Simple how change takes place

One small gesture from within

Pushed outward from it’s impact

Reaching points far and wide


Decency rides each rolling wave

Set free from it’s point of origin

Constant motion in all directions

Touching all who stand in it’s way


Acts of selflessness carry forward

On the crests of such gentle swells

Peaceful tides calmly washing over

Shorelines of most troubling times


Changes needed are so very many

Yet it all must begin somewhere

Let a heart overrule a battlefield

Paying forward with soulful light


Let me be a pebble of human kindness

Causing this ripple of desired change

A tiny splash sends out the first waves

Across a world facing turbulent tides


So in an effort to begin this world anew

We must all be willing to cast our stone





Piece Of Me

Here I am taking a chance  on myself once again. I have never shared music before in this arena, but in thinking about my past and the things I miss and the things I never wish to see again, I am compelled to share a song that really captures both in a very dramatic way. The band Savatage has been an inspiration to me for years and this is MY song as it says so much about me.  I hope my written work does justice to the music.

RIP Criss Oliva

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Somber sounds can bring the brightest lights

Newfound admiration brings instant success

Where without guidance and firm upper hand

Interrupted dream leads to undesirable excess


Cautionary tales of pride before inevitable fall

Forgotten as easily as a dark heart remembers

Energy from the gift of sound creates intensity

Enough to turn creative forests to fiery embers


Believe in the talent  that you deliver to the stage

Desire the things no one tells you are within reach

Chase your dreams with an eagerness unmatched

And about the pitfalls along the way you can teach


My stage is pitch dark and the crowds are long gone

But the message involved remains so much the same

My story has been told in a thousand different ways

All coming back to the similarities regardless of name


I have hidden in the shadows of convenience never seen

Have been brought forth and seduced by brightest light

Felt the energy from below start boiling inside my veins

Never been more comfortable than when inside the night


The rules are never so clear as to be understood by us

We keep stumbling this way and that without direction

So when the crowds are gone and it’s just me, my friend

I ask for the ghost in the ruins to catch dark reflections


………….of me………….

Blue Moon’s Secret (An Epiphany)


