Oh, what courage it takes

To gaze into the eye of the storm

Unflinchingly taking command

Knowing the consequence of blinking first

Witnessing the wild at heart being tamed

As rivers spill over and skies take flight

Steadfastly holding our ground

Questioning only the safety found

By the fleeing of a bird on the wing



Standing against the current

Looking catastrophe directly in the eye

Recognizing fear as our sensible companion

Letting us be strong in our heightened awareness

Intensifying the existent conviction unwavering

A steely belief in what was right all along

Universal blessings soon to be gifted

As the peril of another maelstrom has lifted

Destiny allowed to play out on an angel’s wing


5 responses to “Maelstrom

  1. Its what life is made of, funny thing that the thing that makes your pulse race is the very thing that could end it.
    There is few sides to this, nice work.
    I like the edge but then I kind of got pushed 🙂

    • The way I see it, we all need a healthy respect for the boundaries that define the edge. Everyone has their own limits. The only way to live free and with vigor however, is to walk just alongside that boundary and get a good look over the edge from time to time.

    • Thank you Patty. I only wish I had time to write now. I hope to be back to my old writing pace soon. I miss it and hope that the writing blade is still sharp upon my return. Be well my dear friend.

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