Giving Thanks (Remembrance)

 first thanksgiving

Let us give thanks

For our new friends

And to their welcoming

Spirit upon our arrival


We owe much gratitude

For they nursed our sick

Taught us to harvest

From sacred ground

Hunt for daily sustenance

And show reverence

For our worthy prey


These peaceful warriors

With pride and poise

A primitive people

The earth and it’s creatures

Held high in spiritual regard


This feast of gratitude

So shallow and empty

Now knowing the devastation

That was to unfold


Was this a celebration,

Or something different?

Perhaps a case of

“Keeping the friends close,

But the enemies closer”.


Are we not entitled

To claim this new land

For our very own?


So vast and glorious

Yet there cannot be

Room for both cultures

To peacefully coexist


The conflict of the natives

Crude, uneducated savages

Against the pilgrimage of

The colonies upper class


False promises are made

Evil underhandedness inflicted

Upon an unsuspecting race.

Peaceful and Warrior tribes alike

Fall victim to the influence

Of military might from the East


Uprising becomes the downfall

Of so many innocent peoples

“This land is your land,

This land is my land”

So long as you leave it to us

And go peacefully into the night.


Villages burned, women, children

Taken away or left for dead

Brave warriors struggle on

Outnumbered, outgunned, cast out

Sent away to lands unseen

Until the cycle begins again.


So many years have passed

Since those troubling times

Perhaps we have forgotten

Just how much the native tribes

Truly gave up by offering help

To strangely dressed white men

In their giant sailing ships


So on this day of giving thanks

Let us take a moment to reflect

On lives lost and races forever changed

By the early onset of the very things

That continue to plague us today


Greed and War in the name of “Progress”

Our “NEW WORLD” now shows her age

As we mercilessly continue our assault

On her very existence.


We should reflect on the very things

That made the Indian tribes a proud

And respectfully spiritual people.

It mattered not their tribe or clan

When all was said and done they

Were reigned over by the Earth

And the spirit guides of her many animals.


We cannot reverse the damage

Imposed upon the first inhabitants

So let us at least reverse the course

Of destruction on the one they held

So high in spiritual regard.


Let us be thankful once again

For a generous and bountiful mother

And bow down before her

Splendid magnificence


Divine Contradiction

Beautiful Dark and Light. (one and the same)

She wields the sword of daylight,

Brings the peace of night as well.

Representative of the Heavens, 

Delegate to the Devil

Wonders of the universe,

The horrors of Hell


Seductively wicked

Passionately tender

A timeless virgin

And timely whore

Immeasurably shrewd

Yet blissfully ignorant

She is all these things

And so much more


Truths and lies be told

They share the same name

Both contrasts and

Contradictions allude

That the Dark and the Light

Are truly one and the same.

Fates Forbidden Proposal

        I would like to introduce you all to my new friend and DUET partner yikici from

          “A Poet’s Journey.” After reading some of her work, and previous collaborations 

   I knew I had to write with her. I consider myself fortunate to have had the

   opportunity to write this piece with her and considered it a privilege and

      an honor to collaborate and learn from someone as gifted with the written

word as she. Please drop by her blog and see her amazing talent for

yourselves at


Upon a lonely hill he stood,

Crumbled, forlorn;

An acorn resting in his palm,

Sweltering in the storm.

Young man in throes of despair

Trembling, grieving;

This shaking hand lets acorn drop,

Immortality’s symbol so deceiving.

A new life, a new hope

…was all he was seeking

…dreaming, weeping;

Upon this lonely hill, he’s left seething.


Crushed by fates brazen cruelty,

Consumed by the power of her absence

Anger, misery;

Their hilltop…..begged for her presence.


In life, she was a natural beauty;

A gentle soul who loved him dearly,

Healed his heart,

Completed his soul,

He owed her his life, that he knows.

She was his angelic saviour,

For surely she saved him from himself;

She was his life’s purpose,

Unendingly it seemed

Unjustly ripped from his existence.

Trembling, he falls to one knee,

How he failed her when she needed;

His bended knee gives no reprieve

Too late to save, to protect;

On bended knee, so painfully different,

Than he ever could have envisioned.

