Curtain Call

This was written for an image challenge presented by Debra at Please check out her site and take a look at what the extremely talented roster of writers and poets also came up with for this image, as well as all of Debra’s own wonderful creative work.


Lights dim

As the audience  simmers

A hush falling over the crowd

Of unsuspecting spectators

Spot lit by a silvery moon


Act 1 sees the birth of her Majesty

Splendid in every way

From her golden sandy shores

To the depths of the bluest waters

And climbing the highest alpine peaks


Introduction of the villain clouds Act 2

Humanity in rare form

Seemingly harmless in the beginning

As the race to be human unfolds

Power and prosperity rule simple minds


Act 3 and the clouds roll quickly in

Thick black smog formed by smoke of progress

Choking our heroine and covering her in soot

Lightning singes and tatters beautiful attire

As it all becomes too much for her to endure


A scene of retribution outlines Act 4

As seas part and the skies open wide

Swallowing the mass of humanity

The cause of her turbulent undoing

As her pride and joy can once again thrive


The final act brings a peaceful serenity

As the orchestra plays softly from the pit

Our leading lady arrives at center stage

Where she has always belonged

Gods and Goddesses alike rise to their feet


Only fitting, this tribute from a joyous crowd

As Mother Nature takes her bows

Showered in roses from her own gardens

A standing ovation heard across the Universe

Our Lady Earth is renewed by this curtain call


9 responses to “Curtain Call

  1. Your talent leaves me stunned into Silence as I grasp the totality of all you have said. How you have created with words in such a masterpiece here leaves me in wonder and true delight. How talented you are, John. No mattter when I do come here, you always give me such Great Gifts. Thank you. Love, Amy

  2. This one still knocks me dead. My absolute favorite of every version written. I found myself saying, John’s was better. :p

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