In Your Eyes


Each and every new day that dawns my fascination grows

With the mystical magic of our windows to the soul

These miracles of vision bestowed so graciously upon us

Never ending is my astonishment in what their beauty shows


They exist in a myriad of colors, with which to view the world

An inner beauty can be revealed and endless stories will be told

As if looked upon and reflected from unblemished mirrored glass

A treasure trove of heavy truths and secrets visually unfurled


Upon closer contemplation boundless knowledge can be gained

I cast my gaze upon the all telling orbs and examine close

As everything held behind them unfolds so entirely before me

Every fact and falsity instantly and unquestionably unchained


Anger can never be hidden and inner peace shines ever so bright

Honesty will be rewarded as surely as a liars eyes betray them

Fatigue is cast aglow in red as alertness gleams in dazzling purity

Hatred glows in fires dance as love will shine in brilliant white


Open wide to reveal a boundless universe brimming with mystery

As rivers flow to portray our sadness and a heartache unrelenting

True happiness and joy burn with the brightness of a furious sun

Future can be glimpsed fleetingly in the images of age old history


Now as I focus my concentration to the infinite abyss of your eyes

I look upon this endless ocean of the most fragile vulnerabilities

Combined with strengths beyond imagination yet un-harvested

So easily visible in the reflections as far reaching as eternal skies.


A radiance right before me, I behold the look of crystal clarity

Any attempts to conceal their perfection are sheer impossibility

My contemplations of both absolute truth and flawless beauty

Convinces me completely such exquisite depth is ever a rarity.


Oh how I yearn to be lost entirely and eternally in YOUR EYES



Ocean’s Majesty (Lady of the Sea)

While reading through my new friend Desiree’s blog site, and becoming an instant fan of her creative and passionate talent with words, I ran across the namesake poem of her site “Sea Of Desire”. I was instantly floored by it’s tragic beauty and was inspired to expand on it with her permission. Please check it out and see part one of this piece  for yourself  as well as see what else she has in store for you. You can find “Sea Of Desire” at

Thank you D. for allowing me the privilege of continuing your story 

1 ocean

Suddenly my ears are sharply alerted
Sounds of distant cries bring chills
Reverberating through the trees
Directly from the waters edge

Not the customary song of sirens
Nor Poseidons furious commands
Something different…





Growing weaker

I make my way to the sea with haste
As desperations urgent call demands
I arrive to look upon tumultuous ocean
A violent skirmish between the tides.
I scan the depths for outcry’s source
As a myriad of sea creatures wage war

My surprise and dismay overwhelm me
As I watch briny blue turn crimson red
My eyes look upon raw beauty
As it is thrashed violently about
Murky depths fill with scarlet clouds
Cascading from her bleeding heart

No hesitation holds me back as I charge
Bravely through the dangerous surf
Extricating fair maiden from coral razors
Delivering her exhausted figure to the shore

I lay this broken and bleeding vision gently down
Her weakened loveliness tenderly graces the sand
Softly I begin to breathe my existence into hers
Whispers of my life fill her heart and soul
Slowly she comes alive in my embrace
Her wounds swiftly heal as if by magic
As warmth and passion returns to her lips

She opens her eyes to reveal true brilliance
As captivatingly vast as the eternal sky
Delivered sweetly by her piercing gaze
I can see deeply into her delicate soul

I am mesmerized by the flames of endless love
As they flicker and dance in the distance

How I now yearn to be lost in those eyes.
Forever in harmony with passions heartsong
To be in full command of every dangerous curve
Yet a slave to her silken, sultry seduction

Every fibre of my being cries out in frustrated agony
As I am stricken with most assured recognition
That this wild heart can never be tamed

I shall never know the elation of her spirit
Never feel the ecstasy her touch provides
For she truly belongs to the ocean
This exquisite lady of the sea

I am left with an insatiable longing
An overwhelming ache to be set free
Cast adrift in a neverending

Shadow Song


I hear the harmonies cry

Their rhythmic tempered sigh

As music pierces night

Darkness blinding bright


Intensity sires pleasure

Ecstasy in every measure

A magical mystical muse

Her music lights the fuse


All five senses elevated

Stygian pulse celebrated

Intricate anthems dance

In our darkened romance


An opera of cast shadows

Suffering slings and arrows

Of outrageous erotic fortune

Vision of desire plays my tune


Brought quickly to my knees

By her ever haunting melodies

I am her captive for a thrilling ride

As she sings to my darker side

Christmas Morning (Daily Prompt-Romantic Monday)

