Harmless? (Heartless)

Yet another playoff disappointment from the most

talented team without heart or true grit.

Don’t know how much more I can, or will take from

this “team”.


An image that once instilled fear

Left others trembling and shaking

Now swim alone in calm waters

Lost what was theirs for the taking


A powerful presence to be seen

Frenzied grace and skill above all

Arrive to face this unstoppable force

Hit them hard and watch them fall


Year after year, chances squandered

Maybe now the strength we will muster

Again left floating dead in the water

Another instance of brilliant lackluster




Eye See You (Silent Observer)

I see you

Seeing me


I hear you

Not hearing me


I pretend to be you

Pretending to care


I watch you

Dismiss me


I turn away

As you turn to see


I bare witness

As you quickly judge


I see you

Thinking you see me


I know you

Never know me


I spill my love

You spew your hate


I watch you wither

Accept your fate

Runaway Tide


I still feel drawn towards the fleeing tide

All these years and nothing has changed

The Lady of the Sea arrives in her glory

Only to once again run away and hide


I chase forever it seems to keep her near

As the promise of the steady surf fools me

I believe she will stay high upon the shore

Yet again she steals away at sunsets clear


Her arrival sees me once more at her side

Immersing myself in her unending beauty

Wishing upon sea stars that she will remain

To forever be this Mountains lovely bride


I cannot help but think, we were meant to be

Her gentle shoreline softly meets the rocks

While her waves kiss my steady ruggedness

I ache to become one with my magical sea


Alas I am again reminded far, far too soon

That our bliss is only just a brief encounter

She must be going now and slowly pulls away

Gleaming beauty leaves me under lonely moon



Earth Day Awakening

Today is a special day. Although we should pay respect to our dear Mother Earth on an every day basis, this day we choose to call “Earth Day” is a good time to recognize how beautiful she is, and how critical it is that we all start to take better care of the home we have been so blessed with.

In honor of our dear Mother I am doing something a bit different here for Earth Day. I am going to include titles and a line from each of my prior “Earth Mother” posts as a backlink for the reader to go directly to each one and read my prior dedications to our planet, followed by a brand new post in honor of our beautiful lady and her  special day.

I hope you take the time to read anything that catches your eye and imagination. Feel free to comment as well. I would love to hear your thoughts on our home, and the inspirations our Mother Earth has bestowed upon all of you.

Mother’s Tears. “  A single tear falls to rinse clean the land ”   10/12/2013

Earth Coven.      “The time has come for day of reckoning”   11/17/2013

Seasons of Change.  We must revise our planetary role   12/14/2013

Dawn of New Creation. “heavens begin to glow, rich with hues of sun and cloud united”  3/17/2014

Mother May I.  In your honour and with respect   4/1/2014


I know of a woman who has a splendid heart

Unselfishly providing her gift of perfection

She blesses all with beauty unsurpassed

It is so truly sad to witness our direction


We spoiled her treasures with wastefulness

And have disgraced her gift with greed

We must recognize our wrong doings now

And for reparation sow the seed


No longer shall  pesticidal produce

be washed with acid rain

Let not the blood of our Earthly matron

Be spilled to leave a stain


Start now to build a new way

A beginning not the end

Clean of mind and spirit

This message we will send


In reverence we will hold her

With respect she will be treated

Mother Nature’s beauty strong

Ever present, never defeated


We mark upon the calendar

This day for her alone

So maybe we will realize

 For mistakes we can atone



Happy Earth Day

Treat our mother well!!






Innocence Far Gone

I would like to introduce my newest Duet partner Johnny Ojanpera. I have been a fan of his talent and writing style for some time so when he suggested we combine efforts I was immediately on board. It was even more enjoyable writing with him than I imagined. I hope you enjoy our ideas and words here and be sure to visit his site and read his work for yourself. You most certainly will not be disappointed. You can find him here. Johnny Ojanpera


Memory serves innocence as a scent
None more than a plaything for a boy
Mere dime-store toy, given to a child
Never a souvenir taken into manhood

Wide eyed simplicity left in the dirt
Discarded by truth as hard as steel
Life’s reality views naivete as prey
Feeding on the mild and the meek

Whether lost or broken, only a trifle
Never a thought given to it’s revival
Could beg it back, but for weakness
The world asks not for our delicacies

Asks not, but rather steals them away
As we are initiated by cruel adversity
Carefree times of youth relinquished
Making way for a tough new exterior

Innocence far gone may yet be found
Though cast aside when broken, tried
With a whisper weak grace still intact
A man’s poet, his child’s careful eyes

A glorious perspective newly obtained
In careful observance of his existence
Speaks life’s lessons to an eager child
Exchanged for memories of innocence lost

Negative Light


Born in absence of light

Raised within the darkness

Grew up inside shadows

Set free to fly at night


Grays begin to quietly fade

As if swallowed by obsidian

Blackness my companion

All form of light betrayed


Pitch of onyx never known

Well before or ever after

It has a certain warmth

Yet comfort chills to bone


Contentment found here

Inside this heavy cloak

Surrounding me wholly

I watch ME disappear






Refraction Abstraction Distraction (RAD)



The colors move and the colors twist

So gently to and fro within the mist

Forming shapes of things unseen

Showing me where my life has been


 This vast array, so many shades of light

Cast by sunshine such a beautiful sight

Silhouettes of my long lost lovers dance

As notes from guitars put me in trance


Such vivid hues recall each sight and sound

Highlights of my memory now can be found

This myriad of uniquely stunning luminosity

Heightens my senses; piques my curiosity


I find myself adrift, miles away in my mind

Neither searching for, or even hoping to find

A better place, for it cannot exist beyond this

My utopia here amidst the sunlight and mist