The silence of the night is deafening

As I find myself reaching for a dream

Quietude voices its harsh displeasure

As a whisper hidden within a scream


I lay here gazing at the beauty above

While it illuminates the midnight sky

Full and round and without question

Emotion conveyed in single tear I cry


The solitude of existence confounds

As time slows to keep us pondering

Meaning of life may not be visible

Yet my thoughts continue wandering


Epiphany comes in peaceful night

Putting end to sleepless frustration

Commonalities shared with a moon

Shedding light on Mother’s creation


Much like the light cast from up above

Serenity bathes me in a brilliant clarity

As my radiance shines for others to see

I am singularly splendid in my sincerity


Like an oasis amidst the endless ocean

Alone yet surrounded by abundant life

I shed my light when and where I can

In hopes of lifting spirits; ending strife


A revelation of blue moon’s quiet secret

I see it’s light comes from other direction

Much like the light I try to bring to others

I’m not the source, but a glorious reflection










Colorful Words


Words to me exist as a source of inspiration

A soothing balm to my often troubled mind

I enjoy the creative challenge of storytelling

By written word metered in rhythmic rhyme


Sometimes I hit my mark, others not so much

But the quest to continue the learning process

Finding new and different ways to say one thing

Is what keeps me striving to improve my lines


The words I choose to load my poetic palette

Often more colorfully elaborate than need be

See my vocabulary grow as the only result

As I am in fear of the staleness of repetition


Writing is an adventure of the mind to me

A quest for self awareness inside my head

The comfort I find in words and their meaning

Is immense compared to the confusion of life


I find criticism an important factor in my art

Taking what I need, dispatching the insulting

Every reader entitled to opinion of their own

Freedom of speech is wielded like a sword


Thought must be given to the approach taken

Care given in voicing derisive negative opinion

Tact and consideration should be in abundance

Leaving double edged sarcasm inside it’s sheath


So with each new day my exploration continues

Finding words that strike me, placing them just so

Taking the thoughts of others always to my heart

While never letting sarcasm compromise my art



I so anxiously anticipate her every arrival

Once again she has returned to my sensibility

To haunt my nights and fever my dreams

Holding me captive under her wicked spell


An exquisitely mysterious spectral being

Casting shadows upon my weary mind

Replacing sunlight with her dreary grays

She keeps them in abundance just for me


I watch her spin and twirl under gloomy sky

As if a ballerina were possessed by the night

She tells her tale thru fascinating movement

Entranced by the haunting beauty of her sway

She keeps me mesmerizingly spellbound


A myriad of shadows follow her every move

As every silvery shade comes to life above her

Occasional azure hues bring tension to the fold

As she twists and drifts throughout my thoughts


The cold she brings is a welcomed shift in climate

As it passively tempers my often fiery recollections

There is an ominously stormy reality to her presence

Yet I find much comfort in her intermittent company


She never ventures too close to the veil between us

Her otherworldly existence keeps her out of reach

I am captivated by her terrifyingly strong charisma

But fear the consequences of breaking the invisible seal

So she shall remain beautifully yet undeniably elusive


She will be gone again soon….she never stays for long

And once again I will be left alone in her absence

To ponder the meaning of her existence in my life

I know one thing for certain though…..I shall miss her


I always do………


Life Sentence


Miracle of birth as the clock begins to tick

Every breath leaves us one less until our last

Sands of time sifting through hourglass existence

Shifting, drifting, casting future into past


Unknown end meets definitive continuance

As survival happens without clue to duration

Living in uncertainty, traveling hand in hand

Without knowledge of each date of expiration


Unpredictable end should bring urgency to life

Leave no stone unturned so others walk your trail

Forge new ground leaving distinctive telltale sign

Monument to your presence recognizable without fail


Make haste and do these things as quickly as you can

Waste not another single second on your useless crying

Leave a lasting testament to your enduring legacy

For truth be told….As soon as your born….you’re dying



Forever Young


You are you, and I am me

How old you ask…

Would I be?

I would have wisdom of the ages

Protecting me

From me

I would have youth brimming over

So plain to see

Accompany me

I would know the dangerous things

This time around

Staying clear and free

I would do the things I missed

Things escaping childhood


I would right the wrongs

I wronged before

So spectacularly

I would correct the past

Set transgressions free

Free of me

So you ask this of me

How old would I…

This person be?

It matters not the age I choose

A number would not suffice

You see

I cannot retrace the steps I took

Child at heart

My only plea

If I knew not how old I am

Venturing a guess is not

For me

This I say with a laugh and smile

My age would be forever young


The Rock


Standing alone on this ancient hallowed ground

I’ve watched the tides and absorbed the rain

I have been the calm and steady presence

Strength and inspiration to those in dire pain


Steady as she goes, and nothing seems amiss

Not visible is the landslide building from below

Sturdy in appearance could all be stark illusion

As monuments position shifts from its plateau


Years of holding strong in times of dark despair

Surface made of granite hides unstable ground

Centuries old inhabitant of home along this cliff

Could begin to crumble into sea without a sound


I am lifted up to rightful place upon my mountain steep

By ones who sought my wisdom for so very many years

Circumstances table has been turned toward my favor

Hearts I held so steady here to save me from my fears


This rock upon the bluff now returned to its proper home

Continues in it’s vigilance with new knowledge to impart

The strongest surface can be compromised from within

So keep those you love close and always in your heart




Desires Deliverance


Desperate to escape a tumultuous sea

Desire runs deep yet needs a reprieve

Reaching for freedom, beauty ascends

As passion climbs too high to perceive


Vision of oceanic allure graces the sky

Leaving the turmoil of tides far behind

Gentle eyes gaze upon clouds up above

Pressures of the depths quickly unwind

Miracles above the surface proceed to unfold

Carried higher by promise of a heart uplifted

So divergent from heaviest of burdens below

Intoxicating atmosphere of cerulean sky is gifted

Delicate lady of the sea transforms to winged angel

Taking flight upon feathered yearning ambition

Brief respite from the dangerous surf provides peace

Pressing demand for change comes swiftly to fruition

Perspectives alter and realities shift from within

As serenity chips away at Lady’s obsidian exterior

Perfect balance recaptured between Heaven and Sea

Meaning of life in harmonies sung by voices superior

Newfound tranquility resides in body and spirit

As cleansing of her soul has assuredly taken place

Return to her rightful place as Queen of the Oceans

Brings calm to the waters of Beauty’s saving grace

Dangerous Reflection



I see you standing there

Staring at me with contempt

Who the fuck do you think you are?

Certainly no better or worse than I


The feelings of self doubt consume

Not just me but you as well

Your condescending glare

Finds it’s way under my skin

As it begins to crawl with shame


I have known many others like you

They all share a common thread

Out to prove their alpha dominance

Over my weary threadbare soul


I have overcome this dread before

Stifled those who scowl with disapproval

Rejoiced in a new and brilliant perception

While knowing that ones such as you

Will always return to my awareness


You cannot stay hidden behind shadow

And will not ever shrink away for very long

Ceaselessly you administer your oppression

Building yourself up by tearing me down


I shall stand for this no longer

Once again I shall dismiss your arrogance

You are still no better or worse than I

I recognize now more than ever my mirrored foe

Reflection that haunts me is only you… my devious self