Icy fingers clawing at the back of a fear stricken mind

Voices of suggestion imperious and insidiously corrupt

They laugh while frayed ends of sanity rapidly unwind

As the sounds of so many silent screams violently erupt


The bitter cold of ominous shadows never take leave

Constantly reminding of this anxieties stunning scope

Solitary soldier begging frantically for souls reprieve

Alone on this battlefield inside his mind without hope


A manic nature seeks shelter from the inevitable storm

Heart racing scared through forests of taunting visions

Reality bending at will creates deviations from the norm

Suggestions from within wickedly informing all decisions


A marionette to those so grippingly in control of the head

Actions are dictated by the tongues of malevolent beasts

No clear escape from the torturous grasp of unholy dread

 Spawned into the consciousness by Godless black priests


A warriors will to survive an onslaught of eye blinding pain

Only one escape from these hellions controlling his thought

As the sharp pinch of dawns needle brings light to his brain

Treatment but no cure for insanity’s war for ages hard fought



Desperate Redemption

Introducing another heavy but hopeful piece co-written with my good friend Patty at Petite Magique. Don’t walk, RUN to her site and see what an amazing artist she is. A published author and poet, she is as creative and gifted as anyone I’ve met.

I hope you all enjoy the results of our latest creative collaboration.


Lost inside this dark hell I call my mind
Maybe happiness is just another lie
It seems like I’ve been falling forever
With broken wings, you can’t fly

Another soaring dream turned free fall
Panic and fear come directly to the fore
So claustrophobic in this wide open sky
As ground rushes up to annihilate all hope

Falling from grace, no turning back
Losing all that I once had
I would do anything to turn back time
Before this life drove me mad

Grasping desperately to find some resolution
As my irreversible past mocks with wicked intent
To go back and change would not be an answer
But another pitfall to see me deeper in this abyss

My life collapsing underneath my feet
I am nothing but a careless, distant observer
Seeing it all, but there is nothing that I can do
Than to just endure this brutal torture

Is this what I truly believe to be my fate?
Surely I am not doomed to repeat past atrocities
There must be something more than meets the eye
A new way to turn the overbearing odds in my favor

Suddenly turning my life upside down
I draw my sword and clench my teeth
Prepared to fight to the death with courage renewed.
Stealing victory from the jaws of defeat!

Setbacks And Breakthroughs


I am looking for anyone who can tell me

How one small step confidently forward

Is equal to two large steps defiantly back,

Times such as these make me question

Whether progress made is all just illusion

Or if the obstacles faced keep me on track


Roads I have traveled and then set aside

Were conquered with a bold perseverance

and determination forged in clarity of mind,

Troubles I have seen were meant to do harm

Yet with courage of self and love that surrounds

These hardships I faced were left far behind


So as each day brings angered frustration

I summon the strength to keep pressing on

Defeating the Demon casting negative light

I once was pulled under by adversities hand

No more will I allow any bleak clouded vision

As now I see clearly my future shining bright


Now with every single footstep taken forward

I am quick to follow up with two more ahead

Keeping all setbacks from gaining much ground,

With a guard up against Demon negativity’s ire

I will thrive and I will strive to keep pushing forth

Now knowing the worth of treasures yet unfound





Salvation Reigns

Introducing another collaboration with Yikici from A Poets Journey. Be sure to drop in and see what she is up to. She’s an amazing writer with a deep and heartfelt style. It was an honor to compose such a hard hitting piece that sadly looms too close to the minds of many. Hopefully this will bring some hope.

resurrection_of_gaia -billelis-deviantart 

It comes with a swiftness and severity unwelcomed,
as a thief in the night would steal away your dreams.
The sting of existence, accompanied by cloudy visions,
as reality and perception become cruel hallucinations.

Confused with what’s real and what’s mirror reflections,
gunned down by our failings, achievements forgotten.
What Hell has been stumbled upon?
To where is the light?
Heaven dissipating under this tiring, dire fight.

Never ending struggle for control of mind and emotion;
an assault, the likes of which only few will ever know,
bloodshed invisible to the eye, and silent is the battlefield,
price we pay to wage this war, is sanity,
at such heavy tolls.

Engulfed by emotions- erratic, too weary,
borderline disorders playing tug-of-war with our thoughts.
Glimmer of hopes- dashed by loss of faith in ourselves;
us warriors, downtrodden-
this muffled fight ensues to shroud our very souls’.

