In Dark Corners


Brought back to life in a cold sweat

Snapping out of vivid imagination

Taken for a wild ride once again

As the spinning room settles down

Eyes open wide to the possibility

Of reality never coming into focus

An existence dances in the shadows

While illusion grabs up all the light

A place deep inside that takes hold

Playing keep away with proper sanity

Held prisoner inside these four walls

Sunlight and it’s absence are wardens

A jailbreak gets played out every night

Within the confines of a frantic dream

Conceived with careful forethought

Never to be brought to it’s fruition

As it is always deemed much safer

Inside the chain link and razor wire

In Dark Corners of a dangerous mind


I Was A King


A welcomed sight for very sore eyes

Sturdy stone mansion high up on a hill

Weary from my travels, moon on the rise

A place to rest and fend off nights chill


A palace for Kings long ago many ages

Stories that could be told within these walls 

Of wise men, warriors, maidens and sages

Presence of nobility once roamed these halls


A quiet tension unmistakably evident inside

Walls seem to whisper and the floors loudly squeak

Wherein so many phantoms of past history reside

Spectral inhabitants have been waiting to speak


With fire in hearth, and warmth to the bone

I settle in for a peaceful nights sleep

Fire casts shadows on walls made of stone

Apparitions of the ages held in castles keep


Dark shadows dance and play in the light

As a chill strikes the air and swallows the heat

State of trance overwhelming, captive of the night

Frozen solid with fear no strength to retreat


Wild visions of this property and it’s horrific past

A power drunk King and his insatiable bloodlust

Centuries old nightmares have been freed at last

Crimes of the unspeakable and savagely unjust


Trapped in my own skin as history replays

Paralyzed in ice as the fire rages higher

Frozen grip of fear weakens as I meet His gaze

Acknowledgement of a past life my funeral pyre




Held captive inside his mind

Thoughts create impenetrable bars

Words bring inescapable twisting torment








Taken prisoner from within

Grasping at thinning straws

Banging on his imaginary enclosure








From birth to death

A lost soul inside his head

A life sentence to be served








Daylight returns once again

To shine brightly on his misfortune

As it illuminates everlasting madness

Darkened Enlightenment


Mysteries abound where light cannot be found

Illumination exists only to make things unclear


In a place where night stands tall and sturdy

Daylight will cower at the feet of midnight

As the creatures of obscurity can be heard

Chanting melodious whispers in the mist


Truthfully said, the light plays tricks on eyes

So is it certain that the darkness never lies

As sun sets, the gloom brings crystal clarity


Within the darkest pitch I see everything

Secrets unfold as many stories never told

Play out right before my newly opened eyes


Haunting ancient tales I find so familiar

Bring the comfort of the shadows close

To be my cloak and keep me sheltered

From powerful, harsh and stinging light


From the darkness came so many answers

My enlightenment was found within the night




Negative Light


Born in absence of light

Raised within the darkness

Grew up inside shadows

Set free to fly at night


Grays begin to quietly fade

As if swallowed by obsidian

Blackness my companion

All form of light betrayed


Pitch of onyx never known

Well before or ever after

It has a certain warmth

Yet comfort chills to bone


Contentment found here

Inside this heavy cloak

Surrounding me wholly

I watch ME disappear