It is a time for long and thorough reflection

Of the gifts comprising my endless collection

I see value in the things that go most unnoticed

Like the presence of all the people I hold closest


Such things are bestowed not faintly or lightly

These are things we should hold onto most tightly

We must recognize the treasures we are freely given

That they may all be passed along as if in tradition


So I take this time to show my undying gratitude

For the hardships that have assembled my attitude

Every step that I have taken and steadfastly earned

Taught me lessons I otherwise couldn’t have learned


I have been cracked with life’s whip and felt its cold sting

Been witness to atrocities and the suffering they bring

Survived all these misfortunes of coincidence and fate

I wound up right here not a minute too soon or too late


I have battled many a demon from so far down below

Unaware until now that you reap exactly what you sow

I have seen the bloodshed and draw only one conclusion

Inner peace arrives via brutal battles in wars of attrition


Know that I am ever thankful for the absolute darkness

That allows a solitary ray of light to shine its brightest