Hell To Pay


A once shining beacon of purity

Spiritual young woman of God

See’s her faith find dark obscurity

As Demon’s seeds are put to sod


White light of love shone bright

An entire life so eternally devoted

Dark light brings fear in the night

As the Ferryman’s ship is floated


A pawn in this timeless conflict

Unarmed against evils cunning

Twisted turn impossible to predict

Vision of darkness truly stunning


She recollects nothing of her past

Her inner light has all but faded

As Satan’s hands are closing fast

Virginal spirit has now been traded


Put into the service of malevolence

Wickedly carrying out His commands

Tricking new souls to final deliverance

They in turn submit to His vile demands


Tragic sheep once found now ever lost

Driven mad with bloodlust so voracious

 Kneel at her feet as she counts the cost

Preying on lustful souls of the salacious


So should you cross her wicked path

Do not be fooled and be ever so wary

Keep your distance, avoid the wrath

Of she who was known as “Sister Mary”


Remember every soul is up for sale

As we are just spirits in an empty shell

So take note of our Sister Mary’s tale

Or our soul’s too will forever burn in Hell.


Point Blank


Violent crime

Held at gunpoint

The cold steel of progress

Inflicts fear and loathing

In her heart and mind


Forward momentum

Faster than the bullets

That load this weapon

Quick to bring destruction

To the land, sea and air


Panic becomes hatred

As she faces her tormentor

Staring down the barrel

Of cruel and greedy intention

She finds a way to turn the tide


As water from her oceans

Brings rust to polished metal

Brother Sol joins the fight

Melting metaphorical weaponry

With his vengefully heated rays


Progress at the expense of nature

Takes it’s inevitable turn

Manmade solutions not equal

To  forces of Earth, Moon, and Sun

As all goes eerily quiet and subdued


Mother nature has wrought justice

Swiftly upon purveyors of destruction

Seas rose up, and the skies opened

While the Sun burned in it’s image

From point blank range




Madman’s Hands


At the hands of a madman

Cultivating a bleak reality

From stark raving insanity

Wringing dire circumstance

From hearts and minds

As if from a blood soaked rag


Always carrying with him

The lightning and thunder

Waking us from our slumber

Snapping us into his grim world


Harvesting darkness from shadows

Squeezing color from rainbows

Leaving ominous dark clouds

To form on every gray horizon

Ever increasing the chance of rain


Silver linings nonexistent

Under watch of evil genius

Strings pulled form tiny nooses

Adorning the necks of innocents

As wild things come to play


Severe are the consequences

For our insubordination

Betrayal of body and soul

Damnation of self reliance

As the strings are pulled taut


At his every beck and call

We line up like cattle in a chute

Begging our saviours mercy or

To be mercifully led to slaughter

Either way ending a relentless

Onslaught of dire human condition


One thing so evidently clear

Realized far too late for change

Still must be acknowledged

With clarity and consciousness

Along with humble recognition


He is me, as I am him

As you are he, and he is us

Victims of our derangement

Slaves to our misdeeds

As there is only one direction

To point accusing fingers

As stated above……


He is me, as I am him

As you are he, and he is us

He is ALL of us

Styx (Forever Together)


Panic stricken defines our victim’s calling

Into depths unknown and quickly falling

Frantic memories emerge while thinking

Pictures painted on a mind that’s sinking


She struggles against what she knows best

Devils tears torture with promised unrest

Darkness so terrifying that it truly burns

As a nightmarish reality twists and turns


The waters of Styx are bathed in hells fire

Set ablaze by a Demons ceremonial  pyre

Not one but two now descending at speed

Waters get darker where spirits are freed


Together forever was the deal they made

Blood on parchment so quickly betrayed

Forever together very soon they shall be

Devils promise of forever; not forever free


So now they are together forever it seems

In an ocean of torture, a sea of bad dreams

Reaching his love, once again they embrace

But all love is gone, only grief in it’s place


Lucifer’s ruthless game of deceit is at hand

While river consumes his prey on command

Drowning them all in sins of lust and desire

Delivering them to this infinite ocean of fire



Colors vibrant within each moonlit night

After sundown such beauty to behold

Twilight paints life in brilliant light

As we wait for grand mysteries to unfold


Tricks on the eyes eternally  played

As spirits in the wind come to dance

The palette of Mother Nature displayed

Through silver light we are held in trance


These same things never seen under sun

Dreamlike visions disappear at dawn

Daylight chases as apparitions turn to run

Mesmerizing specters return once Sol is gone


Bathing in the beauty held inside the dark

Colorful abundance in vast and vivid array

Whispering voices in the breeze hit the mark

With the silent sound of color to portray


In the light such sights are impossible

As reality is bleached by suns beams

 The night makes all things so believable

Illuminated truth as Luna’s light streams


Inside each night is held new optimism

So we return to our Mother Natures stage

Gazing upon miracles cast from her prism

In hopes of glimpsing keys to a new age

Toxic Shadows


As one who claims to be a dweller in the dark

It may be odd I would raise this harsh reality

But it is glaringly evident that the comfort I find

Perceived only in certain kind of dark obscurity


It seems that two kinds of darkness must exist

One is to beware of and the other to behold

This my obsidian provider of peaceful serenity

Carries with it warmth, knowing not the cold


A dangerous game is played within the shadows

Because the evil inside is a master of disguise

The relief found while hidden away from the light

Should only be sought by the wary, strong and wise


A Demon’s game of lies and truths to confuse

Bringing us to our knees before false accusers

Tricking us to believe in much lesser self worth

Making us easier prey for our so many abusers


It’s true I have found fulfillment in eternal shade

I am not fooled by the Demon’s tricks any longer

Laughing at his attempts to see me to my ruin

Wicked twists and turns only make me stronger


Heed my warning if you must seek out the dark

Be aware of the evil that hides inside the night

Join me and we will retreat from toxic shadows

I will show you peace within this negative light