For Us


So….I love you

I say it a lot

Too much

Like you might forget

In one ear out the…

Anyway….I love you


I’m crazy, you’re crazy

Both in different ways

yet much the same

It is evident how

You are amazing

Because I am difficult









But hear me out

Because I love you

And that’s enough right?


I am also







And that’s good, I think


Not one thing exists

In this entire world

That compares to the love

To the feeling of comfort

To the safety I feel

When I am wrapped

Protected in the trust

Of your loving arms


So forgive me if I am saddened

By the unhappiness in your gaze

Don’t blame me when I try

With questions to probe

Ways I can help you find

This happiness you seek


Together we will find it

And when we do

I bet all the stars in the sky

It has been waiting right there

Idle and patient

Right inside of you


The place where happiness is born

The place where happiness belongs


Paper Pirates

This piece is a big Thank You to all my word press friends. I draw inspiration from each and every one of you and am ever impressed by your individuality and endless talent. We are Paper Pirates, and sail the vast sea of imagination. Here is to hoping our ships continue to pass each other often in this endless ocean of creativity.

1 Paper Pirates

We poets are one and all paper pirates
Heavy and dangerous with our thoughts
Using words to collect the highest bounty
And creating tides of self strong emotion
Adrift on a vast ocean of quiet white
Waiting for the strong current of belief
To drive us in our creation of hopes and dreams


Much in common with the buccaneers of history
Sabres our words, and ideas being our side arms
We take from earthly travelers simple ideas
Turning the blade to suit our individualism
Yet riding a tide of collective expression
A sea of blank pages are just opportunities
To raise the flag and sail boldly ahead
Leaving the creation of other’s thoughts in our wake


The sound of cannon fire signifies new beginnings


The blood we spill is the pencil we put to paper
Or the ink that tells the many stories of our lives
The same ink that creates the ripples in the page
And keeps the ship sailing onward toward eternity


That ink is what binds us as brothers and sisters
And forms the common bond we all share as artists
Performers on a stage not the poet pirates calling
Yet give us our thoughts and an ocean of pulpy white
And we shall lay before you an abundance of wealth
A wealth of feelings, ideas, concepts and raw emotions
Sorrow and despair will walk the plank as we write
In the hopes that the storm clouds will soon break
And the sun will reflect a paper ocean’s brilliant white

Box Of Hearts


Drowning in my turbulent mind

I run for shelter from the rain

Peace is just outside my grasp

And solace impossible to find


Any certainty twists and turns

Winds of change blow gale force

Unsettling storm inside my head

Anxiety rains while serenity burns


Frantically tossed and torn apart

Corners of my brain are searched

Hope and strength is found anew

Set free from this box of hearts

Born Under A Bad Sign (A Libra’s Lament)


I find it quite tedious this epic game of life I play

Ever frustrating are my horoscopic afflictions

My relentless pursuit of such elusive perfection

The quest for symmetry just one of my addictions


I seek harmony in my words, numbers and notes

From dark side to light there must be a connection

Should my expressions be found lacking eloquence

It will surely find me chasing fluency every direction


As boulders and feathers alike, are tossed side to side

Defining my maddening quest for euphonious precision

Seeing the fast train of my sanity come clear of it’s rails

Time and again creative endeavors fall short of my vision


My birthright imagination a blessed gift but also a curse

This eternal chase for synchronicity driven by zodiac sign

Striking the balance between the daylight and the darkness

Forever I will strive to make the stars fall in a straight line


As Libra will be holding the scales firmly in place for me

Fate’s Rhapsody (The Eternal Waltz)

I would like to introduce my friend and newest DUET partner Desiree from “Sea of Desire”. I was an instant fan of her work there and knew right away that our chemistry would lend itself to the creation of  a magical dance with words. Please drop in and see what else her site has in store for you. She is such a creative and diverse talent that I am sure you will find much to your liking and be as impressed as I am with her overflowing talent. You can find her at


It seems so cliche as our eyes met across the crowded room


There was nothing ordinary about my thoughts you did consume.


Drawing us together, our connection could not be denied


At the center of the dance floor our bodies did collide.


A sudden tempting turn and most tantalizing twist of fate


Would see you to my waiting arms and quickened pulse create


Instantaneous imagery of perfection and wanton lust for life


Impervious to my fiery gaze, beauty cuts like sharpened knife


Hand in trembling hand, heaving bosom to broad chest


Our bodies attuned one to the other in our salacious quest


Within the confines of your arms, inhibitions soon fell away


I hid my rapturous orbs from view as my secrets they betray


Countless vibrant sensations came to life within your touch


As if I now contained the mysteries of life inside my clutch


A perfect stranger that it seems I have known for many years


My only hope is that this ethereal beauty is exactly as appears


The music was orchestrated by the melancholy of our hearts’ strings


As they intertwined to give us hope for what the future brings


In harmony, moving as one, our congruent spirits soon did soar


Gliding through shadows, searching for desire’s celestial shores


New land conquered through the beat of  two hearts as one


The pulse sets the rhythm for our new adventures just begun


Overwhelmed by bliss eternal emanating from your charms


No words describe the elation that we found in each others arms


Red Eyes At Night


Figures move and shadows twist

Among the trees and darkened mist

Always present at midnights fall

Daunting eyes come again to call


Ever watchful and always there

Crimson daggers pierce the air

Silent fury and noiseless taunting

No escape from this tortured haunting


Familiar with their brand of cunning

No way out, and no sense in running

As evil beckons from every side

From wicked vision nowhere to hide


These unholy hunters with red eye’s of fire

Swiftly move in at the command of their sire

My fate’s clock expires as sheer terror abounds

My silent captors I recognize as Lucifer’s hounds

Dawn Of The Lion


And so another calendar year is opened to day one

Reflecting on days gone past and paths that led astray

My heart pulses in eager anticipation of change to come

As I liken myself to the mightiest of all majestic kings

Surveying my kingdom with the confidence of a Lion

At the rise of the morning sun


A picture of poise and power as I observe my domain

I shall walk with the pride and dignity familiar to my kind

The bold swagger of royalty ever present in my gait

An untamed instinct in command of my noble demeanor

My newfound strength and ferocity in abundance

As no signs of weakness remain


So now with the wisdom and courage befitting a King

I set off on my odyssey to make easy prey of my destiny

Drinking from the crystal clear waters of the river of life

While feasting on the fresh carcasses of my adversaries

Mine shall be a triumphant and glorious new empire

One of which the Angels sing.