I present to you a piece that is a bit out of the ordinary for my typical range. But when asked if I would like to try my hand at his romantic Mondays post, I jumped at the chance to challenge myself and write outside of my normal comfort zone for Edward Hotspurs daily prompt. Always up for the chance to do something different and perhaps learn something. Hope you all enjoy it and I wish you all a Happy Holiday season. Also find this and all the other entries at:

1 Xmas

I remember well those Christmas mornings as a child
The days leading up were filled with anticipation
A wide eyed eagerness unmatched and untamed
The joy and comfort abounded through family
While friends surrounded and heightened the elation
Just a different energy to this time of year
An electricity powered by warmth and kindness
Safety and generosity became commonplace
Personal well being became secondary to others
The good will towards fellow man endlessly abundant
I look fondly on those innocent childhood holidays
Realizing now how uniquely special they truly were


Looking around me now, taking stock of current reality
I feel a warmth greater than any roaring fire can provide
Many of the same feelings of my Christmases of youth
Magnified ten fold by the company I now keep


My wide eyed childhood playfulness flourishes
Accompanied by the sheer joy of your presence
Anticipation of the happiness yet to be discovered
Now together as one we make our own history
History of the miracles of Christmas wonder
The time of year seems no longer relevant
As each passing day with you at my side
Feels exactly like Christmas morning my dearest

My one and only true love

Secret Of The Sword


Kingdom of Arthur’s rule

Castle walls bleed and groan

So long since sword was pulled

From such unrelenting stone


Once seen as an empire’s saviour

Now gone quite mad with power

His tyrannical fist clenched tightly

While hand of GOD strikes the hour


Lancelot and Guinevere had stolen away

A best friend and lover’s ultimate betrayal

The bringing of disgrace to the throne

Catalyst for a rulers decayed mind portrayal


Shed the blood of the Unicorn

Just to have it’s horn


Without pity every dragon slayed

With their golden treasure, debts be paid


Seeing to it that angels cry out in fear

That he may fill his chalice with their tears


Bringing the majesty of the mountains down

To be the next to wear their crown


Mighty knights of the table round

Must all recognize their station

A single chance left to stand and fight

And hold ever strong for Camelot’s salvation


We must revolt against our demented King

Expelling the madman from a Kingdom’s demise

The pride of power, how it corrupts when forsaken

He must be overthrown, Excalibur to be our prize 


The Sword of sorcery extracted from his hip

Given most unwillingly and with a warriors fight

Famed blade stolen and returned to a watery home

Lady of the Lake now to keep it ever in her sight


Mercy shown to a once proud Emperor Arthur

His wounds of body and mind set free to sail

Across calm waters to Isle of Avalon’s refuge

Only to be shipwrecked by a piercing Siren’s wail.


Knights and peasants now unable to coexist

Camelot finding war and famine commonplace

Formerly sturdy castle walls become it’s people’s tomb

As the once mighty civilization falls in disgrace


Our Lady of the Lake back in control of the sword.

This cutlass her wicked weapon of despair and destruction

Wizard Merlin’s devotion cast his spell on the mighty sabre

Possess it’s possessor as tragedy reigned was it’s seduction

Winter’s Mistress


Her arrival comes swiftly with the crisp seasonal gusts

Our Queen Mother from the stinging frozen north

Dusting our existence with her wintry blanket of reality

Her falling white magnificence collecting in heavy layers

As if gifted to us from under feathered wings of angels


The undeniable beauty of her presence is astonishing

A vision of bright luminescence we all should aspire to be

To ourselves and to each and every other we see


Her stunning elegance demanding our vigilant contemplation

Harshly awakening us from our ageless frozen slumber

Our hibernation means eyes are closed to a grace unsurpassed

While the snow runs muddy with a multitude of sins


Behold the undeniable majesty of Winter’s icy Mistress

Her frozen glance becomes a moment stopped in time

Providing opportunity for self reflection in mirrors of ice

She carries with her the bitter cold of past experience

While gliding on the promise of new life in the Spring