Passion’s Pinnacle

I would like to introduce another piece written alongside my dear friend Dana. This has been a longtime in coming as it has been something we have been working on in between life’s many interruptions and rollercoaster rides. It is always an honor and privilege to co-create with such an intelligent an compassionate person. I cherish every day that she is my friend. I hope you all enjoy this as much as I enjoyed penning it with her and please go see all her other work at Message In A Bottle . You won’t be disappointed.


Poseidon’s mysterious daughter of the Sea

Perched upon a shoal, gazed at the skyscraping trees

Dreams of freedom and wings to give her flight

Possessed much of her thought, day and night


Morning sun breaks across horizon of forest green

From atop this peak there is such beauty to be seen

A desperate yearning buried deep within his heart

Mountains majesty witness to nature’s perfect art


She watched the sun kiss the wondrous verdant peak

Her curiosity awakened to the mountain’s wild mystique

The desire to be embraced by the shadows quickly grew

She fled from the sea, a new life she dared to pursue


Within him lies a hollow heart and composure of the ages

Burning of a lonely fire stoked by passions absence rages

This blaze can only be tempered by affections morning mist

How he aches for his rough exterior to be gently, softly kissed


She soon discovered she was unprepared for the elements

Her bare feet and fragile skin scathed with her arrogance

She fell to the lush earth upon the painful realization

Her unhappiness had nothing to do with aqueous location


Two hearts seemingly beat as one mimicking the sound of the surf

Heartbeat provided by the consistent sound of waves pounding turf

A mountains miraculous empathy felt for some unknown fascination

Unsurpassed by the overwhelming beauty of ocean’s own creation


Upon her knees, she breathed deep, feeling unexplained connection

To the earth that covered her abrasions with his healing affection

Feeling secure for the first time in years, her saline grief flooded him

She poured out her soul while the sun rose, set and the light grew dim


He bathed in the showers of a millennium of secrets she revealed

Wanting nothing more than her pain and heartaches to be healed

He provided warmth and shelter with the protection from his trees

While trying to surmise a reason for fleeing the comfort of her seas


She confessed her fear of passions that simmer so deep

She desperately seeks another soul for her balance to keep

She is weary of her feigned strength and independence

It is her desire to possess a love of celestial transcendence


He listens in a perceptive silence possessed only by wise sages

Knowing her balance can be found written in history’s pages

He has stood in this place for eternity and one day it seems

His purpose to be the provider of reality to her sea of dreams


Born Free


 A tamer of Lions to say the least

Softening edges of a savage beast

Blessed for the ages with such regality

Queen of my jungle to be her reality


Born this day unto a cruel existence

Crowned royalty with graceful persistence

Beauty of spirit set free, forever to roam

Alongside her King in their hearts new home


Two hearts beating ferociously as one

The bond of both cannot be undone

Always a place for a lioness to run free

Within confines of this heart’s eternity

Spirits Of Strength And Honour

Those of you that know my friend Marcus from high in the woods, know what a powerfully gifted artist he is, as well as just a damn good human being. I consider myself lucky that he honoured me by asking me to write this collaboration of courage and honour based on our Animal Kingdom personas.  Those of you that have not been introduced should be sure to see what amazing things are waiting for you in those woods. Let the wolf be your guide. It was a pleasure and a privilege to write with you Marcus.


Amongst the wilds of the parched and perilous grassy plains

The strong will survive under watchful eye of his reign

Through the seasons of rain and sun under the harsh winters burn

Leading the pack within the woods as nature turns

Tried and treasured pride, no easy task to fight for and win

Securing his right for many generations of royalty to begin

Foresee the future compelled to sow his seed

The honor of mating, creating life, the need

Daily survival dictates one ugly truth shall remain

Need for sacrificial prey so his kingdom can sustain

Hunt to kill not for sport but to fill

Bellies that call to hunger, killing is a bitter pill

Given keys to the kingdom, bestowed this existence

To be a guardians assurance of majestic persistence

To roam wild and free a gift of life given

To run, to live, survive in woodlands heaven

Mighty roar to blue skies boasts dignity and fortitude

Unmistakably within can be heard undying gratitude

Under the one moons glow, spirits of strength and honor

Draws howls with distant brother roars in valor



Written by

John ~ JMC813


Desperate Redemption

Introducing another heavy but hopeful piece co-written with my good friend Patty at Petite Magique. Don’t walk, RUN to her site and see what an amazing artist she is. A published author and poet, she is as creative and gifted as anyone I’ve met.

I hope you all enjoy the results of our latest creative collaboration.