Warrior souls we may be, yet we struggle with an urge to give in,
falling to earth, laying still as the ravages of battle claim us,
yet something deeper clings to hope,
there is still strength to fight;
this inherent will to survive, and a determination to see
better days ahead.

Salvation seeks souls, those battered and weary,
kindling bruised minds, promising light;
loosening clasps, which once held on so tightly,
air filtering into ribs, where lungs desperately clung.

Ungodly weight lifted, from demon burdened shoulders,
as oppressions’ evil grasp begins to lose its vicious grip.
Warily we move ahead lighter of step, but cautious even still
whilst the warmth of optimism sheds light on darkened past.

From a spring-loaded clasp trap, we escape unknowingly-
while the fight which plagues us, whittles away…
Strong hands-
which welded our shoulders in quicksand,
gently uplifts us,
brushing the dark debris away

New-found peace, discovered in gentle grasp of Angelic protection,
A gloriously enlightening vision, exists everywhere to behold.
We must remain in this frozen moment
of magnificent self realization;
as the light shed will ensure, that our demons be forever held
at bay.

Copyright © JMC813 & yikici. 2014-infinity.

Off The Rails



There are no boundaries to the landscape of my mind

Nothing in place to keep me from this fantastic journey

I cannot sit still as a passenger on this rumbling train

Holding my ticket in hand as I leave reality far behind


Wild imagination drives forward as new worlds unfold

Breathtaking views of the meaningless and nonsensical

Are emphasized by visions of crystal clear significance

Illusions beyond the windows are spectacular to behold


Time is of no importance as this pilgrimage takes place

In fact, it seems to stop and wait, until my voyage ends

Ageless and unceasing this excursion within my head

I find the edge of time to watch it vanish without trace


Thought and purpose vacate as I speed along this track

Sights and sounds astounding as my destination nears

Amazing things surround me from the inside and the out

A myriad of colors imploding, leaving only white and black


My adventure winding down, I find no more unfound trails

The daylight finds my eyes again and time begins to shift

My nighttime world fades away to hide inside my memory

As again I am awakened before my train comes off the rails




Adrift on an endless river of blissful individuality

Me, myself and I are unique and without plurality

Unique and singular in every way, shape and form

My thoughts and ideas falling far outside the norm


To know me is to love me, thankfully I am one of a kind

Others shake their heads at the things that cross my mind

I walk a much different path than those who step so light

Marching loudly to a different drum, deep into the night


For this I am not apologetic and will never, ever change

The things I find amusing, well, others just find strange

I see myself a warrior and have seen my share of battle

Better to be a solitary soldier than another of the cattle








Temptations Tyranny (Eve and the Serpent)


It has been present since before the sun existed

Bringing it’s gruesome reality gnarled and twisted

Forcing even the most virtuous quickly to their knees

As no one else can observe what this serpent sees


Led astray by slight of hand or subtlest gesture

In hopes of discovering purest blissful treasure

Misguided down darkened path lit only by the moon

False promise made brings fates hand too soon


 Perfect beauty in His humble image ever to remain

Exquisite form of female perfections sensual domain

Coaxed by the silver tongue of this gardens keeper

To partake of forbidden fruit tainted by the reaper


Long gone is the euphoria of such simple ignorance

Carnal knowledge, greed and lust took our innocence

Seven deadly sins all feed our desire for satisfaction

Naïve disobedience brings about such dire exaction


Created in His image but now victims of His punishment

Forced to feel guilt and shame, a stain on the innocent

Certainly I am not alone thinking we are not all so cursed

Where would creation be if all our truths were reversed


We would not know the elation of pride, fair or unjust

Nor the transcendent ecstasy of passions fiery lust

The growing of wealth beyond greed’s comprehension

Or absolute power, corrupting absolutely without question


We’ve all been told of the snake in His garden of illusion

We are all here now to follow that story to it’s conclusion

Not surprising is Eve’s metaphorical “tasting of the fruit”

But the speed at which all others quickly followed suit


Young Eve knew not the consequences of her actions

What cost of such simple curiosity and lustful distraction

As was foretold by the seers, the wise men, and the sages

The tyranny of temptation shall go on throughout the ages

electric serpent










Held captive inside his mind

Thoughts create impenetrable bars

Words bring inescapable twisting torment








Taken prisoner from within

Grasping at thinning straws

Banging on his imaginary enclosure








From birth to death

A lost soul inside his head

A life sentence to be served








Daylight returns once again

To shine brightly on his misfortune

As it illuminates everlasting madness