Do you believe in Angels?


Not the kind spoken of in fairytales or myths

I speak of the Angels in direct charge of our spirit

Burdened with the task of seeing us through it all

Guiding us over every self imposed obstacle

Pointing in one direction or the other ever so subtly

Letting us believe that free will led us to where we stand


Do you believe in Angels?


Those with very specific knowledge of our individual needs

Ones that would go to war with a myriad of Demons

Before letting a dark day turn ominous or oppressive

Angels that have walked alongside us from our beginning

Oftentimes holding our hand or providing a pleasant whisper

Just to make us smile inside and out with comfort and joy


Do you believe in Angels?


Celestial providers of divine direction straight from above

No proof of their existence but for the warmth of the sun

No voice to give them except for the familiar tones of childhood

Much like the soothing voice of our Mother as dark clouds rolled in

I am convinced that this is exactly who our Angels have always been

Just as I am certain there are now two in direct charge of my path


I believe



tumblr_mn1xacvvNn1rnrss4o1_500Move hastily any and all who dare

Swim in the deeper darker waters

To leave no trace and make no sound

Guarantees not your safe passage


Arrogance and egotism splash wildly

As retribution breathes deep far below

A silent yet stealthy killing machine

Firmly dialed into it’s predatory pattern


Make no mistake regarding who belongs

This possessor of such powerful elegance

Perilous adjudicator of unpredictable force

Shall enforce it’s rule swiftly and silently


Return to the land from where you began

Not so long ago as to know timeless survival

Look upon these scars earned throughout aeons

An infinity of war stories told upon leathery skin 


The safety brought about by man’s sheer ignorance

Does not exist beyond the buoys of private beaches

 I warn you to speedily make your way to shore

Or realize the metallic taste of territorial justice

Beneath The Surface


The struggle to stay afloat churns the surface

Drawing the attention of mindless man eaters

A strong will to survive and stamina to endure

The constant rise and fall of this ravenous tide


Air to breathe and bright sun keep hope alive

As a menacing intensity drives the undertow

Gravity pulls downward with weight of despair

As sharks start to circle in hungry anticipation


Strength renewed could easily see you to shore

While the spirit within provides limitless fight

Yet a peaceful realization takes hold of the mind

While surface waters rage in aquatic turbulence


The perils to avoid most certainly reside above 

While the surface hides perfection in quietude

A calm like no other can be found in the depths

The most beautiful rays of light can be viewed


From Below







Poised and proud in his daily progression

Ready to leave behind every transgression

All new paths lead to his future unknown

Mists of doubt and cold shadows are shown

Light breaking through dark curtains of rain

Maybe just lightning, new infliction of pain

Carefully he treads through ominous places

Noting grim dispositions on everyone’s faces 

Though he grows increasingly weary and weak

He only hears the voices of his guardians speak

Onward as he carries his heart on both sleeves

His spirit rises in the night as he truly believes

A better place has been saved for him to reside

He quickens his pace and lengthens his stride

Moving away from physical things left behind

Watching his past, present, and future unwind




Colors vibrant within each moonlit night

After sundown such beauty to behold

Twilight paints life in brilliant light

As we wait for grand mysteries to unfold


Tricks on the eyes eternally  played

As spirits in the wind come to dance

The palette of Mother Nature displayed

Through silver light we are held in trance


These same things never seen under sun

Dreamlike visions disappear at dawn

Daylight chases as apparitions turn to run

Mesmerizing specters return once Sol is gone


Bathing in the beauty held inside the dark

Colorful abundance in vast and vivid array

Whispering voices in the breeze hit the mark

With the silent sound of color to portray


In the light such sights are impossible

As reality is bleached by suns beams

 The night makes all things so believable

Illuminated truth as Luna’s light streams


Inside each night is held new optimism

So we return to our Mother Natures stage

Gazing upon miracles cast from her prism

In hopes of glimpsing keys to a new age



I so anxiously anticipate her every arrival

Once again she has returned to my sensibility

To haunt my nights and fever my dreams

Holding me captive under her wicked spell


An exquisitely mysterious spectral being

Casting shadows upon my weary mind

Replacing sunlight with her dreary grays

She keeps them in abundance just for me


I watch her spin and twirl under gloomy sky

As if a ballerina were possessed by the night

She tells her tale thru fascinating movement

Entranced by the haunting beauty of her sway

She keeps me mesmerizingly spellbound


A myriad of shadows follow her every move

As every silvery shade comes to life above her

Occasional azure hues bring tension to the fold

As she twists and drifts throughout my thoughts


