In Dark Corners


Brought back to life in a cold sweat

Snapping out of vivid imagination

Taken for a wild ride once again

As the spinning room settles down

Eyes open wide to the possibility

Of reality never coming into focus

An existence dances in the shadows

While illusion grabs up all the light

A place deep inside that takes hold

Playing keep away with proper sanity

Held prisoner inside these four walls

Sunlight and it’s absence are wardens

A jailbreak gets played out every night

Within the confines of a frantic dream

Conceived with careful forethought

Never to be brought to it’s fruition

As it is always deemed much safer

Inside the chain link and razor wire

In Dark Corners of a dangerous mind




Look to the horizon

To see what’s on my mind

A tempest always brewing

Ideas like locusts swarm

Among synaptic waves

High pressure front

Bringing dark clouds

And the promise

Of heavy rain



Dark side of the moon

Fills many a night sky

As the light cannot be seen

Through a thick smoky cloud

While a dead calm envelops

The thoughts of a madman

Written in a diary

And kept under

Lock and key



Purple haze has been gone

Far too long to recall

The peace it once brought

Replaced by frenetic energy

That brings on lightning

While thunder rolls

From front to back

As lucidity is executed

By electrocution



To capture lightning

Inside a whiskey bottle

Wasn’t the brightest idea

As such energy stored

Will surely strike twice

Deadlier than before

With cunning, ruthless intent

And with nothing to stop it

From finding ground



So now as yet another storm passes

Leaving its destruction as a toll

I am left to pick up the pieces

So that I can start once again

To forge another fortress

Standing in command of all evil

That dares to infiltrate

This revived temple

Of creative control

Dangerous Reflection



I see you standing there

Staring at me with contempt

Who the fuck do you think you are?

