Undeniably captivating and mesmerizingly seductive


Floating and fluttering as if carried on an angel’s wings


Seemingly formless silhouette ever so gracefully drifting


Twisting, billowing, shifting with the slightest breeze


Such a tasteful aroma lingers and saturates my memories


Calling forth fond recollections of playing too near the flame


Enraptured by the ceaselessly suggestive swirl and sway


A tiny dancer spins tantalizingly amidst a serpentine cloud


Hypnotically delivering me back to a much simpler time


Filled with wanton curiosity and lustful passions untold


Unheeded lessons of the fiery origin of my sensual seductress


Bring me to my knees as I pray for new salacious desires to unfold




Dreamscape’s Doorway


Waking to the bright sun shining through the trees

Realizing that waking is not at all what has transpired

As I push through the barriers of unconscious mind

To find priceless treasures of a most extraordinary kind


Sometimes the visions arrive as if beckoned by the night

Others must be coaxed from the shadows against their will

Strange realities await me as the clock ticks on the wall

I drift out beyond the edge and feel the shivers as I fall


Such beauty beckons me from each and every side

As hideous truths come out to dance along the edge

I hear the chanting from some age old weathered text

As I cross the threshold from this existence to the next


A contradiction of elegance and impurity abounds

Fire and water intermingle like lovers of long ago

While land and sky meet in a torrid, lustful embrace

And sun chases a moon clad in black leather and lace


These illusions become etched into my conscious being

To a point that I feel most comfortable within my dreams

I often anticipate the moment I can collapse upon my bed

And let confusion and clarity reclaim their home inside my head


Silver Seduction

I so enjoy writing with my good friend Desiree at Sea of Desire and always am amazed at her talent and free flowing writing ability. This is just another example of how beautifully she writes and how we seem to have an intuition for each others words. I hope you enjoy this and take the time to go swim in her beautiful Sea of thoughts, words, ideas, and impulses. Thank you D. for another tremendous writing experience. Til the next…….


Mirrors of liquid mercury
Shimmering and shifting
Reflecting my soul’s undoing
Wavering under moonlight
Searching for answers, wrong or right

Pondering a vast array of sins
Memories linger so bittersweet
Like quicksilver, ceaselessly elusive
Recollected in such great abundance
Dancing lightly upon remembrance

The ripples are mesmerizing
Binding me to this space
The shadows have descended
The pain is never-ending
I am mired in regret’s false beauty

Held captive by invisible chains
Imprisoned by a cage of anguish
Left alone to confront my misgivings
Faced with a turmoil insurmountable
Yet undeniably tinged with fondness

The ghostly faces no longer taunt me
But bring kisses of sad longing
Caressing my sinister soul back to life
Bygone intimacies prick my conscience
As tomorrow’s mirage salaciously beckons

Sweet anticipation of desires yet to be
Overpower the senses and erase all regrets
Reminiscence of the ecstasy in your touch
Runs wild within my fevered coursing blood
Again I dive into a silver pool of frenzied lust

Darkened Enlightenment


Mysteries abound where light cannot be found

Illumination exists only to make things unclear


In a place where night stands tall and sturdy

Daylight will cower at the feet of midnight

As the creatures of obscurity can be heard

Chanting melodious whispers in the mist


Truthfully said, the light plays tricks on eyes

So is it certain that the darkness never lies

As sun sets, the gloom brings crystal clarity


Within the darkest pitch I see everything

Secrets unfold as many stories never told

Play out right before my newly opened eyes


Haunting ancient tales I find so familiar

Bring the comfort of the shadows close

To be my cloak and keep me sheltered

From powerful, harsh and stinging light


From the darkness came so many answers

My enlightenment was found within the night




Made In America


They don’t make ’em like they used to
Long gone are the many days of glory
We used to be such an immovable force
Now a different reality tells its story

Pledging allegiance meant something more
Hand over heart to show our dedication
A flag waved high and proud to represent
Ideals and truths of a superior nation

Since when did our blue collar mentality
Become the most sordid white collar crimes
As we all look back to our distant history
Grasping at straws for those simpler times

Where are our riveting Rosie’s these days
It seems old Uncle Sam has given up hope
He’s hiding in a corner tired and afraid
Ready for the hanging but not enough rope

Nation’s united with concerns in abundance
A once proud people make known their pleas
As a blessed country comes apart at the seams
Our hopes and our dreams get shipped overseas




Ripples of Escher


Sometimes I find myself on a trip inside my mind

Walking through lands that I will never understand

Worlds of abstract images and realities so surreal

People, places, and things that just should not be


Strangely I feel at home among the peculiar people

Feeling of comfort and serenity amidst this chaos

Stairways that surround, to confuse, and astound

See in the sky a flock of puzzling fishes and birds


Patterns and prints form figures out of nowhere

As kingdoms spring forth from mere imagination

Lost inside this mind’s eye I am ever awestruck

As never is witnessed an identical vision twice


I now hold before me this artist’s crystal ball

Gazing upon a reflected image of odd ideas

An echo ripples off of true artistic inspiration

As a fleeting glimpse catches a likeness of me

The Tree


This simple thing seemingly forgotten

So taken for granted and overlooked

Nature’s stunning beauty represented

In every root, branch, flower, and nook


Crooked and gnarled as it stretches

Reaching out for mysteries unseen

Rough and rugged beauty grasping

Seeking knowledge in where it’s been


It envies the bird for its lofty flight

As it is cursed to stand forever still

Baring witness to all that surrounds

Then left alone in darkened icy chill


It sees the owl and covets it’s wisdom

Hears the lark and wishes to also sing

Seeing not the stunning beauty grown

And the uniqueness only it can bring


It is present when the Gods are crying

At hand as fire lights the morning sky

Rooted deep in loamy earthen reality

Unknowingly strong, infinitely high


It’s blossoms open and scent the air

While the world around goes ever on

Sweet aroma from such sturdy timber

Such tender grace from twisted brawn











Juliet’s Fate


Ageless beauty persists among the ruins

Splendid elegance within these castle walls

Time stands ever still for fairest of the fair

Maiden awaiting love’s triumphant return


Standing nighttime vigil in tallest tower

Watchful eye for a torch on the horizon

Ages pass like single fleeting moments

Her lover seemingly never to return


True love denied by the ravages of war

Left all alone to wallow in her solitude

Her weeping can be heard within the breeze

His name cried out by an abandoned heart


Disillusioned by grief, A princess mourns

Clinging to the faintest hope upon hope

That someday her knight will reappear

To rescue her from fairest Juliet’s fate







Red Sky


 Vast oceans of blacks and whites

Seemingly ablaze in absence of color

Gleam brightly under brilliant light

Of a luminescent pale gray moon


A calm surface hides many mysteries

Sea creatures dwelling in the depths

Thriving in shadows of hueless quietude

Silently inhabiting their darkened realm


A threatening sky gives the only pigment

This sinister shade of crimson spells doom

Once a sign of a peaceful sailors journey

Beware thee now, ominous red skies at night







The Dream Is Life


Floating not falling

Only to fall when the floating stops

Chased by the unseen

Running but never getting away

Time is running out

Yet I have all the time in the world

The sun rises

But is only the moon in disguise

Confusion reigns supreme

As certainty is the most real understanding

Castle walls

Crumble away leaving cardboard shacks


I possess the wealth of kings

Lack of choice

Creates endless possibilities

Pleasure abounds

As pain becomes unbearable

I feel alone

While surrounded by the masses

Darkness envelops

As rays of light pierce my soul

Doors close

As I race through openings

Sewn shut

I fall through a hole in the sky

Slumber ends

As this dream begins again