The Leap


Some call it the leap of faith

Which may be the case

To others it is the comfort of trust

For both are things I chase


 This world of seeing is believing

In a state of disbelief

An utter question mark upon my mind

Answers would bring relief


Wondering aloud brings no response

As I fall to tired knees

Curious about the wise sage’s smile

Oh, to see what it is he sees


An epiphany from his piercing gaze

As I realize that I must

Take this leap that others took

Finding faith and learning trust


Hourglass Frozen

A long awaited reunion with Yikici from the site



How things bled when you left

When you left, a hole just grew

An empty carcass, misused

Buried in the depths of you.

A bleeding never to subside

But carry on as a river flows

The absence of you overwhelms

As this deepest chasm grows.

Hours stall as minutes freeze

Through windows pane, I search for you

A drink, or two, pass somber lips

You’ve left me hell, if you knew…


Misery, informs my awareness

As emptiness, unrivaled, grabs hold

Passion for continuance dissolves

Darkness of solitude, ever bold


Walls of mortar, tumble down

Exposing what might have been

a trail so ghostly, I dare not walk

though wanting, I’m too scared to know.


Fearful of  unrelenting realities

That put such distance between our souls

Thinking on good times fallen behind me

Harsh winds of loneliness, blow bitter cold.

Warrior Phoenix


These eyes have seen, and this body has felt

Many years of adversities and obstacles

Trials and tribulations.

I have stepped much too close to the edge

Played with fire, burned badly by the flame

Been left weary and weak

Tried and tested, pushed and proven

Rocked and rolled, left for dead

To see light of day again

My self my opposition, a worthy adversary

To you I can only find these words to say

Listen closely and take heed


Go ahead

Knock me down

I will get up


Keep on

Knock me down again

Again I will get up 



Push me over yet again

Once more I stand


Be strong

Drive me down hard

I lift myself smiling


That all you got?

Send me reeling this time

Joy accompanies my ascent


Throw me over

Painful reminders of long ago

Pride sees me up one more time


Grind me into the dirt

Weakened I continue to stand

Stand and fight for my life


No longer can you make me fall

I watch your expression;  surprise

Laughing, I rise one last time


I rise like the Mighty Phoenix

As you, my Demons, realize

That you are truly FUCKED


I am a warrior, and will rise

Repeatedly from the ashes

To soar high above you once again

Here And Now


“Once upon a time” is how all the fairy tales begin

Dreams of fantastic “Happily ever afters” take hold

We read of far away lands and times beyond reach

Life’s important lessons and strong morals get told


It seems now we get trapped looking forward or back

Reminiscing all too fondly on our “Good old days”

While gazing at the horizon for brighter futures ahead

When there is one very important point I must raise


I must make a case for the Latin words “Carpe Diem”

As the time for looking forward or behind has ended

Seize the day good people, Make every minute count

Take this moment to see that all bridges get mended


Because as I see it, the truth is bright and clear as day

Take my hand, walk with me, I’ll show what fates allow

The past has long gone away, and the future is yet to be

But our “Once upon a time” comes right here and now

Stygian Symphony (WHO I AM)


The soundtrack of my existence is one of darkened aggression


A complex barrage of twisting measures and frantic refrains


Battle hymns and anthems of agony echo loudly among you all


While my mind plays the intricate rhythms of my harsh realities


Musical notes are tattooed on my heart and embedded in my soul


While the fates play lead heavy hooks to unrelenting cadences


My being is consumed by every pitch and carried on a steel breeze


Life’s highs and lows represented by the sharps and flats of survival


Time signatures and keys changing often as I thrash about on the rocks


Searching ad infinitum to make some sense of this, my diabolical destiny


To find a significance as cold and hard as metal yet hot as a molten lava flow


Until the definition of life is thrust upon me by this daunting wall of sound


A meaning so simple yet as complex as this progressive electric symphony


For my voice to truly be heard I must vocalize loudly and proudly WHO I AM.


When Sun Kiss Moon

Finally the opportunity arose to write with my friend Hasty at once again. It had been too long and I am so glad we got the opportunity to write again. She is an amazing talent, and challenges my creativity and imagination each time we write. Drop in at her site and see for yourself her amazing skill with the written word.


Written by JMC813 and Hastywords


The sun embraces the horizon with one last caress

As the moon and first stars greet the night with a kiss

My thoughts turn to blissful memories of better times

Times when the nightly rituals of the lover’s Sol and Luna

Were inspired by a devotion shared between two same souls.

Two heart’s as one, we brought a love that warmed the sun

While delivering a passion that brought a glow to the moon.


As fireflies chase each other on the heated evening breeze

I watch them and remember you as I very often tend to do

You would sit with your head resting soft on my shoulder

And I could sense your contentment in every single breath

As the years went by we watched the same calendar of stars

Map out our journey leading far beyond our seeing eyes

And into an ever after that you have seemed to beat me to


The ever after we both happily agreed upon so very long ago

Exists in all its glory just beyond a myriad of stars inside your gaze

You have gone ahead to seek the truth from the heavens above

And I imagine you looking down on me showering me with peace

Sending me signs, as I sit in our special place, in the hopes that I’ll see

You have made a place for me there by your side in celestial paradise

So that when I arrive you may once again rest your head upon my shoulder


I felt my earthly body failing and without another thought I fell prostrate

Happily to the sacred ground we together lived, loved, and died upon

And when I let go of my last breath, and let my heart subside I saw the light

New-found and everlasting contentment returned to me in your presence

There you stood with a lifetime of smiles and warmth painting your face and

Together again we watched the moon and stars kiss a million nights goodbye

And suns that graced every early vista with rays that bathed us in eternal kisses.



I find myself cast adrift in a violent sea of uncertainty

River of life runs thick with the blood of my insecurities

Longing for the return of the calm preceding the storm

Treading water as I seek the comfort of predictable ground

The swift currents of change and strong tides of transition

Leave me weary, disillusioned, and all alone