So it seems that the other day (June 28th to be exact) was the one year anniversary of my first post here on wordpress. I am not much for birthdays or anniversaries but this is one that I can accept with open arms.

Since my taking the leap and deciding to share my words with the WP public, I have made new friends, collaborated with some AMAZING writers and poets, and have had the privilege of reading some of the most creative and powerful writing I have ever known. I have learned SO MUCH from all of you and hope to continue to grow as a writer and a person as the days, months, and years continue to slip past.

May time be kind to all of our minds, bodies, spirits, and imaginations. For those are the things that make us what we are. Writers…….. This piece is for all of us. May we all continue to thrive.




 I look back fondly on a decision so hard to make

The choice to take the leap and open my life’s book

Bare my warrior soul to the unknown faceless masses

Releasing both my Demon’s and Angel’s to the ether

As my words will most assuredly never hide my true self


The strength of the written word is invincible

The intensity derived from freeing the mind to page

Is equal to that of a thousand blazing suns

With each word the power becomes greater

As knowledge is both gained and imparted


It has not always been a smooth journey

For the obstacles of self and truth are many

Scattered about along the path to enlightenment

Are the trials and tribulations that drive my pen

As past and current Demon’s vie for my imagination


Decision was made to take the leap of faith

Followed by the uncertainties of an unknown land

What if my words do not carry the weight I intend?

Perhaps they will be misconstrued or worse

The tragic fate of reaching an uninterested populace


The going was treacherous and slow at first

My voice beckoned loudly into the thinnest air

Echoing but only bringing  response of the few

The realization of my ambition was the answer

To write for oneself is the only true purpose


This knowledge was my golden key

The one single thing that freed my soul

Allowing my heart to soar and mind to break free

Free of the chains of self imposed insecurities

For this day I genuinely write for me





The Locket (Eternal Dream)


She carries it with her always and everywhere


Around her neck or clutched tightly in hand


This delicate piece of jewelry holds her world


Contains the mysteries of her exquisite elegance


A heart shaped golden locket of  hopes and dreams


Within it exists all the things she cannot shine without


The reasons for her flawless, heart stopping beauty


As well as the cause of her inner strengths and desires


It holds the enchantment to bring her into her dreams


While providing her with a most pleasant place to dwell


Surrounds her with friends of the vast animal kingdom


To keep her company and provide occasional counsel


As she is led to her fated haven by two of a feathered kind


One brilliant white and brought by the warmth of the sun


The other pitch black and warning of the dangers of the light


Such guidance she receives only within her endless dreams


This brilliantly shining bauble both a blessing and a curse


Holding the power to set her free, yet keeps her captive


Tricks her into the serenity of  such peaceful dreams


While her waking world crumbles to dust all around


Yes, this spellbinding trinket holds her mesmerized


Filling her with the same false hopes that befell her kin


Truth be told of the origin of this treasured lavaliere


Stunning pendant was ever so cleverly crafted from sin 

Writers Daemon Conquered


It never shows it’s ghastly face when I am idle

Only appearing as I become inspired to create

My imagination runs wild with artistic vision

As words flow effortlessly onto the blank page


This is when my own Bogeyman comes calling

It’s sole purpose being the thievery of ideas

And the ruination of such splendid thought

Creeping into my mind as I put pen to paper

What were once bountiful images and words

Become frozen under the thick ice of his rule


 How does one conquer such an invincible foe?

A question I have grappled with again and again

Battle with this evil demon ensues once more

As I  come upon an epiphany that will set me free


My antagonist must feel threatened by thought

He is surely afraid of the power held in the pen

So I must slay him with the sword of creativity

Write him away with the bane of his existence

Paint him under the ice he uses to imprison art

Destroy him forever with ceaseless imagination


So as I now put pen to paper and ink to the page

His mastery over me dissipates and disappears

As this infamous creature known to all who write

Cowers at the presence of perception and slinks away

Vanishing more quickly and quietly than he arrived

Leaving me in peace to carry on with my inspirations



Topsy Turvy Timothy

Bare with me folks. I saw this image as an opportunity to challenge myself a bit and also have a little fun. You might even call this an “experimental” piece. Ha!


