Downside Up


Let me make one thing perfectly clear

As crystal as it could possibly be

A single tiny detail among millions

One tiny bubble in an eternal sea


An idea both emboldening and unsettling

We are being watched

There are witnesses to our triumphant failures

We are being scrutinized

As we recklessly push our “Mother” down a sewer hole

We are being found guilty

Guilty of horrific crimes against all creation


So let me bend your tired ear

With stories of how humanity lost its meaning

Tales that will be very hard to hear

For the pristine souls and pure of heart

Imminent demise of our elegant celestial sphere


A gift most certainly from the heavens

From clenched fists of the greedy shall be pried

An inconsolable mother has lost far too much

Her child’s lifeblood spilled while she cried


I present this fact again to the gluttonous, ignorant masses

There are eyes upon us

Carefully surveying the catastrophic damage being done

All of our fabulous disasters tallied

There is always a tipping point in nature, a correction of sorts

We are reaching terminal velocity

The point where Creation must flip things Downside-Up


Luna’s Spell


Borne by the moon amidst the mystery of silence

Glimmering light illuminates higher aspiration

Sages and fools alike chase the lofty ideals

Of a myth spawned under pretense of serenity


Inception of legend cast in flickering periphery

Cautionary tales of the power of the unseen

Unwavering promises of the peace of heaven above

As whispering breezes bring a restless  calm


Unsettled discord between Gods and Goddesses

The troubled wanderings of our night sky’s deity

These things not of an earthly understanding

Shall never be perceived at such a frequency


To catch a mere glimpse is a blessing to behold

A shivering shimmer of protective light engulfs

This thirst for knowledge shackles us in darkness

Belief is all we need to be set unquestionably free





Carnelian Skies


I walk the countryside of a vivid surreality

Under heat and haze of another wild night

Colors of my energetic travels set me free

Tempting imagination out into peculiar light


Eyes open wide with a wondrous curiosity

Amongst sights and sounds of a lucid dream

Storming the world with unwavering ferocity

Adversity transforms me under radiant gleam


Bulletproof under rays of a turquoise sun

Empowered by the vitality of carnelian skies

Confidence with an intensity never outdone

Under watchful protection of “Mother’s” eyes


Tightly clad in the adamantine armor of my dreams

Striding assuredly past my waking dread as I roam

Traveling along these oddly lit paths and streams

I give thanks to my guardians for seeing me home

Energized Calm


Peace of mind cannot be found

Within a wire so tightly wound

What is right and meant to be

Follows one specific frequency


The colors flow from outside to in

Endings only let new journeys begin

Sparks of life fire from inside to out

Illumination beyond shadow of doubt


Peaceful meadows found in the mind

Apprehensions and fears left far behind

Momentary attainment of crystal clear reason

While the perfections of earth all find a season


World gone mad from it’s worldly transgressions

It’s madness looms large leaving toxic impressions

A strength from deep down inside earth’s core

Brings about the healing power of possibilities galore


Our own inner serenity can be easily regained

No price to be paid, for it is freely obtained

A sacred space where we can be calmly subdued

Where we belong to recapture life’s quietude


The energy we carry must be spiritually lifted

To attune to the beauty we all have been gifted

Take a moment in time that is desperately needed

So that Gaia’s demands can be respectfully heeded


Work towards a oneness of both spirit and light

Harsh sun of day balanced by soft moon at night

Commune with your spirits, guides, and guardians all

Take your opportunity each day to answer their call

Curtain Call

This was written for an image challenge presented by Debra at Please check out her site and take a look at what the extremely talented roster of writers and poets also came up with for this image, as well as all of Debra’s own wonderful creative work.


