Oh, what courage it takes

To gaze into the eye of the storm

Unflinchingly taking command

Knowing the consequence of blinking first

Witnessing the wild at heart being tamed

As rivers spill over and skies take flight

Steadfastly holding our ground

Questioning only the safety found

By the fleeing of a bird on the wing



Standing against the current

Looking catastrophe directly in the eye

Recognizing fear as our sensible companion

Letting us be strong in our heightened awareness

Intensifying the existent conviction unwavering

A steely belief in what was right all along

Universal blessings soon to be gifted

As the peril of another maelstrom has lifted

Destiny allowed to play out on an angel’s wing


Meant To Be



Times get tough and the obstructions go up

So hard not to be stopped by life’s blockades

Letting the bricks stack for far too long

While the optimism of the sun slowly fades


Icarus’s wings will surely melt away

If the white heat of hesitation exists

We must do all that we can to sustain

Ensuring every ounce of enthusiasm persists


Reaching new heights only to have wings clipped

Would be the very definition of catastrophe

A majestic bird of prey is awe inspiring to behold

Until it suffers the loss of ability to fly free


Fear not the height of the wall or heat of the sun

Take strides confidently in a new direction

See to it that walls of self doubt come crashing down

In order to observe the sun ascend on perfection


Look to the sky and prepare to take flight

As nothing outshines the brilliance of your destiny

Do not look back to what once kept you caged

Focus only on what was always meant to be



It is a time for long and thorough reflection

Of the gifts comprising my endless collection

I see value in the things that go most unnoticed

Like the presence of all the people I hold closest


Such things are bestowed not faintly or lightly

These are things we should hold onto most tightly

We must recognize the treasures we are freely given

That they may all be passed along as if in tradition


So I take this time to show my undying gratitude

For the hardships that have assembled my attitude

Every step that I have taken and steadfastly earned

Taught me lessons I otherwise couldn’t have learned


I have been cracked with life’s whip and felt its cold sting

Been witness to atrocities and the suffering they bring

Survived all these misfortunes of coincidence and fate

I wound up right here not a minute too soon or too late


I have battled many a demon from so far down below

Unaware until now that you reap exactly what you sow

I have seen the bloodshed and draw only one conclusion

Inner peace arrives via brutal battles in wars of attrition


Know that I am ever thankful for the absolute darkness

That allows a solitary ray of light to shine its brightest









A word to the wise if you’ll lend me an ear

Not venturing out will leave nothing to fear

I say this to you so that you may make a choice

For those who stay hidden will not have a voice


Answers to the questions that endlessly arise

Can only be recognized with wide open eyes

Assuming no risk assures no chance to win

Cowards and fools doomed before they begin


Pay close attention to what’s left far behind

Remember your past as you let the future unwind

Meet each and every challenge with ferocity and style

Take on every adversary, then just eat ’em and smile


Wear proudly the scars earned with courage and pride

Your purpose holds true wherever your heart may reside

A leap of faith can’t be measured in mere time or distance

To become stronger is to follow the path of most resistance


The bravest of warriors all become burdened with fears

Fighting on through sheer courage forging newer frontiers

Triumphant are the ones who draw blood for hearts glory

Seeing not a book close but the birth of a brand new story

The Birth Of Light (Phoenix)


Legend can be found in each ray of the sun

As we reach deeper into a dirty well of truth

A blistering heat of vividly colored realities

Holds vague memories of misguided youth


A brilliant smile brings warmth everywhere

While oceans and skies of blue see the world

Solar intensity burns bright and everlasting

A flag of painful truth and loyalty is unfurled


Sol exists only to bare witness and shed light

On the beautiful and brilliant phoenix rising

From smoldering ashes of staggering atrocity

A story of true suffering in need of reprising


A new tale told, one of determined survival

Allowing others to seek shelter under wing

This protective angel out from under ashes

Carries with her hope, as angels voices sing







Where am I?

Who turned out the lights?