Sonic Alliance

mojo-barriers 2012_download_friday

Shoulder to shoulder we stand

Brothers and sisters in arms

Barricades to hold us back

Yet our spirits own the stage

Brought together through love

Love of intensity

Of power


Provided by sonic expression


Volume high in thunderous roar

Resonating, reverberating


Thousands as a single voice answer back

A power surge of rage released

Set free into the smoke filled air

Alliance formed

Unbreakable bond

Forged like steel

Through rebellion and defiance

And all else these crushing harmonies reveal


Sound waves assault the atmosphere

Drive the tide

In a sea of humanity

Ocean of adrenaline

Many thousands move as one

Front to back

Side to side

 And back to the front

Frenzied passion free from malicious intent

Fists thrust high

Pumping to the powerful rhythm

Comaraderie in it’s liveliest form

Eternally linked together

Through Denim

 And leather

Furious cadence

And syncopated grace



Earth Coven


Under a cloak of starry night

Brought to be by full moons light

Wickedly benevolent sisterhoods birth

A coven of our Mother Earth


A world ravaged for man kinds gain

Resources raped cause planetary pain

Sent to keep this Mother’s Child alive

Ancient wiccan priestesses arrive


The time has come for day of reckoning

The tears from Mother’s eyes their beckoning

Sisters in unity with the Heavens above

Cast spells reviving Earth Mother’s love


Seductively twisting in the breeze

Dancing eerily amongst the trees

With eyes like shooting stars they fly

Lighting up the midnight sky


Rivers, lakes and oceans abide

They work their magic on the tide

Focus shifts now to soil and sand

Incantations chanted save the land


All people’s gone, the slate wiped clean

Once again oceans blue and fields green

Innocent creatures left free to wander

Abundance of resource, no one to squander


A wiccan intervention leaves beauty infinitive

These witches brought swiftly, justice definitive

Earth coven the savior of Mother’s distinction

The only just course was our races extinction


Again a proud Mother looks from the skies

Her eyes start to spill, as softly she cries

The weeping she does not the same as before

Tears of joy fill the oceans and wash up on shore


Doll Collector


Looks can always be so very dangerously deceiving

Playing tricks with the images our eyes are receiving

I once knew a lady, seemingly so quiet and unassuming

No tell tale signs shown of the menace closely looming


She climbed within herself for her own preservation

Spent childhood as a victim of ridicule and predation

Now a young woman her escape can be found in books

Living inside stories, blind to strangers spiteful looks


Obsession with the written word became her new elation

A book found by chance one day became her true salvation

A tome of times gone by, and the southern most traditions

Leather bound and heavily laden with fact cloaked as fiction


A thick and tattered volume replete with ceremonial ritual

Told her of a remedy from misery’s grasp, dark and spiritual

To find another pass time, and become a collector of a kind

Crafting miniature likenesses of her tormentors left behind


Crudely made dolls of people who have long gone away

The ones who left their marks, her pain was here to stay

She’s been hard at work, has amassed quite a collection

One for each antagonist, following books direction


One for every wicked child that taunted her at school

Because we all know that children can be so very cruel

Another for the man in her youth, one that she called “DAD”

For all the secrets he made her keep, just so sick and bad


More for the others who made her frightened and afraid

And the rest that just looked away leaving her betrayed

The time has come, the book foretold, to finally be avenged

Finding creative ways to take her “pound of flesh” revenge


Gathering up some needles, pots and pans, candles and the like

She comes frenzied with torturous plans of retaliation’s strike

Needles in dolls of the children, their words were sharp as pins

Candles burn the ignorant, she looks away, they burn for their sins


She has dealt with each and every one, her tyrants of times past

All but one remaining, she purposefully saved the worst for last

Forgive me “Father” for I have sinned as down comes a rusty blade

To he who gave her life, life in living hell, a debt must now be paid


The doll it cuts so easily, and the sharp blades sever through

Pins slide right into the eyes as his daughter’s pleasure grew

The puppet seemed to scream in pain when doused in boiling oil

She has one last thing in store for him, with an evil grin she toils


Now grabbing makeshift father, at the feet she starts to pull

A frightening ripping, tearing sound, retribution plan comes full

The evil grin that crossed her lips as the doll was split in two

Far beyond mere words, Ancient evil scripture dubbed it Voodoo


This woman I spoke of is long since gone and so very far away

If you listen closely you can hear her laughing to this very day

She went completely mad and quite willingly lost her timid mind

A book was the form this evil took, A book I hope to never find.