Lost inside this dark hell I call my mind
Maybe happiness is just another lie
It seems like I’ve been falling forever
With broken wings, you can’t fly

Another soaring dream turned free fall
Panic and fear come directly to the fore
So claustrophobic in this wide open sky
As ground rushes up to annihilate all hope

Falling from grace, no turning back
Losing all that I once had
I would do anything to turn back time
Before this life drove me mad

Grasping desperately to find some resolution
As my irreversible past mocks with wicked intent
To go back and change would not be an answer
But another pitfall to see me deeper in this abyss

My life collapsing underneath my feet
I am nothing but a careless, distant observer
Seeing it all, but there is nothing that I can do
Than to just endure this brutal torture

Is this what I truly believe to be my fate?
Surely I am not doomed to repeat past atrocities
There must be something more than meets the eye
A new way to turn the overbearing odds in my favor

Suddenly turning my life upside down
I draw my sword and clench my teeth
Prepared to fight to the death with courage renewed.
Stealing victory from the jaws of defeat!

Salvation Reigns

Introducing another collaboration with Yikici from A Poets Journey. Be sure to drop in and see what she is up to. She’s an amazing writer with a deep and heartfelt style. It was an honor to compose such a hard hitting piece that sadly looms too close to the minds of many. Hopefully this will bring some hope.

resurrection_of_gaia -billelis-deviantart 

It comes with a swiftness and severity unwelcomed,
as a thief in the night would steal away your dreams.
The sting of existence, accompanied by cloudy visions,
as reality and perception become cruel hallucinations.

Confused with what’s real and what’s mirror reflections,
gunned down by our failings, achievements forgotten.
What Hell has been stumbled upon?
To where is the light?
Heaven dissipating under this tiring, dire fight.

Never ending struggle for control of mind and emotion;
an assault, the likes of which only few will ever know,
bloodshed invisible to the eye, and silent is the battlefield,
price we pay to wage this war, is sanity,
at such heavy tolls.

Engulfed by emotions- erratic, too weary,
borderline disorders playing tug-of-war with our thoughts.
Glimmer of hopes- dashed by loss of faith in ourselves;
us warriors, downtrodden-
this muffled fight ensues to shroud our very souls’.

Warrior souls we may be, yet we struggle with an urge to give in,
falling to earth, laying still as the ravages of battle claim us,
yet something deeper clings to hope,
there is still strength to fight;
this inherent will to survive, and a determination to see
better days ahead.

Salvation seeks souls, those battered and weary,
kindling bruised minds, promising light;
loosening clasps, which once held on so tightly,
air filtering into ribs, where lungs desperately clung.

Ungodly weight lifted, from demon burdened shoulders,
as oppressions’ evil grasp begins to lose its vicious grip.
Warily we move ahead lighter of step, but cautious even still
whilst the warmth of optimism sheds light on darkened past.

From a spring-loaded clasp trap, we escape unknowingly-
while the fight which plagues us, whittles away…
Strong hands-
which welded our shoulders in quicksand,
gently uplifts us,
brushing the dark debris away

New-found peace, discovered in gentle grasp of Angelic protection,
A gloriously enlightening vision, exists everywhere to behold.
We must remain in this frozen moment
of magnificent self realization;
as the light shed will ensure, that our demons be forever held
at bay.

Copyright © JMC813 & yikici. 2014-infinity.

Silver Seduction

I so enjoy writing with my good friend Desiree at Sea of Desire and always am amazed at her talent and free flowing writing ability. This is just another example of how beautifully she writes and how we seem to have an intuition for each others words. I hope you enjoy this and take the time to go swim in her beautiful Sea of thoughts, words, ideas, and impulses. Thank you D. for another tremendous writing experience. Til the next…….


Mirrors of liquid mercury
Shimmering and shifting
Reflecting my soul’s undoing
Wavering under moonlight
Searching for answers, wrong or right

Pondering a vast array of sins
Memories linger so bittersweet
Like quicksilver, ceaselessly elusive
Recollected in such great abundance
Dancing lightly upon remembrance

The ripples are mesmerizing
Binding me to this space
The shadows have descended
The pain is never-ending
I am mired in regret’s false beauty

Held captive by invisible chains
Imprisoned by a cage of anguish
Left alone to confront my misgivings
Faced with a turmoil insurmountable
Yet undeniably tinged with fondness

The ghostly faces no longer taunt me
But bring kisses of sad longing
Caressing my sinister soul back to life
Bygone intimacies prick my conscience
As tomorrow’s mirage salaciously beckons

Sweet anticipation of desires yet to be
Overpower the senses and erase all regrets
Reminiscence of the ecstasy in your touch
Runs wild within my fevered coursing blood
Again I dive into a silver pool of frenzied lust

Innocence Far Gone

I would like to introduce my newest Duet partner Johnny Ojanpera. I have been a fan of his talent and writing style for some time so when he suggested we combine efforts I was immediately on board. It was even more enjoyable writing with him than I imagined. I hope you enjoy our ideas and words here and be sure to visit his site and read his work for yourself. You most certainly will not be disappointed. You can find him here. Johnny Ojanpera


