Superman Bleeds


Man of steel brought to his knees

While all the world falls around him

Newfound weakness his ruination

As emotions run high deep within


A need to protect the deserving

Keeping the outside world away

Protect from who is the question

From the big bad world at large?

Or the Demons that hide inside?


Superman where are you now?

When beloved needs you most

He lays weak with heart in hand

Perfection existing just out of reach

Kryptonite not his only fatal flaw

To be that man of steel for her

His ultimate unending purpose

Protect and shield his Lois Lane



So much more to this than meets the naked eye. My only hope is that this is looked upon by it’s intended audience and it stirs within her a tear of understanding. So bittersweet how there can both always and never be a we.


This question new and now to ponder

Harsh reality has seen me to my knees

My heart skips three beats as I wonder

Who can we be, if we cannot be we?


Much has changed in the blink of an eye

Our truth may wield the sharpest of swords

That time wasted leaves me asking why

As wrongfully I continue to bury us in words


I stand quietly to face my fates as they arrive

Standing naked, soul bared to my cherished

My heart screams as it fights to remain alive

For I know without her my heart has perished


Deceits thrown about to cover scalding fears

May take their toll on others too weak of heart

Yet once pain subsides and the smoke clears

A choice is made freely to never stand apart


Same perspective from a much different view

I must now give up in hopes to ever get back

What’s lost is nothing compared to what’s new

Undying love and respect is nothing that I lack


So I cast three wishes in the direction of the sun

And I cast three more out to the beauty of the sea

My wishes all for happiness found in fortunes son

My heart content in that there will ALWAYS be a WE

In Honor of Marcus

I do not normally reblog here, but this piece written in dedication to Marcus from a dear friend of mine is so stunningly perfect I just have to post it here as well. Run wild and run free Marcus. When I stop and listen, I can still hear you howl at the fucking moon brother.

Spirits Of Strength And Honour

Those of you that know my friend Marcus from high in the woods, know what a powerfully gifted artist he is, as well as just a damn good human being. I consider myself lucky that he honoured me by asking me to write this collaboration of courage and honour based on our Animal Kingdom personas.  Those of you that have not been introduced should be sure to see what amazing things are waiting for you in those woods. Let the wolf be your guide. It was a pleasure and a privilege to write with you Marcus.


Amongst the wilds of the parched and perilous grassy plains

The strong will survive under watchful eye of his reign

Through the seasons of rain and sun under the harsh winters burn

Leading the pack within the woods as nature turns

Tried and treasured pride, no easy task to fight for and win

Securing his right for many generations of royalty to begin

Foresee the future compelled to sow his seed

The honor of mating, creating life, the need

Daily survival dictates one ugly truth shall remain

Need for sacrificial prey so his kingdom can sustain

Hunt to kill not for sport but to fill

Bellies that call to hunger, killing is a bitter pill

Given keys to the kingdom, bestowed this existence

To be a guardians assurance of majestic persistence

To roam wild and free a gift of life given

To run, to live, survive in woodlands heaven

Mighty roar to blue skies boasts dignity and fortitude

Unmistakably within can be heard undying gratitude

Under the one moons glow, spirits of strength and honor

Draws howls with distant brother roars in valor



Written by

John ~ JMC813


Shepherd Warrior


Caught out in the cold in the wrong place and time

Unsure of my whereabouts, alone in the bitter chill

The wicked grin of doubt casting shadows about

As menacing realities of what nightfall surely brings,

Hauntingly dance in the forest that surrounds me



What does darkness bring to a lost, lonely soldier

Once the moon is high above me in midnight skies?

A single warrior caught in Natures ferocious grip

Alongside whispering ghosts of the vast wilderness

No chance but luck to survive hunter’s of the night



Call to wonder what lies behind Mountains mystery

Spirits of Mother Natures majestic creation appear

A call to the wild as the secrets of the forest unfold

My imagination hangs on every story so portrayed

By falling snow, limitless sky, and timeless timber



Led safely through the night by a peaceful guardian

One that I was sure would see me meet my maker

A loyal teacher and guide in its predatory disguise

Noble and wise in the ways of courage and honour

Spirit warrior is truly a Shepherd in Wolf’s clothing

Libran Warrior


Blindly forging ahead through this life’s trial by fire

A Libran warrior and Lion are one and the same

Battle weary yet unwilling to give way to adversity

Amidst chaos, Balance and Power reign supreme


Libra’s scales adorning this life soldiers shield

While mighty King becomes his eye’s in this fray

Guiding him into combat fearlessly once again

Vengeance is sought for the meek and the mild


Adversity shall always be wrought on the masses

While power starved oppressors grasp for control

Never will this champion of Might and Right waver

This Librans ultimate goal to see cruelty cut down


So beware all ye who hear the battle cry of the wild

As it surely is a precursor to swift and violent justice

The tyrant shall live in fear for the injustices wrought

As fates are weighed, measured, and strictly upheld

Who am I?

This is a very important piece for a very important friend.

She knows who she is, and I hope she realizes what she means to me.


Why is this my reality

That the person I am

Is not who I wish to be


Stumbling out of the gate

When running to a friend

My arrival always too late


Holding cards to my chest

When they should be on display

Leads to cases of unfair unrest


Scars so visibly shown

The insecurities of a life’s war

The kind I don’t want to own


Own them though, I must

Else I do my friend disservice

Hold her back in ways unjust


Take for granted special things

From friendship gifted unto me

Humbly she hides her Angel’s wings


A foolish man walking a crooked mile

Without knowing his destination

Ends up nowhere and without a smile


So a friend in need will always be

A friend indeed and clearly present

When the chips are down for me


So my question is just who am I?

That keeps you by my side

When those wings could see you fly?

Liquid Infinity



Step into liquid

Discover the eternal flow

Walk on water

Feel what nature knows


A tidal truth

Hasn’t the ability to lie

Waves crash

Crash yet never die


Day or night

Full moon, or bright sun

It matters not

Once life’s cycle has begun


Never yielding

To the persistence of time

Always constant

All else hasn’t reason or rhyme


Strength on display

Enough to make mountains fall

Yet ever so delicate

This contradiction evident to all


So embrace her

Immerse yourself in her continuity

Oceans deep

Falling into her liquid infinity



 Strange and confusing this vision before me

As the raven stands quietly while time ticks away

Cloudy skies above shift with menacing precision

As the skies hold nothing but varieties of gray


A word scrawled in blood seeps into hardened rock

While doors stand without reason, waiting on my call

A clock keeps ticking, persistently insistent; set in stone

This bleak and puzzling picture before me casts its pall


A dreadful curiosity of the likes I have never known

Ghastly pull towards my fate to view the other side

Open door could be an opportunity or grave mistake

The Lady or the Tiger, or worse still, the Devil’s slide


Drawn back to the clock in stone and it’s solitary word

Written not so long ago as the crimson message still drips

“Alone” is all it says, leaving no other clues to meaning

As a nothingness engulfs me, while terror tightly grips


I stand before beckoning doors ready to take the chance

To find what’s beyond the minds temptations and lies

Slowly opening the door with great fear and apprehension

I step boldly across the threshold to meet my certain demise


Once inside the open doorway it all comes crystal clear

Raven was my guide to lead me to such a decisive place

The clock to tick away every moment of my indecision

Until this glorious exultation spread wide across my face


My dreams have brought me to the place I long to be

Surrounded by the loved ones, long lost to times decay

Scarlet script a reassurance in blood and eternal stone

“Alone” I’ll never be, as I am surrounded night and day