue


I am amused and laugh heartily at your expense

You know  that to leave me behind makes no sense


The Tick Tock of life’s clock and all that remains is time

Time to wallow in his pitiful misery as the bells begin to chime


But I can taste whiskey in the back of my throat

Maybe this time really will be different; I’ll keep control.


Yes, yes, taste it my friend, feel the tonic coursing.

You can’t live without it, why don’t you just stop trying?


Tick, tick, tick… finger taps keeping time, mind in spiraling flux.

Compromised resolve, his needs equate to his lusts.


My all consuming thought’s drive the insanity in my head

What could be the reason for my living epitaph to be read?


That’s it, breathe in your weakness; submit to my prison

Your mind, body, and soul will be mine through alcohol’s attrition


Following the steady pour of sands through the hourglass

Time rapidly running short mimics misspent days gone past


Get out of my head! Let me be! I really want to live!

I don’t want to remain a slave to your poisonous grip


You’ve said that before, you always come back

Don’t pretend you’re so strong, power you lack


Tick.. Tick… Tick, Tock…

Like demon addiction, the timekeeper mocks


I possess everything it takes, I know this to be true

I have the ferocity and determination to be free of you


You have neither of those things you cowardly fool

Realize you’re a slave to me, the bottle my deadliest tool


As time marches forward, a shift begins to transpire

As the antagonist addiction begins losing it’s fire


A new voice sprang from within, not from mind, but heart

Vipers tongue silenced, knowledge and hope to impart


A calm began to surround him as his focus shifted

From obsession, suddenly success he could envision


Tick, tick, tick, tock

He hasn’t taken a drink, and it’s past ten o’clock…


Day One.

Dawn of New Creation

Sunrise Over Rain Forest in Phuket Thailand   tumblr_mifnjoYc5o1qb30dwo1_500

Dawn sees an angry sun eager to chase the stars from a blackened sky

The cold morning air brings a biting sting to all who dare inhale deeply

As the heavens begin to glow, rich with hues of sun and cloud united

Creatures begin to stir as brilliance of nature is lit by the grace of Gods


A planetary transcendence so abundant in rich and undeniable beauty

Newfound existence growing up in the wreckage of generations past

Slowly blanketing the ruins left behind once the reckoning subsided

All around is evidence of a flourishing return to the way things were


Balance finds itself truly held by a strong hand of vigilant authority

As is witnessed in the evidence of a wasteful population long gone

Another day finds it’s end as the creatures of the new era find shelter

And that same angry sun gladly welcomes sweet lady moon to his sky

A King Without Words


I liken myself to the King of all beasts

Majestic and strong, with swagger and sway

A weakness I have, not too proud to admit

Is I run out of words, and have nothing to say


I look to the sky with an awe so inspired

Others write effortlessly with style and ease

My wish is to flow like a river with ink

Above all else this King must be pleased


So I Roar, and I claw, and I bite, and I scratch

I think and I write until my creativity hurts

Yet my page is filled with senseless ideas

My words only come in spatters and spurts


Unsightly am I, this King of the Jungle

I struggle with an artistic thorn in my paw

Help me remove this spike from my heel

And I’ll write so that you’ll see just what I saw


I look around at all the inspiration and see

The countless numbers of an artistic pride

I feel comfort in knowing I will always find

The words that I need with you all by my side

Letting Go (For a Friend)


A salute to you and the newfound awareness

Of freedom from the shackles of self imposition

An utter triumph of the mind, body and spirit

Free at last from the chains of others conditions

The creative mind will be set free to fly again

When we can finally let go of our own insecurities

Let pen, brush or lens capture lightning in a bottle

Let windows to the soul conceive art with raw purity

Writing Blind (first free write)

Power of Words

Free to write

Free to be me

Not how I write

Not how it goes


My words are my weapons

Chasing dragons and dreams

Slaying nightmares and enemies

Imagination my freedom of self


Darkness shines through

As I hold back my light

When the light comes forward

It brings attention to dark


Most important of all

Is to just forge ahead

Write for my person

Speak for my name

A Final Nightmare (River of Damnation)

I would like to introduce my newest duet partner. I had the pleasure of writing this dark poetic adventure with Patty at petitemagique.wordpress.com.  Check out her blog and all the unique and tremendous talent she has to share with us. She is a true inspiration to me and I hope you will see the same incredible talent I have come to know. Check out “Just Patty” here http://petitemagique.wordpress.com/


In the darkest of my hours, close to midnight

When I close my eyes, longing for a merciful dream

All I get is Nightmare’s solid bite

And my mind floats downstream


Behind guise of sleep my eyes pierce the veil of night’s tide

As I follow my consciousness down this passage dark

A shiny penny for the ferryman secures my ride

Along the rivers fiery current I shall embark


The movement of the waves sooth my withered heart

While the whispers of death guide my trip

Mind and body slowly drift apart

Strangely, I feel calm on this dead man’s ship


Flames reflect in liquid pools of Limbo’s estuary

As the faces of lost souls look up from below

Cast out into nothingness, no hope for sanctuary

I feel their grief, the emptiness they surely know


I wonder what will be my destiny

When this unbelievable journey comes to an end

Shall I burn or can I finally be free?

In which direction will my soul be sent?


Reflections in the depths of my life misspent

I watch my history dance in the rivers flow

My penance for wrongful deeds and what they meant

Too late for remorse as terror of hell-fire starts to grow


I see the consequences of a life lived in vain

An endless road of cowardly hiding away

In the end, all that remains is the pain

As I pass through this Devil’s gateway     

Born of the Moon


Birthed unto a curse

Of a blood red moon

Realities of a Were’

Learned all too soon


Shifting of shapes

While under the spell

This lunar insanity

An eternities hell


The desire for flesh

Begins right at birth

Caught between worlds

To wander this earth


Should they embrace

Their wolf or their man

Whichever they choose

Get out while you can


They soon settle in

As one with the pack

Beware the full moon

And their vicious attack