It is increasingly difficult

To see the forest through the trees

An onslaught of obstacles

Hell bent on bringing me to my knees


The silver lining gets lost

While the dark cloud pisses down rain

It has to be there somewhere

Perhaps it can be found circling the drain


A myriad of hardships

Come in all colors, shapes and sizes

This world out to get me

With seemingly endless new surprises


Troubles will always come

As surely as they will also go away

Defiantly I will carry on

So I may live to fight another day


There are frequent reminders

These wars are worth the battle scars

So I forge ahead with conviction

And the power of a million burning stars


My spiritual bloodshed

Shared by ones that know and understand

They know who they are

Ever present with outstretched helpful hand


Clouds break and skies lighten

As my current catastrophe quietly ends

With more than a little help

From my lions heart, family, and good friends


Color Guard


Always alert and ever steady

Powerful protection at the ready

Family, friends and lovers know

The ferocity burns not just for show


This heart of steel has iron pride

Guardian angels at my side

Safety felt by ones who trust

Vengeance shown to those unjust


Pick a side and you will see

Where loyalties lie when spirits free

Choose wisely which cheek to turn

The foolish choice will surely burn


Those in my heart will all agree

A lion’s loyalty for all to see

One misstep and hear my roar

This color guard has settled score

I Was A King


A welcomed sight for very sore eyes

Sturdy stone mansion high up on a hill

Weary from my travels, moon on the rise

A place to rest and fend off nights chill


A palace for Kings long ago many ages

Stories that could be told within these walls 

Of wise men, warriors, maidens and sages

Presence of nobility once roamed these halls


A quiet tension unmistakably evident inside

Walls seem to whisper and the floors loudly squeak

Wherein so many phantoms of past history reside

Spectral inhabitants have been waiting to speak


With fire in hearth, and warmth to the bone

I settle in for a peaceful nights sleep

Fire casts shadows on walls made of stone

Apparitions of the ages held in castles keep


Dark shadows dance and play in the light

As a chill strikes the air and swallows the heat

State of trance overwhelming, captive of the night

Frozen solid with fear no strength to retreat


Wild visions of this property and it’s horrific past

A power drunk King and his insatiable bloodlust

Centuries old nightmares have been freed at last

Crimes of the unspeakable and savagely unjust


Trapped in my own skin as history replays

Paralyzed in ice as the fire rages higher

Frozen grip of fear weakens as I meet His gaze

Acknowledgement of a past life my funeral pyre

Time Warped


Tick Tock, Tick Tock, Tick Tock

Truly, sadly we are ruled by the clock

Time is always of the essence

Born into expeditious obsolescence


The time it takes to count

 Minutes as they mount

Could be used in better ways

As time will come but never stays


Amidst the hustle and the hurry

All the frantic needless worry

Find your opening before it closes

Taking time to smell the roses


A life that’s lived by every hour

A barren tree that cannot flower

Precious time it melts away

As colors die and skies turn gray


Time can once again be on our side

Let loose the reins, enjoy the ride

Lighten up our deathlike grip

As squeezing time will make it slip


Take your cue from Father Time

Finding leisure so sublime

No more early, no more late

Pointless misery will have to wait


Senseless anguish caused by clock

All we sheep of a time governed flock

Free from chains that calendar brings

Clouds will break while an angel sings


So worry not the time of day

It’s of no consequence and has no say

Time’s not to be watched but only taken

As hopeful new serenity begins to awaken

My Fellow Warriors

As I was closing out a comment to a very dear blogging friend, this line came to mind and it spoke to me of so many brave life warriors I have come into contact with here on WP. They say “The pen is mightier than the sword”. This may be true, but would it not be twice as effective to wield both with skill and precision?  So this brief wish is from my imagination to all of you.


May your sword be deadly sharp and lightning quick, while your pen remains always at the ready to write away your Demons.


Rabbit Hole


It seems that Alice has gone and done it again

Strayed too far from home and fallen further in

Ages have passed since her childhood adventures

Her downward spiral now brought swiftly to an end

As she crashes hard on once familiar ground



No more characters bending wild imaginations

For the clock has stopped ticking as Rabbit

found himself late again for the very last time.



Long gone is the Caterpillar, as all that remains

is the empty husk of an abandoned chrysalis

While the stench of stale smoke fills the air



The Hatter locked away deep in the confines

of his tragically warped and dangerous mind

Deemed too far gone to ever be rescued



And the Queen of Hearts hasn’t held court

Since the Cards buried her in white roses

After loudly shouting “Off with her head!”



This new land pales in comparison

to the Wonderland of her colorful youth

No longer does her imagination run wild

As shades of grey now preside over all

And the future seems desperately bleak



Looking back on it all now she wonders

about the validity of her grasp on sanity

Was all that she experienced genuine

or did she fall victim to a horribly vivid

surrealistic nightmare?



Was the trip she took a key to her inner self

or just a precursor to this plunge into oblivion?

The rabbit hole a chance to get acquainted

with her creativity and imaginative mind or

just a clumsy fall into a hole in the ground?



Pondering this as she picks herself up

Alice catches a glimpse of something familiar

She turns to see a very old and haggard

rabbit in tattered clothing clutching tightly

to a broken pocket watch



The last thing she hears before the skies

swallow her in eternal darkness is the voice

of her old friend Rabbit saying

“Very sorry to bring you this news Miss Alice,

but I am afraid we have BOTH run out of time.”

The Burning Times


The winds blow cold as darkness falls on Salem

The old fortress still visible in the night

Blood red skies bathe the moon in crimson

As the air grows thick with negative light


The screams of many can be heard here often

As horrific torture is relived in the cold

Relentless persecution of the innocent ones

Brought on by fears of stories they were told


False trials held with no intent to find justice

Prosecution at any cost the final decision

Penalty of death a high price for witchcraft

Thousands of lives ended with evil precision


Women of covens brought swiftly to justice

With the use of fire, water, axe, and rope

The truth of the witch brings supernatural life

While restoring the purity of newly found hope


Age old times of these burnings at the stake

Bringing shame upon the ones holding power

For revenge shall be sought from here ever after

As the Almighty hand of God strikes the hour


White light of the witch turned dark by the fearful

Once pure intentions are now turned malevolent

What was once true beauty of nature misunderstood

Now becomes Evil incarnate strong and prevalent


When the night bathes the moon in a crimson hue

Find yourself far away from the site of the burnings

For the sinister things that the wicked undertake

Are retaliations of the murdered innocent returning

Stream Of Consciousness


Settling down beside the swift waters

Finding comfort in the sights and sounds

Looking but not really ever seeing

The abundance of beauty that surrounds


Pace of seemingly meaningless existence

Outrun by strong and purposeful current

Lessons can be learned from a riverside

So many things to see that sadly weren’t


 Time to reflect giving way to clocks ticking

As wasted time becomes life’s adversary

Chasing ones hopes and dreams away

As if they were nothing more than imaginary


 A life of wrongly coveted treasures

Things and possessions rule the mind

When the treasures most important

Surrounding us never easier to find


 Greedy hearts beat at frantic pace

While peaceful thoughts are suppressed

A quiet moment forever cast away

Sins of convenience must be confessed


 Settling down beside swift waters once again

Taking the time for once to truly listen

Peace and serenity can be heard in whispers

As waters run and reflections glisten


 A tranquil awakening of the mind and spirit

Can be found along this clear running stream

A much more important message can be heard

In stopping and listening for the underlying theme