Lights dim

As the audience  simmers

A hush falling over the crowd

Of unsuspecting spectators

Spot lit by a silvery moon


Act 1 sees the birth of her Majesty

Splendid in every way

From her golden sandy shores

To the depths of the bluest waters

And climbing the highest alpine peaks


Introduction of the villain clouds Act 2

Humanity in rare form

Seemingly harmless in the beginning

As the race to be human unfolds

Power and prosperity rule simple minds


Act 3 and the clouds roll quickly in

Thick black smog formed by smoke of progress

Choking our heroine and covering her in soot

Lightning singes and tatters beautiful attire

As it all becomes too much for her to endure


A scene of retribution outlines Act 4

As seas part and the skies open wide

Swallowing the mass of humanity

The cause of her turbulent undoing

As her pride and joy can once again thrive


The final act brings a peaceful serenity

As the orchestra plays softly from the pit

Our leading lady arrives at center stage

Where she has always belonged

Gods and Goddesses alike rise to their feet


Only fitting, this tribute from a joyous crowd

As Mother Nature takes her bows

Showered in roses from her own gardens

A standing ovation heard across the Universe

Our Lady Earth is renewed by this curtain call

Liquid Infinity



Step into liquid

Discover the eternal flow

Walk on water

Feel what nature knows


A tidal truth

Hasn’t the ability to lie

Waves crash

Crash yet never die


Day or night

Full moon, or bright sun

It matters not

Once life’s cycle has begun


Never yielding

To the persistence of time

Always constant

All else hasn’t reason or rhyme


Strength on display

Enough to make mountains fall

Yet ever so delicate

This contradiction evident to all


So embrace her

Immerse yourself in her continuity

Oceans deep

Falling into her liquid infinity

Point Blank


Violent crime

Held at gunpoint

The cold steel of progress

Inflicts fear and loathing

In her heart and mind


Forward momentum

Faster than the bullets

That load this weapon

Quick to bring destruction

To the land, sea and air


Panic becomes hatred

As she faces her tormentor

Staring down the barrel

Of cruel and greedy intention

She finds a way to turn the tide


As water from her oceans

Brings rust to polished metal

Brother Sol joins the fight

Melting metaphorical weaponry

With his vengefully heated rays


Progress at the expense of nature

Takes it’s inevitable turn

Manmade solutions not equal

To  forces of Earth, Moon, and Sun

As all goes eerily quiet and subdued


Mother nature has wrought justice

Swiftly upon purveyors of destruction

Seas rose up, and the skies opened

While the Sun burned in it’s image

From point blank range






Simple how change takes place

One small gesture from within

Pushed outward from it’s impact

Reaching points far and wide


Decency rides each rolling wave

Set free from it’s point of origin

Constant motion in all directions

Touching all who stand in it’s way


Acts of selflessness carry forward

On the crests of such gentle swells

Peaceful tides calmly washing over

Shorelines of most troubling times


Changes needed are so very many

Yet it all must begin somewhere

Let a heart overrule a battlefield

Paying forward with soulful light


Let me be a pebble of human kindness

Causing this ripple of desired change

A tiny splash sends out the first waves

Across a world facing turbulent tides


So in an effort to begin this world anew

We must all be willing to cast our stone




Mother May I?


Mother may I?

Borrow a ray of sunshine

and a cup of morning dew

I wish to make a rainbow

Out of reverence to you


Mother may I?

Dig in your musty soil

In hopes to plant a seed

I shall not do any taking

Planting only what I need


Mother May I?

Inhale deeply

Your ever precious air

Abundant in endless sky

Taking only what you spare


Mother May I?

To the Heaven’s sing your praise

In your honour and with respect

Hoping my song is recognized

By the ones who show neglect


Mother May I?

Walk in golden sunshine

Cast by your brilliant gaze

A journey of pure radiance

As we bask in dazzling rays


Mother May I?

Drink from a boundless ocean

With beauty as far as I can see

Water is your child’s life blood

From sea to shining sea


Mother May I?

Ask this one last thing of you

Oversee the coming of glorious rebirth

At the hands of the caring saviours

The true children of the Earth









Dawn of New Creation

Sunrise Over Rain Forest in Phuket Thailand   tumblr_mifnjoYc5o1qb30dwo1_500

Dawn sees an angry sun eager to chase the stars from a blackened sky

The cold morning air brings a biting sting to all who dare inhale deeply

As the heavens begin to glow, rich with hues of sun and cloud united

Creatures begin to stir as brilliance of nature is lit by the grace of Gods


A planetary transcendence so abundant in rich and undeniable beauty

Newfound existence growing up in the wreckage of generations past

Slowly blanketing the ruins left behind once the reckoning subsided

All around is evidence of a flourishing return to the way things were


Balance finds itself truly held by a strong hand of vigilant authority

As is witnessed in the evidence of a wasteful population long gone

Another day finds it’s end as the creatures of the new era find shelter

And that same angry sun gladly welcomes sweet lady moon to his sky