Where am I?

Who turned out the lights?

Once again I sit alone in darkness

Unsure of all that seems real when the sun shines

I am so familiar with the absence of light

It was my custodian through trying times

My benevolent protector when my reality burned

Scalded by the flames of self inflicted radiation

 Shadows kept me safe from poisonous predators

The light has gone away once more

As I am enveloped by the inner calm of blackness



I see you there with a hand outstretched

Enticing me, testing my will as you do

Beckoning me to trust in your touch

Reassuring me with the promise of tranquility

The warmth of day awaits if only I take your hand

Sounds of laughter will only be replaced by a cacophony

A dissonance born of unimaginable self loathing

This I know as certainly as I know the darkness is tangible



So coax me if you must, as that is your purpose

It will only make this warriors armor stronger

To be constantly reminded of the battlefields of old

Keep on with the promises of eternal light and warmth

For I see all too well the dangers inherent within the glow

Reach forever outward to grasp control of my livelihood

As it will now and evermore be denied with steadfast resolve

I have come to know one thing above all in the company of shadows



It is far better to feel my way through the darkness with uncertainty

Than to be touched again by the perilous mistakes of a past in the light


Day One

It’s time to introduce you all to my newest Duet partner and friend Elizabeth from Journey in Rhyme. She is an amazing poet, with a true gift for the written word. Her amazing strength in the face of adversity and courage to overcome her demons is inspiring to me, and I am sure you will draw inspiration from her positive outlook and spiritual approach to life as well. Check out her blog and see for yourself how wonderful a “journey in rhyme” can be. Penning this heavy piece about the triumph of beating down the demon addiction with her was both enlightening and therapeutic. I hope you will look her up here.  http://journeyinrhyme.wordpress.com


Day One


Today is the day, I’m going to do it this time

I’m finally finished, I can leave it behind


Do you hear yourself? You’ve said it time and again

It’s eleven in the morning, I’ll see you by ten


Tick, tick, tick, tick…each one louder than the last

Skin’s starting to crawl, feet tap erratic and fast


I have the strength and  courage to see this through

I just HAVE to stop, this endeavor long overdue


I am amused and laugh heartily at your expense

You know  that to leave me behind makes no sense


The Tick Tock of life’s clock and all that remains is time

Time to wallow in his pitiful misery as the bells begin to chime


But I can taste whiskey in the back of my throat

Maybe this time really will be different; I’ll keep control.


Yes, yes, taste it my friend, feel the tonic coursing.

You can’t live without it, why don’t you just stop trying?


Tick, tick, tick… finger taps keeping time, mind in spiraling flux.

Compromised resolve, his needs equate to his lusts.


My all consuming thought’s drive the insanity in my head

What could be the reason for my living epitaph to be read?


That’s it, breathe in your weakness; submit to my prison

Your mind, body, and soul will be mine through alcohol’s attrition


Following the steady pour of sands through the hourglass

Time rapidly running short mimics misspent days gone past


Get out of my head! Let me be! I really want to live!

I don’t want to remain a slave to your poisonous grip


You’ve said that before, you always come back

Don’t pretend you’re so strong, power you lack


Tick.. Tick… Tick, Tock…

Like demon addiction, the timekeeper mocks


I possess everything it takes, I know this to be true

I have the ferocity and determination to be free of you


You have neither of those things you cowardly fool

Realize you’re a slave to me, the bottle my deadliest tool


As time marches forward, a shift begins to transpire

As the antagonist addiction begins losing it’s fire


A new voice sprang from within, not from mind, but heart

Vipers tongue silenced, knowledge and hope to impart


A calm began to surround him as his focus shifted

From obsession, suddenly success he could envision


Tick, tick, tick, tock

He hasn’t taken a drink, and it’s past ten o’clock…


Day One.