Certainly no better or worse than I


The feelings of self doubt consume

Not just me but you as well

Your condescending glare

Finds it’s way under my skin

As it begins to crawl with shame


I have known many others like you

They all share a common thread

Out to prove their alpha dominance

Over my weary threadbare soul


I have overcome this dread before

Stifled those who scowl with disapproval

Rejoiced in a new and brilliant perception

While knowing that ones such as you

Will always return to my awareness


You cannot stay hidden behind shadow

And will not ever shrink away for very long

Ceaselessly you administer your oppression

Building yourself up by tearing me down


I shall stand for this no longer

Once again I shall dismiss your arrogance

You are still no better or worse than I

I recognize now more than ever my mirrored foe

Reflection that haunts me is only you… my devious self



Icy fingers clawing at the back of a fear stricken mind

Voices of suggestion imperious and insidiously corrupt

They laugh while frayed ends of sanity rapidly unwind

As the sounds of so many silent screams violently erupt


The bitter cold of ominous shadows never take leave

Constantly reminding of this anxieties stunning scope

Solitary soldier begging frantically for souls reprieve

Alone on this battlefield inside his mind without hope


A manic nature seeks shelter from the inevitable storm

Heart racing scared through forests of taunting visions

Reality bending at will creates deviations from the norm

Suggestions from within wickedly informing all decisions


A marionette to those so grippingly in control of the head

Actions are dictated by the tongues of malevolent beasts

No clear escape from the torturous grasp of unholy dread

 Spawned into the consciousness by Godless black priests


A warriors will to survive an onslaught of eye blinding pain

Only one escape from these hellions controlling his thought

As the sharp pinch of dawns needle brings light to his brain

Treatment but no cure for insanity’s war for ages hard fought





Held captive inside his mind

Thoughts create impenetrable bars

Words bring inescapable twisting torment








Taken prisoner from within

Grasping at thinning straws

Banging on his imaginary enclosure








From birth to death

A lost soul inside his head

A life sentence to be served








Daylight returns once again

To shine brightly on his misfortune

As it illuminates everlasting madness

Silent Scream


It has the power to make the night come alive


To paint the darkness vivid with invisible color


It walks alone, unseen among the multitudes


Casting shadows of nothingness upon empty spaces


Existing solely out of perceptual nonexistence


Consisting of the dreams said to be impossible


Things deemed far too frightening to be believed


Capturing imaginations without casting it’s net


It is the passing flash in the corner of the eye


A chilling sensation that there are eyes upon you


Stealing your aspirations and feeding on ambition


Existing everywhere and nowhere simultaneously


It lives inside the thunderous roar of quietude


Strange satisfaction derived from paralyzing fear


White noise inaudible and without distinct direction


Terror that can’t be described as it swallows you whole


As the world goes inconceivably dark and eternally quiet


All things devoured, absorbed within this silent scream


Doll Collector


Looks can always be so very dangerously deceiving

Playing tricks with the images our eyes are receiving

I once knew a lady, seemingly so quiet and unassuming

No tell tale signs shown of the menace closely looming


She climbed within herself for her own preservation

Spent childhood as a victim of ridicule and predation

Now a young woman her escape can be found in books

Living inside stories, blind to strangers spiteful looks


Obsession with the written word became her new elation

A book found by chance one day became her true salvation

A tome of times gone by, and the southern most traditions

Leather bound and heavily laden with fact cloaked as fiction


A thick and tattered volume replete with ceremonial ritual

Told her of a remedy from misery’s grasp, dark and spiritual

To find another pass time, and become a collector of a kind

Crafting miniature likenesses of her tormentors left behind


Crudely made dolls of people who have long gone away

The ones who left their marks, her pain was here to stay

She’s been hard at work, has amassed quite a collection

One for each antagonist, following books direction


One for every wicked child that taunted her at school

Because we all know that children can be so very cruel

Another for the man in her youth, one that she called “DAD”

For all the secrets he made her keep, just so sick and bad


More for the others who made her frightened and afraid

And the rest that just looked away leaving her betrayed

The time has come, the book foretold, to finally be avenged

Finding creative ways to take her “pound of flesh” revenge


Gathering up some needles, pots and pans, candles and the like

She comes frenzied with torturous plans of retaliation’s strike

Needles in dolls of the children, their words were sharp as pins

Candles burn the ignorant, she looks away, they burn for their sins


She has dealt with each and every one, her tyrants of times past

All but one remaining, she purposefully saved the worst for last

Forgive me “Father” for I have sinned as down comes a rusty blade

To he who gave her life, life in living hell, a debt must now be paid


The doll it cuts so easily, and the sharp blades sever through

Pins slide right into the eyes as his daughter’s pleasure grew

The puppet seemed to scream in pain when doused in boiling oil

She has one last thing in store for him, with an evil grin she toils


Now grabbing makeshift father, at the feet she starts to pull

A frightening ripping, tearing sound, retribution plan comes full

The evil grin that crossed her lips as the doll was split in two

Far beyond mere words, Ancient evil scripture dubbed it Voodoo


This woman I spoke of is long since gone and so very far away

If you listen closely you can hear her laughing to this very day

She went completely mad and quite willingly lost her timid mind

A book was the form this evil took, A book I hope to never find.

Full Circle


As a young and growing child 
Mental seeds were sown
He’s medicated to be mild
Side effects unknown


Said to be unmanageable
Too wild to control
Prescriptions all too viable
No care for future toll


Now this child gentle, meek
Falls victim to their taunts
Mistake this boy as being weak
He flees to sheltered haunts


Witness of horrendous things
Of which he will not speak
How can family, terror bring
His loved ones, havoc wreak


He finds his shelter safe and warm
He climbs inside his mind
His sanctuary from the storm
His thoughts help time unwind


As he grows and comes of age
He grows tired of his pills
Things to do and wars to wage
Newfound battle of the wills


He’s grown and reached maturity
After years mis-diagnosed
A dangerous threat to humanity
For no longer is he dosed


Now his head is free to think
Unclouded by that haze of mellow
To evil thoughts his focus sinks
For vengeance new voices bellow


His problem is with reality
Cruel twisting of his fate
It is Preying on his sanity
Ever filling him with hate


All those years of passive sedation
The malice that was endured
Now he realizes with exultation
His revenge can be secured


Unnoticeable from the outside
The rage within his head
A wicked smile, eyes open wide
The madman kills to see you dead


Horrific spree of death and hate
This killer caught and sent away
Caged like an animal to meet his fate
Asylum his home ’til end of days.


Far too dangerous to himself and the rest
He must be tranquilized, to take away the wild
A remedy concocted, one that seems the best
The same one it happens, he was given as a child


The anger and fury lose their grip on his mind
The memories of his childhood friend held close
Taken back to better days, now easier to find
Then five words bring clarity, “it’s time…..increase the dose”


Life and death cross paths as they wind
And all things are bound to repeat
Locked away in cage and mind
The circle is complete