Attic Dance


I hear them often, though I hesitate to tell

Darkness comes and the rhythms begin

Faintly filling the air with a joyful noise

Floorboards creak and shift in pattern

From front to back and side to side

A woman’s giggle, or his hearty laugh

Find their way to my ears at night


I close my eyes and I smile wide

I picture what I have seen only once

A vision so darkly, and vividly romantic

What others so blindly fail to see


Was a night like this I was beckoned

By the sounds of bliss from above

I braved the steps to the room upstairs

To find a reason for this noise to be


Door cracked open and in plain view

A Mr. and Mrs. dressed to the nines

Gliding and swaying along the floor

While music from a long ago time

Crackled from the antique Victrola


Why I have been so privileged

To behold a spirit of enchantment

So chilling, yet heartwarming

I hope to someday understand

But for now, I just settle in

Listen for the music to start

And contentedly find slumber

With a peaceful, knowing smile





20 responses to “Attic Dance

    • Thank you Bud E!! Sometimes an idea just shows up on the doorstep yelling “TELL ME!!” lol. I just had this vision of a girl being woken at night to music and movement coming from above her in the empty attic. I coulda gone WAY dark, but felt like a romantic dancing couple should be the only occupants.

      • You are most welcome, I’m trying to peek from behind the curtains…life has been taking me on a journey I was unwilling to go on…but I’m going through it, and I can see that I am strong enough to take it on…just been a little stubborn about it…and thank you John, I’ve missed you too..hope you are having a great night. x

      • You most definitely are strong enough Oz. Just keep being stubborn and fighting through it.
        Eventually you will feel like pulling the curtains wide and letting in the light.

      • I’m trying John, really am..and for the first time in a long while, I’m seeing things in a different light, and it feels really good….it’s like my lungs can breathe refreshing…thank you for everything. x

      • I am glad to hear it. Keep turning that corner. Better things wait for you around the bend. Breathe deep and take in the air all around.

  1. Wouldn’t it be delightful to know that lovers’ spirits could be joined together in dance for all of eternity?? Awesome write, John!!! Loved it!

    • Thanks D. Kind of the sentiment I was going for. I was thinking ghost story and surprisingly a lighter theme just appeared. It was almost a free write as it was done very quickly. Glad it touched you.

      • Thank you. So glad you do. I like the starkness of the blacks and greys. I tend to lurk in the shadows with my imagination, but I love to create contrast with colors to bring excitement to the eyes as well as the mind for my readers. Both in the images I choose and the colors I match to those images in words.

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