Beauty Dark

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Skies Burn


Skies burn wildly and with great purpose

Perhaps to set fire to an idle imagination


A mind filled with great burdens gets heavy

As a lifetime of hardships takes its toll

Stunning how a gift of second chance restores

What seemed so entirely and carelessly cast away

Weak moments followed by self inflicted failures

Can be seen as stepping stones to self only now


Places I have been and trials I have endured

Have only brought me to this stunning view

I find within myself the strength to share

This knowledge I have so harshly obtained

So as not to be found again by the innocents

Under the now watchful eye of my heart


Imagination awakened by an eclipse of the sun

Words as my weapons in a fight for our lives

I stand proud, strong and always at the ready

To wield my newfound power of protection

Over adversaries of mind numbing aggression

All falling victim to prides merciless onslaught


An idle imagination no longer of any concern

As purpose has been restored while wild skies burn

Libra/Pisces Love Connection



Look into these eyes

Tell me what you see

Is it easy to see so deeply

Two souls melding



All for one

And one for each other

Two heads, one heart

Signs of air and water

Should never be apart


Over ravages of time

Countless bygone ages

Unquestionably together

Seemingly always

Every kind of weather


The balance provided

With steady determination

To each heart upon the scale

Comes from his love for love

As we discover journeys tale


No mountain too high

Nor burden too heavy

No river too wide

To keep perfection away

Once at each others side


Adversity would be better

Finding a new direction

To turn tail and run

Libra Pisces love invincible

These two hearts beat as one











Pencil Me In

Pencil Drawing by Paul Lung


Depth of character

Brought about by the jungle

Reflective in my eyes

The outline of experience


Kind determination

Will see you through

If you struggle I will be here

To accompany you through shadows


I walk with a prideful swagger

 Concealing a warriors stagger

Hardened by ageless adversity

This willingly peaceful heart


Been to the mountain and back

 Thrown to the wolves once again

I have run with both pride and pack

They’ve no idea their alpha’s my friend


So skillfully drawn into my eyes

Are the windows to my soul

And each defining line of my brow

Tells a story of tribulation and triumph

Six Questions (Pandora’s Box)



Who is to say where our destiny lies?

To decide where this illusion ends

And real life comes into view

Fates are wrapped up tight

Inside Pandora’s ornate box



What strange and cruel reality is this?

Where such perfection is far out of reach

As close as a gentle loving whisper

Yet so far away the distance is unbearable

While time ticks away the miles in between



When will the day arrive that sees the miles disappear?

Forests and deserts vanishing into togetherness

As time succumbs to the power of beauty

And Pandora’s box can finally be unlocked

Letting free this torrent of raw human emotion



Where will we be inside our minds?

When we are allowed into our secret garden

Free at last to run wild and let passions grow

To fevered pitch while the skies open wide

Engulfing rays of light pouring from our souls



Why must it take so long?

To bring meant to be into being

To see what was so obviously hidden

Right in plain view for all but one

While ravages of time laughed mockingly



How are we to find our way to hearts freedom?

The promise of morning balances against the night

Sun and Moon in an obedient place in the sky

While Pandora’s box finally reveals it’s mysteries

Beautiful mayhem pours directly into our solitary heart

A Lion Learns


A Lion must learn

How to carefully tread

Walk slowly and with purpose

So not to trample unknowingly

He must never show ferocity

In any wrong direction

Or with any ill intent

To the ones he vows to protect

Whether his beloved tamer

Or the gentlest little lamb

His guidance is golden

Only if given unconditionally

He must remember this

Above all

In his weakest moments

They will build him up

Always if he holds true

To the code of the Lion

The Loyalty, and Courage

Strength and Honor

Pride held in highest regard

For the ones who need him most

Yet truthfully

He would walk forever lost

Without those he keeps

Ever vigilant guard over

Unsecret Deathwish


It is with wonder and amazement

That I look upon the beauty of danger

Life has tried it’s best to strike me dead

More than once and so now I laugh


Comrades in arms upon mountains and shores

Elbow to elbow in deep woods or high waves

My serenity found in beauty of nature

Yet with an endorphin filled adrenaline twist


Some are called to the roads and mountain trails

While others cast out from the oceans shore

All for one and one for all the others

A feeling of freedom unknown by the weak of heart


High speeds and overhead surf call us

Each to our individual pursuits

Yet similarities of cultural bond and brotherhood

Remain etched deep in our skin and bones


So whether adrenaline filled two wheeled descents

Or fins on the surface outside the heavy break

One thing shared by surfers and cyclists alike

Is this strange fascination with our Unsecret Deathwish

Face Of War

While scrolling through images I came across this one from one of my favorite Artists. Salvador Dali has always been a fascination and inspiration to my unique perspective and sometimes bizarre outlook. This work titled “Face Of War” was just screaming to be written on.

Face of War

Look upon the face of tragedy

Across the world or right next door

See it for what it really truly is

A mechanism for the prevalence of malfeasance


The people stricken with good and honest hearts

Are sent to the front lines to take the flack

Shrapnel of collateral damage and friendly fire

Lay to waste the sensibilities needed to survive


Fat cats, politicians, and the power of wealth

Oil the jaws of the war machine

And mercilessly feed it with our babies

The casualties of so many different wars


Homicide of the human spirit and then some

Wars in name of religion, race or social stand

In foreign lands take their toll on humanity

While civil liberties are crushed under local gavel


Tragedy spawned by tremendous imbalance

Of both hearts and minds alike

Greed and power have made them completely numb

While blind lady justice crumbles under her own weight


Run in circles like rats in a maze

While the onlookers cruelly steal the cheese

A sadistic game of cat and mouse

Strips raw every nerve of those crushed underfoot


The pain of exhausted realization

The futility of the loudest screams falling on deaf ears

The heartlessness of the ugly truth

Being swept under another dirty old rug


We need not look to distant foreign lands

To find the most heinous forms of destruction

They walk mindlessly through the mine fields

These faces of war reside in our own back yard

A Lion For The Lamb


Ever steady at the ready

Protector of a fragile heart

Waking sun is on the run

From worlds ripped apart


All around a love abounds

While wolf he howls away

All we take is what’s at stake

To make a place for us to stay


Gentle King his gift to bring

Safety from this world cruel

Biggest wild to fragile mild

Majesty holds this tiny jewel


Kingdom high in an azure sky

Safest always, as with you I am

Odd to spy, yet no wonder why

This lion would befriend a lamb

Silk Of The Dance


A stunning vision depicting graceful art

Beauty speaks in the eloquence of silence

Subtlety surrounding her very existence

Her true gift is seemingly frozen in time


Movement of the purest inspired instinct

Alongside the fluidity of Angel’s in flight

This tranquil dance brings Heaven’s choir

To be her accompaniment this silent night


Awakened to sheer elegances elusive desire

Every sense heightened by proficient poise

Each move more breathtaking than the last

As brilliance of both form and finesse shine


Erotic ambience encircling her every move

Bringing forth arousal of desirous emotion

Both thought provoking and mind numbing

Her performance builds in silken crescendo


Breathtakingly mesmerized by every move

She weaves a tale of sensuality and intrigue

Nothing exists except for exquisite beauty

As I am left wanting nothing but her encore