The Birth Of Light (Phoenix)


Legend can be found in each ray of the sun

As we reach deeper into a dirty well of truth

A blistering heat of vividly colored realities

Holds vague memories of misguided youth


A brilliant smile brings warmth everywhere

While oceans and skies of blue see the world

Solar intensity burns bright and everlasting

A flag of painful truth and loyalty is unfurled


Sol exists only to bare witness and shed light

On the beautiful and brilliant phoenix rising

From smoldering ashes of staggering atrocity

A story of true suffering in need of reprising


A new tale told, one of determined survival

Allowing others to seek shelter under wing

This protective angel out from under ashes

Carries with her hope, as angels voices sing






12 responses to “The Birth Of Light (Phoenix)

  1. I sit here stunned, just stunned, for as I am reading your words, words that I have just recently written I am seeing within your words. Whoa! This is absolutely brilliant! And when you see what I am talking about, you will understand why I am so stunned. (((HUGS))) Amy

      • No, friend, there is actually another that I have yet to post. The words “shelter” “Sun” “storm” are all contained in it. Yes, the Light Of Love this also resembles the thought you portrayed in your words. The synchronicity among some of us is just amazing lately! Have you noticed? It’s as though we have truly become ONE.

      • Okay. Yes I have noticed. It seems to happen often with the people I connect most closely to. I love that you are among them Amy.

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