Memory serves innocence as a scent
None more than a plaything for a boy
Mere dime-store toy, given to a child
Never a souvenir taken into manhood

Wide eyed simplicity left in the dirt
Discarded by truth as hard as steel
Life’s reality views naivete as prey
Feeding on the mild and the meek

Whether lost or broken, only a trifle
Never a thought given to it’s revival
Could beg it back, but for weakness
The world asks not for our delicacies

Asks not, but rather steals them away
As we are initiated by cruel adversity
Carefree times of youth relinquished
Making way for a tough new exterior

Innocence far gone may yet be found
Though cast aside when broken, tried
With a whisper weak grace still intact
A man’s poet, his child’s careful eyes

A glorious perspective newly obtained
In careful observance of his existence
Speaks life’s lessons to an eager child
Exchanged for memories of innocence lost

Changing Lanes

Once again I had the pleasure of collaborating with my good friend Desiree at She is an absolutely gifted writer with a fiery heart and a passionate soul. If you are not already familiar with her work, do yourself a favor and check her out at Sea of Desire.


I can feel the warmth like the glow of the sun
I recognize the pulse of a heart filled with fire
My night becomes day as light creates shadow
This heart takes the wheel as it drives my desire

A journey long delayed when I lost my direction
Enveloped in a heavy fog of forbidden dreams
The new glow of passion permeates the morning air
Quickly lighting my way and quieting my screams

As the sound of intrigue guides me towards the dawn
Heart light illuminates my road to soulful connection
Loneliness is banished as your words fill my existence
Playing through my mind with power ballad perfection

The open window breeze blows away dark memories
They disappear swiftly in the glare of the rising sun
Inhaling the honeysuckle promise of your tender touch
I believe the sins of my insidious past can be outrun

A myriad of misdeeds are left behind me in the night
As this dawn of new horizons becomes so crystal clear
The haven where I long to be is found within your gaze
My hand in yours assures me there is nothing left to fear

I refuse any last glimpse into the cracked rear-view mirror
Our future no longer contained between these yellow lines
Discarding a tattered map, we silently agree on wild abandon
Donning our shades we crank up the volume, ignoring all the signs


Day One

It’s time to introduce you all to my newest Duet partner and friend Elizabeth from Journey in Rhyme. She is an amazing poet, with a true gift for the written word. Her amazing strength in the face of adversity and courage to overcome her demons is inspiring to me, and I am sure you will draw inspiration from her positive outlook and spiritual approach to life as well. Check out her blog and see for yourself how wonderful a “journey in rhyme” can be. Penning this heavy piece about the triumph of beating down the demon addiction with her was both enlightening and therapeutic. I hope you will look her up here.


Day One


Today is the day, I’m going to do it this time

I’m finally finished, I can leave it behind


Do you hear yourself? You’ve said it time and again

It’s eleven in the morning, I’ll see you by ten


Tick, tick, tick, tick…each one louder than the last

Skin’s starting to crawl, feet tap erratic and fast


I have the strength and  courage to see this through

I just HAVE to stop, this endeavor long overdue


I am amused and laugh heartily at your expense

You know  that to leave me behind makes no sense


The Tick Tock of life’s clock and all that remains is time

Time to wallow in his pitiful misery as the bells begin to chime


But I can taste whiskey in the back of my throat

Maybe this time really will be different; I’ll keep control.


Yes, yes, taste it my friend, feel the tonic coursing.

You can’t live without it, why don’t you just stop trying?


Tick, tick, tick… finger taps keeping time, mind in spiraling flux.

Compromised resolve, his needs equate to his lusts.


My all consuming thought’s drive the insanity in my head

What could be the reason for my living epitaph to be read?


That’s it, breathe in your weakness; submit to my prison

Your mind, body, and soul will be mine through alcohol’s attrition


Following the steady pour of sands through the hourglass

Time rapidly running short mimics misspent days gone past


Get out of my head! Let me be! I really want to live!

I don’t want to remain a slave to your poisonous grip


You’ve said that before, you always come back

Don’t pretend you’re so strong, power you lack


Tick.. Tick… Tick, Tock…

Like demon addiction, the timekeeper mocks


I possess everything it takes, I know this to be true

I have the ferocity and determination to be free of you


You have neither of those things you cowardly fool

Realize you’re a slave to me, the bottle my deadliest tool


As time marches forward, a shift begins to transpire

As the antagonist addiction begins losing it’s fire


A new voice sprang from within, not from mind, but heart

Vipers tongue silenced, knowledge and hope to impart


A calm began to surround him as his focus shifted

From obsession, suddenly success he could envision


Tick, tick, tick, tock

He hasn’t taken a drink, and it’s past ten o’clock…


Day One.