Here I stand again

On the edge of a new beginning

Past regrets and indiscretions loom large

As they whisper in my ear the things I cannot change



Here I stand again

As I have so many times before

Looking into the jaws of uncertainty with wonder

Not knowing if the road I am about to take will set me free



Here I stand again

Left with a new and overwhelming choice

One not to ever be taken lightly or made foolishly

A decision that could make or break the strongest of free wills



Once again I stand

Looking into the beckoning distance

Each direction giving no hint of what mysteries reside

I am captured in the time and space between the here and now



Once again I stand

With only my solitary heart to guide me

Finding trust in such a fragile yet unstoppable force

Is much easier when matters such as this are emotionally unburdened



Once again I stand

Ready to choose the path that truly calls out to me

Never again choosing the dangerous direction of least resistance

As it is clear the most troublesome journey provides the greatest reward


One last time I stand alone

Prepared to embark on the next leg of my journey

Where it will lead me I haven’t any idea, yet it matters not

The road I choose has a bright light and warmth unimaginable waiting



Here now I walk alone

Nothing like the journeys I have known before

Something so much different giving purpose to my stride

The illumination on this glorious path provided by an identical heart



So I will never again stand alone