Once again I sit alone in darkness

Unsure of all that seems real when the sun shines

I am so familiar with the absence of light

It was my custodian through trying times

My benevolent protector when my reality burned

Scalded by the flames of self inflicted radiation

 Shadows kept me safe from poisonous predators

The light has gone away once more

As I am enveloped by the inner calm of blackness



I see you there with a hand outstretched

Enticing me, testing my will as you do

Beckoning me to trust in your touch

Reassuring me with the promise of tranquility

The warmth of day awaits if only I take your hand

Sounds of laughter will only be replaced by a cacophony

A dissonance born of unimaginable self loathing

This I know as certainly as I know the darkness is tangible



So coax me if you must, as that is your purpose

It will only make this warriors armor stronger

To be constantly reminded of the battlefields of old

Keep on with the promises of eternal light and warmth

For I see all too well the dangers inherent within the glow

Reach forever outward to grasp control of my livelihood

As it will now and evermore be denied with steadfast resolve

I have come to know one thing above all in the company of shadows



It is far better to feel my way through the darkness with uncertainty

Than to be touched again by the perilous mistakes of a past in the light

Storm Brewing



Raised on a razor’s edge

With quick trigger to match

Seen a world of adversity

Came through without a scratch


Have your way with danger

Walk that fine line if you must

Bring trouble from every direction

But what I say,  you need to trust


When the winds begin to change

And the horizon’s growing dark

Be not leisurely seeking shelter

Or watch my lightning find its mark


Take from me all or nothing

From this wisdom I present

See yourself in the sites of reprisal 

 Feel a fury of wrath Hell bent


So make your exit now with haste

As a storm brews within the beast

To cross my path with bad intention

Would see a rage unknown released


Rethink the malice you wield so freely

Self preservation you should not forsake

To look directly into the eye of this tornado

Sure to be the last mistake you ever make



How can the sun so quickly stop shining

When all other stars are seemingly in line?


What makes such a positive point of view

Turn instantly to a cold and bitter outlook?


Simple obstacles turning smiles to frowns

As this world seems to conspire against us

Nothing will prepare them for this fight


Prideful determination cannot be denied

Walk in our shoes and it can be easily seen

Minor discouragement has not what it takes

To pull apart the seams of what is meant to be


Take my hand as we step onto the battlefield

Do not look back as we face oppression head on

Hardships will be plentiful, and barriers tall

Yet no mountain is too high to climb together


Treachery shall see us carry each other through

While taking every opportunity to bury negativity

Deep underground in a suffocation of dire regret

For having ever misjudged sheer determination

Skies Burn


Skies burn wildly and with great purpose

Perhaps to set fire to an idle imagination


A mind filled with great burdens gets heavy

As a lifetime of hardships takes its toll

Stunning how a gift of second chance restores

What seemed so entirely and carelessly cast away

Weak moments followed by self inflicted failures

Can be seen as stepping stones to self only now


Places I have been and trials I have endured

Have only brought me to this stunning view

I find within myself the strength to share

This knowledge I have so harshly obtained

So as not to be found again by the innocents

Under the now watchful eye of my heart


Imagination awakened by an eclipse of the sun

Words as my weapons in a fight for our lives

I stand proud, strong and always at the ready

To wield my newfound power of protection

Over adversaries of mind numbing aggression

All falling victim to prides merciless onslaught


An idle imagination no longer of any concern

As purpose has been restored while wild skies burn

Libra/Pisces Love Connection



Look into these eyes

Tell me what you see

Is it easy to see so deeply

Two souls melding



All for one

And one for each other

Two heads, one heart

Signs of air and water

Should never be apart


Over ravages of time

Countless bygone ages

Unquestionably together

Seemingly always

Every kind of weather


The balance provided

With steady determination

To each heart upon the scale

Comes from his love for love

As we discover journeys tale


No mountain too high

Nor burden too heavy

No river too wide

To keep perfection away

Once at each others side


Adversity would be better

Finding a new direction

To turn tail and run

Libra Pisces love invincible

These two hearts beat as one