Strike The Match


Strike the match and light the fuse

It matters not which way you choose

A walk this way will clearly be bringing

The thundering roar of Hells Bells ringing


Take the road all too easily chosen

Seek a souls eternity painfully frozen

Follow the path of the righteously unsung

Absolute truth in “only the good die young”


A rat in a trap, it’s a catch twenty two

Damned if you don’t, damned if you do

Who makes the rules in this sickening game?

I need to know where to point finger of blame


Dreadful things happen to the best of us all

As malevolence thrives, never taking the fall

Take the good with the bad is what they all say

I say fight, letting chips fall where they may


So take not my words of vengeance so lightly

A beacon of salvation shines ever so brightly

Sulfur chokes the sky as flames burn the ocean

The match struck, retribution is set in motion

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