The Pen And The Sword

For ALL my friends at Kindred Words


Stand Tall, Stand together

Never shall we let an enemy prosper

Across vast wastelands and endless oceans

We forge onward into battle without fear or hesitation

Side by side, mind for mind and heart for heart

Never shall we let a fellow warrior fall

All for one and one for all

Our soldiers oath

A word is as good as gold

When written in the blood of friends

The pen is mightier than any sword could be

But honestly if given my weapon of choice

I would not hesitate to make a decision

As surely as I have two hands

I would choose both

My Fellow Warriors

As I was closing out a comment to a very dear blogging friend, this line came to mind and it spoke to me of so many brave life warriors I have come into contact with here on WP. They say “The pen is mightier than the sword”. This may be true, but would it not be twice as effective to wield both with skill and precision?  So this brief wish is from my imagination to all of you.


May your sword be deadly sharp and lightning quick, while your pen remains always at the ready to write away your Demons.