The cold she brings is a welcomed shift in climate

As it passively tempers my often fiery recollections

There is an ominously stormy reality to her presence

Yet I find much comfort in her intermittent company


She never ventures too close to the veil between us

Her otherworldly existence keeps her out of reach

I am captivated by her terrifyingly strong charisma

But fear the consequences of breaking the invisible seal

So she shall remain beautifully yet undeniably elusive


She will be gone again soon….she never stays for long

And once again I will be left alone in her absence

To ponder the meaning of her existence in my life

I know one thing for certain though…..I shall miss her


I always do………


Life Sentence


Miracle of birth as the clock begins to tick

Every breath leaves us one less until our last

Sands of time sifting through hourglass existence

Shifting, drifting, casting future into past


Unknown end meets definitive continuance

As survival happens without clue to duration

Living in uncertainty, traveling hand in hand

Without knowledge of each date of expiration


Unpredictable end should bring urgency to life

Leave no stone unturned so others walk your trail

Forge new ground leaving distinctive telltale sign

Monument to your presence recognizable without fail


Make haste and do these things as quickly as you can

Waste not another single second on your useless crying

Leave a lasting testament to your enduring legacy

For truth be told….As soon as your born….you’re dying



Salvation Reigns

Introducing another collaboration with Yikici from A Poets Journey. Be sure to drop in and see what she is up to. She’s an amazing writer with a deep and heartfelt style. It was an honor to compose such a hard hitting piece that sadly looms too close to the minds of many. Hopefully this will bring some hope.

resurrection_of_gaia -billelis-deviantart 

It comes with a swiftness and severity unwelcomed,
as a thief in the night would steal away your dreams.
The sting of existence, accompanied by cloudy visions,
as reality and perception become cruel hallucinations.

Confused with what’s real and what’s mirror reflections,
gunned down by our failings, achievements forgotten.
What Hell has been stumbled upon?
To where is the light?
Heaven dissipating under this tiring, dire fight.

Never ending struggle for control of mind and emotion;
an assault, the likes of which only few will ever know,
bloodshed invisible to the eye, and silent is the battlefield,
price we pay to wage this war, is sanity,
at such heavy tolls.

Engulfed by emotions- erratic, too weary,
borderline disorders playing tug-of-war with our thoughts.
Glimmer of hopes- dashed by loss of faith in ourselves;
us warriors, downtrodden-
this muffled fight ensues to shroud our very souls’.

Warrior souls we may be, yet we struggle with an urge to give in,
falling to earth, laying still as the ravages of battle claim us,
yet something deeper clings to hope,
there is still strength to fight;
this inherent will to survive, and a determination to see
better days ahead.

Salvation seeks souls, those battered and weary,
kindling bruised minds, promising light;
loosening clasps, which once held on so tightly,
air filtering into ribs, where lungs desperately clung.

Ungodly weight lifted, from demon burdened shoulders,
as oppressions’ evil grasp begins to lose its vicious grip.
Warily we move ahead lighter of step, but cautious even still
whilst the warmth of optimism sheds light on darkened past.

From a spring-loaded clasp trap, we escape unknowingly-
while the fight which plagues us, whittles away…
Strong hands-
which welded our shoulders in quicksand,
gently uplifts us,
brushing the dark debris away

New-found peace, discovered in gentle grasp of Angelic protection,
A gloriously enlightening vision, exists everywhere to behold.
We must remain in this frozen moment
of magnificent self realization;
as the light shed will ensure, that our demons be forever held
at bay.

Copyright © JMC813 & yikici. 2014-infinity.

Darkened Enlightenment


Mysteries abound where light cannot be found

Illumination exists only to make things unclear


In a place where night stands tall and sturdy

Daylight will cower at the feet of midnight

As the creatures of obscurity can be heard

Chanting melodious whispers in the mist


Truthfully said, the light plays tricks on eyes

So is it certain that the darkness never lies

As sun sets, the gloom brings crystal clarity


Within the darkest pitch I see everything

Secrets unfold as many stories never told

Play out right before my newly opened eyes


Haunting ancient tales I find so familiar

Bring the comfort of the shadows close

To be my cloak and keep me sheltered

From powerful, harsh and stinging light


From the darkness came so many answers

My enlightenment was found within the night




Negative Light


Born in absence of light

Raised within the darkness

Grew up inside shadows

Set free to fly at night


Grays begin to quietly fade

As if swallowed by obsidian

Blackness my companion

All form of light betrayed


Pitch of onyx never known

Well before or ever after

It has a certain warmth

Yet comfort chills to bone


Contentment found here

Inside this heavy cloak

Surrounding me wholly

I watch ME disappear