Warrior DNA


I have seen the ravages of mortal combat

Spent my share of time “At the front”

Life or death walks a razor wire tight rope

Strung high above the fight for survival below


Adversity became my steadfast comrade long ago

Constantly at my side to test my earthly fortitude

That which does not kill only strengthens my resolve

As I have proven repeatedly and with great emphasis


Yes; adversity is not my enemy but rather my ally

It is the catalyst to my hunger for strength and knowledge

For I shall never join a battle ill prepared or uninformed

Wisdom tells me that awareness provides a deadly arsenal


So here I stand on this familiar ground once again

A new battlefield holds all the trappings of an age old war

My blood boils with the anticipation of adrenaline’s rush

As I step forward confidently to deliver my new rivals demise


Meant To Be



Times get tough and the obstructions go up

So hard not to be stopped by life’s blockades

Letting the bricks stack for far too long

While the optimism of the sun slowly fades


Icarus’s wings will surely melt away

If the white heat of hesitation exists

We must do all that we can to sustain

Ensuring every ounce of enthusiasm persists


Reaching new heights only to have wings clipped

Would be the very definition of catastrophe

A majestic bird of prey is awe inspiring to behold

Until it suffers the loss of ability to fly free


Fear not the height of the wall or heat of the sun

Take strides confidently in a new direction

See to it that walls of self doubt come crashing down

In order to observe the sun ascend on perfection


Look to the sky and prepare to take flight

As nothing outshines the brilliance of your destiny

Do not look back to what once kept you caged

Focus only on what was always meant to be

Some Days


Woken by another head splitting ache

Dead between the eyes and all the way through

I rise again, yet it seems only for rising’s sake

No more dragons to slay, or wild dreams to pursue


Eyes bloodshot and weary from their distorted view

Following another interminable nights toss and turn

I should be accustomed to it after all, it’s nothing new

Day after day, night after night, same old crash and burn


Another day, another dollar in debt and the well gets deeper

Hard to survive one more day on the unforgiving mean streets

Slave to the grind, yet I continue to be thy masters keeper

As adversity sees that this dark and hardened heart still beats


Comedy and tragedy hide behind a single mask these days

The moon shines bright as if to mock the suns power

Imitation is a weak defense against Sol’s sovereign rays

Yet the hand of uprising will inevitably strike a new hour


What is to become of this wars seemingly broken soldier?

I tell you not to spend another second of needless worry for me

For I have the wisdom of ages alongside this chip on my shoulder

 My vengeance will be lightning quick and crystal clear for all to see


“Fight the good fight” is a very questionable concept indeed

When, in the end, fighting dirty is the only way to win

“Some days you are the hammer, and some the nail” ; agreed

So call me transgressor if my warfare of self defense is a sin


Yes, I have been both the Hammer and the Nail

Enough to know that the hammer only wins if swung

For my aggressors I have one message that will prevail

And for them then, Hells Bells shall be loudly rung


I am most certainly the Hammer

And I always come out swinging



This strange reality has taken hold

A solitary soldier left alone in battle

Given the choice to stand and fight

Or collapse under the weight of gravity

Tides bring a raging surf to uproot

Lightning strikes like an electric serpent

The skies mock with cruel condescension

While the universe looks on with glee

A blazing sun sets after a long day

Of shedding light on imperfections

Giving this warrior a fighting chance

To set deeper roots under quiet moon

An ally is found and a deal is struck

A lunar compatriot to fight alongside

One that chases away the angry sun

And has complete control of the tides

A singular combatant no longer

These mighty champions seek glory

Changing desperate fortunes of war

Into brilliantly lit new circumstance

Solid and sturdy presence on the ground

While Luna commands the infinite skies

Sol and the seven seas shrink away

The world witnesses a new power rise

As the malicious smile slowly fades

From the insolent lips of the cosmos



It is increasingly difficult

To see the forest through the trees

An onslaught of obstacles

Hell bent on bringing me to my knees


The silver lining gets lost

While the dark cloud pisses down rain

It has to be there somewhere

Perhaps it can be found circling the drain


A myriad of hardships

Come in all colors, shapes and sizes

This world out to get me

With seemingly endless new surprises


Troubles will always come

As surely as they will also go away

Defiantly I will carry on

So I may live to fight another day


There are frequent reminders

These wars are worth the battle scars

So I forge ahead with conviction

And the power of a million burning stars


My spiritual bloodshed

Shared by ones that know and understand

They know who they are

Ever present with outstretched helpful hand


Clouds break and skies lighten

As my current catastrophe quietly ends

With more than a little help

From my lions heart, family, and good friends

Race Day (Ready as I’ll ever be)


Early morning rise

A butterfly squadron

Comes as no surprise

Cold morning drive

Nervous anticipation

Met upon arrival

Old friends and new

Opponents for a day

Ritualistic repetition

Registration line

Pinning of the number

Fueling the engine

Calories to burn

Prep the machine

Fast as she looks?

Only as fast as I

Warmed up and ready

Ready as I’ll ever be

Butterflies insistent

Butterflies or moths?

Fly in formation

Self assurance

Inner confidence

Real or false

Strong and fast

These words dominate

Internal conversation

Roll to the start

Alert and ready

Ready as I’ll ever be

Held steady and firm

Countdown finds zero

Race of truth begun

A solitary combatant

Explodes from the line

Butterflies vanish

With adrenaline surge

Focus is pinpoint

As strength overcomes

Discomfort is a constant

But crucial ally

Push through extremes

Finding rhythm and speed

Surroundings go unnoticed

All comes from within

My adversary is time

And it’s rapid elapse

My focus is speed

It’s consistent delivery

Power to chain ring

To wheels, to pave

Drive hard from inside

Push past the pain

Out of the saddle

Climb like an angel

Back into aero

descend like a Demon

Follow my pursuit

As I race against clock

For this I am ready

Ready as I’ll ever be

Suffering unceasing

Excruciating companion

Drives me harder

Pace is increased

Forge on, Dig deep

Deeper, deepest

Reach limits unknown

My purpose is clear

Indescribable agony

Intense exhilaration

Finish in sight

Courage in tow

Standing on pedals

Aggression found deep

Drive for the line

Down into aero

Cheating the wind

Stealing mere seconds

Away from the clock

My purpose made clear

As I fight past the line

All pain washes clean

Exuberant relief

Surroundings return

Filling my awareness

Senses heightened

Race clock has stopped

Yet time starts anew

Life’s metaphors abound

In triumph over





All defeated

By persistence

To forge ahead

With courage

And conviction

Power of purpose

Brings pride

Pride and accomplishment

I am the embodiment

Reality of these metaphors

Am I ready?

Ready as I’ll ever be

I have overcome