This strange reality has taken hold

A solitary soldier left alone in battle

Given the choice to stand and fight

Or collapse under the weight of gravity

Tides bring a raging surf to uproot

Lightning strikes like an electric serpent

The skies mock with cruel condescension

While the universe looks on with glee

A blazing sun sets after a long day

Of shedding light on imperfections

Giving this warrior a fighting chance

To set deeper roots under quiet moon

An ally is found and a deal is struck

A lunar compatriot to fight alongside

One that chases away the angry sun

And has complete control of the tides

A singular combatant no longer

These mighty champions seek glory

Changing desperate fortunes of war

Into brilliantly lit new circumstance

Solid and sturdy presence on the ground

While Luna commands the infinite skies

Sol and the seven seas shrink away

The world witnesses a new power rise

As the malicious smile slowly fades

From the insolent lips of the cosmos


27 responses to “Overcoming

  1. Dearest friend, your words left me breathless once again. Incredible imagery you have painted through words, describing a world that we are on the brink of. We warriors are spent, yet a new paradigm is rising from death. I proudly march by your side, as with each step we take, with each breath we breathe, as with each stroke of the pen, and with every image we post, we anchor in Love. How you inspire me, John. I “feel” your energy every time we connect, and as a result I ride high. Bless you for who you are. (((HUGS))) Amy

    • Amy, you have no idea how good this makes me feel. You truly get the point behind this piece. You are very intuitive when it comes to reading between my lines. I appreciate that to no end.

      • Friend, I am not able to explain what I do or how I do it. It just happens … the following is the closest I can come to put into words what happens. I “feel” energy and when I do, a “knowing” comes to me. I’ve come to trust it. As I feel, I allow my Heart to communicate to my hands and write. What I wrote to you I honestly hesitated to hit reply because with you, I really went deep. Your energy is very strong, very clear and clean. Just writing this to you the top of my head is buzzing and since I am feeling very tired, almost too much for me to do. This what I just described is LOVE, that vibration when you flow with It, you just know and understand. Now I am just about in tears due to the genuine Love my words will find in you. We are living in momentous times, John, and this is just the beginning. What I have been through only makes me more determined to keep pushing forward, deeper, and higher. I feel the same with you. May Peace BE truly yours now and forever. Keep on shining, my friend. I am here with you, and you me. With Much Love, Amy

      • Wow Amy. Words such as these make me truly grateful to call you a friend and fellow life warrior. Be well and keep inspiring. Both through photographic images and words.

  2. I adore the realness you express. I have found myself exhausted and on that edge where the battle almost wins for me to fall back rather than fight alone. You have great strength and I admire that and you on a deep level. Thank you for this.

  3. Is this about me LoL?? I think it is!! Love it! There are so many battles… so many things to overcome ha? I’m a fighter though! I know you are too!! ~~F

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