Luna’s Spell


Borne by the moon amidst the mystery of silence

Glimmering light illuminates higher aspiration

Sages and fools alike chase the lofty ideals

Of a myth spawned under pretense of serenity


Inception of legend cast in flickering periphery

Cautionary tales of the power of the unseen

Unwavering promises of the peace of heaven above

As whispering breezes bring a restless  calm


Unsettled discord between Gods and Goddesses

The troubled wanderings of our night sky’s deity

These things not of an earthly understanding

Shall never be perceived at such a frequency


To catch a mere glimpse is a blessing to behold

A shivering shimmer of protective light engulfs

This thirst for knowledge shackles us in darkness

Belief is all we need to be set unquestionably free






Curtain Call

This was written for an image challenge presented by Debra at Please check out her site and take a look at what the extremely talented roster of writers and poets also came up with for this image, as well as all of Debra’s own wonderful creative work.


Lights dim

As the audience  simmers

A hush falling over the crowd

Of unsuspecting spectators

Spot lit by a silvery moon


Act 1 sees the birth of her Majesty

Splendid in every way

From her golden sandy shores

To the depths of the bluest waters

And climbing the highest alpine peaks


Introduction of the villain clouds Act 2

Humanity in rare form

Seemingly harmless in the beginning

As the race to be human unfolds

Power and prosperity rule simple minds


Act 3 and the clouds roll quickly in

Thick black smog formed by smoke of progress

Choking our heroine and covering her in soot

Lightning singes and tatters beautiful attire

As it all becomes too much for her to endure


A scene of retribution outlines Act 4

As seas part and the skies open wide

Swallowing the mass of humanity

The cause of her turbulent undoing

As her pride and joy can once again thrive


The final act brings a peaceful serenity

As the orchestra plays softly from the pit

Our leading lady arrives at center stage

Where she has always belonged

Gods and Goddesses alike rise to their feet


Only fitting, this tribute from a joyous crowd

As Mother Nature takes her bows

Showered in roses from her own gardens

A standing ovation heard across the Universe

Our Lady Earth is renewed by this curtain call

Shepherd Warrior


Caught out in the cold in the wrong place and time

Unsure of my whereabouts, alone in the bitter chill

The wicked grin of doubt casting shadows about

As menacing realities of what nightfall surely brings,

Hauntingly dance in the forest that surrounds me



What does darkness bring to a lost, lonely soldier

Once the moon is high above me in midnight skies?

A single warrior caught in Natures ferocious grip

Alongside whispering ghosts of the vast wilderness

No chance but luck to survive hunter’s of the night



Call to wonder what lies behind Mountains mystery

Spirits of Mother Natures majestic creation appear

A call to the wild as the secrets of the forest unfold

My imagination hangs on every story so portrayed

By falling snow, limitless sky, and timeless timber



Led safely through the night by a peaceful guardian

One that I was sure would see me meet my maker

A loyal teacher and guide in its predatory disguise

Noble and wise in the ways of courage and honour

Spirit warrior is truly a Shepherd in Wolf’s clothing

Point Blank


Violent crime

Held at gunpoint

The cold steel of progress

Inflicts fear and loathing

In her heart and mind


Forward momentum

Faster than the bullets

That load this weapon

Quick to bring destruction

To the land, sea and air


Panic becomes hatred

As she faces her tormentor

Staring down the barrel

Of cruel and greedy intention

She finds a way to turn the tide


As water from her oceans

Brings rust to polished metal

Brother Sol joins the fight

Melting metaphorical weaponry

With his vengefully heated rays


Progress at the expense of nature

Takes it’s inevitable turn

Manmade solutions not equal

To  forces of Earth, Moon, and Sun

As all goes eerily quiet and subdued


Mother nature has wrought justice

Swiftly upon purveyors of destruction

Seas rose up, and the skies opened

While the Sun burned in it’s image

From point blank range






Colors vibrant within each moonlit night

After sundown such beauty to behold

Twilight paints life in brilliant light

As we wait for grand mysteries to unfold


Tricks on the eyes eternally  played

As spirits in the wind come to dance

The palette of Mother Nature displayed

Through silver light we are held in trance


These same things never seen under sun

Dreamlike visions disappear at dawn

Daylight chases as apparitions turn to run

Mesmerizing specters return once Sol is gone


Bathing in the beauty held inside the dark

Colorful abundance in vast and vivid array

Whispering voices in the breeze hit the mark

With the silent sound of color to portray


In the light such sights are impossible

As reality is bleached by suns beams

 The night makes all things so believable

Illuminated truth as Luna’s light streams


Inside each night is held new optimism

So we return to our Mother Natures stage

Gazing upon miracles cast from her prism

In hopes of glimpsing keys to a new age

Earth Day Awakening

Today is a special day. Although we should pay respect to our dear Mother Earth on an every day basis, this day we choose to call “Earth Day” is a good time to recognize how beautiful she is, and how critical it is that we all start to take better care of the home we have been so blessed with.

In honor of our dear Mother I am doing something a bit different here for Earth Day. I am going to include titles and a line from each of my prior “Earth Mother” posts as a backlink for the reader to go directly to each one and read my prior dedications to our planet, followed by a brand new post in honor of our beautiful lady and her  special day.

I hope you take the time to read anything that catches your eye and imagination. Feel free to comment as well. I would love to hear your thoughts on our home, and the inspirations our Mother Earth has bestowed upon all of you.

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Mother May I.  In your honour and with respect   4/1/2014


I know of a woman who has a splendid heart

Unselfishly providing her gift of perfection

She blesses all with beauty unsurpassed

It is so truly sad to witness our direction


We spoiled her treasures with wastefulness

And have disgraced her gift with greed

We must recognize our wrong doings now

And for reparation sow the seed


No longer shall  pesticidal produce

be washed with acid rain

Let not the blood of our Earthly matron

Be spilled to leave a stain


Start now to build a new way

A beginning not the end

Clean of mind and spirit

This message we will send


In reverence we will hold her

With respect she will be treated

Mother Nature’s beauty strong

Ever present, never defeated


We mark upon the calendar

This day for her alone

So maybe we will realize

 For mistakes we can atone



Happy Earth Day

Treat our mother well!!