A dapper man tips his hat to an all seeing eye

As an owl flies below asking not Who but Why?

The green grass grows thick, way up in the sky

Blue heavens underfoot, so deep or maybe high?


The man walks with purpose along jagged aisle

Cobbled path of peaks reach down a country mile

This sharp dressed man, well above rank and file

Acknowledges the owl with a nod and a smile


Tree trunks alongside determine his destination

What could be cause for gentleman’s migration?

What brings this aristocrat of such a high station?

On psychedelic journey transcending imagination


Black and white multicolored world so hard to find

A kaleidoscopic universe before his eyes to unwind

Our man about town so cuttingly sharp and refined

Leads the charge through vast expanses of the mind





Rise To The Occasion

waking the dead

Once again an infrequent occasion is upon us

The time when calendar coincides with moon

In night sky our lunar bystander shines full

As if to cast a spotlight on dire circumstance


Time has arrived for the quiet to be interrupted

As the silent ones shall once again be heard

Some recently suppressed, others quelled for ages

Mystic prophecy proclaims they shall rise again


As the world turns, so now does the sacred earth

Coming alive with such a terrifying resurrection

Souls of the wrongfully dead reunite with mortal remains

As the unholiest of all reanimations comes into being


From the ancient natives ruthlessly killed for their land

To innocent bystanders taken away from family and love

All shall now be given a chance at vengeful retribution

Their time for retaliation is upon us as corpses walk again


A reclamation of life to seek vengeance has been granted

With an evil twist that could not be expected or prevented

 Innocent and guilty alike shall fall victim to this uprising

There will be no escaping this insurrection of the damned


So hastily say your prayers, make peace with your maker

Plead that your fate should be dealt swiftly and mercifully

For our time has run out and the tables have been turned

Predestined apocalypse on this Friday the 13th’s full moon












Angelic Absurdity

traffic-9Study Declares Los Angeles to Have Nation's Worst Traffic

Supposed “City of Angels”

Inundated by narcissism

Reality gives right of way

To falsities and trends

As a shallow people

Buried in claustrophobic

Shining metallic coffins 

Need only shallow graves


Streets of shattered hopes

Boulevards of broken glass

Shards of dreams unrealized

Are shrouded in sepia smog


Chasing immortality of name

Fame becomes all consuming

Meaningless pursuits thrive

Replacing substantial endeavors

As this so called angelic city

Falls victim to evils absurdity




Newfound Nobility


 Living day to day with a steadfast determination

A sense of self and comfort within my own skin

I find new and difficult challenges to be overcome

As I see these obstacles diminish before my eyes


These times I am so self assured were not always here

As I often found myself lost in a treacherous jungle

Filled with the uncertainty of each days sunrise

Hoping to survive to see that same sun set in the west


I now see the truth of my abilities and walk as such

Confident in my stride and relaxed in my demeanor

Surrounded by the pride, yet standing tall above

Rising to take charge of the new days adversity


Approaching harsh realities with ferocity unrivaled

Opposition will cower with sudden recognition

As my superiority becomes supremely evident

A mighty roar shakes the bones of my enemies


As the sun begins to sink on the distant horizon

I contemplate the past and the road I have taken

Filled with perilous turns and threatening twists

A blessed miracle to be sitting upon figurative throne


An overwhelming peace takes the place of past regret

As I survey the vast land of opportunity before me

Not lost to the truth of how fortunate I am to be in this place

I can now bask in the glory of my newfound nobility



Winged Elegance


Stunning vision capturing my gaze

Enraptured by sheer ethereal grace

The epitome of mysterious beauty

Carries me off to far better a place


A wingspan envied by the angels

The magnificence of effortless flight

An apparition of vibrant agility

Out of my reach but well within sight


This soaring miracle beckons me

 I take shelter under golden wing

Protected from dissonant existence

As celestial choruses start to sing


Drifting and dancing as if upon a cloud

Weightless of burden in spirits presence

Heavenly peace envelops profound slumber

As I am transported by winged elegance