The Pen And The Sword

For ALL my friends at Kindred Words


Stand Tall, Stand together

Never shall we let an enemy prosper

Across vast wastelands and endless oceans

We forge onward into battle without fear or hesitation

Side by side, mind for mind and heart for heart

Never shall we let a fellow warrior fall

All for one and one for all

Our soldiers oath

A word is as good as gold

When written in the blood of friends

The pen is mightier than any sword could be

But honestly if given my weapon of choice

I would not hesitate to make a decision

As surely as I have two hands

I would choose both

12 responses to “The Pen And The Sword

      • Sorry I don’t make it by more often! I love your work. Just busy… But you know how it goes… By the way, I got in the pool for the first time in a while tonight. Yikes! I have a lot of work to do! 😛

      • It’s okay, you are SO busy makin your way in the world and making a difference in some very lucky kids lives. Glad to hear you are continuing to work out. I have been doing some riding and running but not nearly enough. So, I feel you on the whole lots of work to do scenario. lol. Thanks again for coming by. Be well friend.

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