Soul Sacrifice


Firelight in a darkened room

Across oaken table we sit

Radiant in It’s human form

Traveler from It’s fiery pit


Misery and dissatisfaction

Compels this entity’s arrival

Cries for help above unheard

Disenchanting mere survival


Foolish pride and ego proclaim

Entitlement to earthly bliss

Summoned  inferno’s overlord

Desires met by serpent’s kiss


Wields archaic parchment scroll

And an ornate feathered quill

Beckons me to scribe my mark

In crimson ink of bloody spill


Evil one rises, grins and laughs

My heart darkens in guilt’s regret

Hellion takes it’s prize and flees

Leaves me convinced our pact is set


Trepidation replaced by ecstasy

Our agreements hedonistic feast

Pleasures of the mind and flesh

Provided solely by the Beast


Wanton debauchery consumes

As wealth and power abound

Satisfaction should be limitless

Why am I lost in bliss newly found


The Devil’s trick leaves me empty

The pleasure and power surrounds

Yet insatiable my appetite for more

The need for satisfaction astounds


Chase for gratification winds down

Lucifer’s cunning plan comes to be

My body a shell of it’s former self

My mind now frayed ends of sanity


My contract revoked unfulfilled

Satan’s mocking suitably unjust

It’s dealings never held validity

But It’s temptation demanded trust


And so charred ashes to ashes

Become Hell storm’s dust to dust

As my greed for greed destroyed me

I was condemned by my lust for lust

Race Day (Ready as I’ll ever be)


Early morning rise

A butterfly squadron

Comes as no surprise

Cold morning drive

Nervous anticipation

Met upon arrival

Old friends and new

Opponents for a day

Ritualistic repetition

Registration line

Pinning of the number

Fueling the engine

Calories to burn

Prep the machine

Fast as she looks?

Only as fast as I

Warmed up and ready

Ready as I’ll ever be

Butterflies insistent

Butterflies or moths?

Fly in formation

Self assurance

Inner confidence

Real or false

Strong and fast

These words dominate

Internal conversation

Roll to the start

Alert and ready

Ready as I’ll ever be

Held steady and firm

Countdown finds zero

Race of truth begun

A solitary combatant

Explodes from the line

Butterflies vanish

With adrenaline surge

Focus is pinpoint

As strength overcomes

Discomfort is a constant

But crucial ally

Push through extremes

Finding rhythm and speed

Surroundings go unnoticed

All comes from within

My adversary is time

And it’s rapid elapse

My focus is speed

It’s consistent delivery

Power to chain ring

To wheels, to pave

Drive hard from inside

Push past the pain

Out of the saddle

Climb like an angel

Back into aero

descend like a Demon

Follow my pursuit

As I race against clock

For this I am ready

Ready as I’ll ever be

Suffering unceasing

Excruciating companion

Drives me harder

Pace is increased

Forge on, Dig deep

Deeper, deepest

Reach limits unknown

My purpose is clear

Indescribable agony

Intense exhilaration

Finish in sight

Courage in tow

Standing on pedals

Aggression found deep

Drive for the line

Down into aero

Cheating the wind

Stealing mere seconds

Away from the clock

My purpose made clear

As I fight past the line

All pain washes clean

Exuberant relief

Surroundings return

Filling my awareness

Senses heightened

Race clock has stopped

Yet time starts anew

Life’s metaphors abound

In triumph over





All defeated

By persistence

To forge ahead

With courage

And conviction

Power of purpose

Brings pride

Pride and accomplishment

I am the embodiment

Reality of these metaphors

Am I ready?

Ready as I’ll ever be

I have overcome