Celestial Sentinel


  I wake once more to the light of a new day. As I shake off the cobwebs left by another peaceful night’s slumber, I have no choice but to smile. I am by myself in my quiet morning world, but by no means am I alone. My companion this day and all days prior is all around me and within my very soul. With each new day of courageous perseverance and clarity of the mind, she gains a stronger hold on my security, sanity, and peace of mind.

  Times have not always been this relaxed and carefree however. My life’s journey thus far has had great triumphs, but has also been plagued with very dark and disturbing travels through worlds of hurt and despair. Whether self inflicted or brought by the hands of others I have felt true anguish.  This wretched affliction is not abolished from my current reality now, but merely lies dormant waiting for my divine protector to lose her grasp on my safety in a momentary lapse of concentration.

  This ethereal energy that surrounds me and keeps me sheltered from the bombardment of temptation and the trickery of tragedy is unwavering in her vigilance. It must surely be an exhausting task to look after someone such as myself. Most certainly my past indiscretions, the playing of dangerous games, and my countless dances with the DEVIL have left her battle weary and burdened.

  This day my heart is rich and my spirit is light, but I must always be mindful of the fact that the dark realities of my compulsions, addictions, and deadly desires lie in wait to be the ruination of my very soul. My Guardian Angel protects me, but I must also lessen her strain by acknowledging my weaknesses and taking avoidance of the most obvious perils that remain to see me fall again. This much I owe to the one who keeps guard of my remaining sanity and protects me from myself.

  The depths of gratitude I feel for this unseen entity are immense and immeasurable. The debt I owe I can never repay. For without the divine intervention of my devoted defender, I most assuredly would have encountered a fate worse than death.

  I am happy today and my thoughts turn to hope. The hope that I will be accompanied by this true warrior spirit for the rest of my days. I want to feel her watchful eyes upon me until my proper time has come and I am peacefully carried off to the kingdom of light and love.


The Dragon’s Destiny

This piece was co-written by myself and a new friend and unbelievably

skilled writer Hastywords. She truly has a gift with words and I am very

 fortunate to have penned this dark anthem with her. Her talents are

 numerous and cross a wide spectrum of intrigues. I hope you will all

 go look into her world of intense passions and interests.

Find her at www.hastywords.wordpress.com.


I held my own heart in my hands

No longer red but black as night

Ripped from my body by the dark

As I lay stretched upon the sand


It’s pulsing rhythm slowly expired

Black and bleeding this scarlet fear

Horrific reality of deaths cold hand

Cloak and sickle my fate conspired


Summer sandcastles trampled, eroded

Beach graves as far as the eye can see

I watch the seagulls pluck at the decay

The result of Lucifer’s dearly devoted


Messenger of misery and doom came calling

His soldiers and pawns brought devastation

Slowly suffering this excruciating extinction

Man kinds fate since the time of His falling


Tides of jealous wrath came crashing down

Eager minions that starved for far too long

Exercising their hatred with fear and chaos

Demanded our shining stars to hit the ground


The kingdom of light and love has gone so dark

A world of greed and turmoil falls to it’s knees

This once beautiful place now barren and burned

Satan’s plan for end of days firmly found it’s mark



Written by JMC813 and Hastywords

A Warrior’s Heart

This is a piece co-written by myself and my new and very special friend

Jen at Think Speak Tryst. It speaks of truths impossible to ignore, but even

more importantly, to recognize and relate. This was my first attempt at a

DUET and I owe a debt of gratitude to Jen for introducing me to such a unique

and powerful form of expression. I am truly appreciative of her letting her

“SOULSHINE” brighten my outlook. I consider myself a very lucky person to

have the privilege of knowing such a talented and caring fellow “Warrior” to

walk the paths of creativity and imagination with.  Please check out her truly

 beautiful way with thoughts and words at………



Scattered about like a million glittering stars

Are the misdirected pieces of what we were

Standing in a pool of my obvious redemption

Bleeding to know the answers, Yet I’m so unsure


A myriad of questions leave my thoughts unsettled

Frantic assessments hold my voice, I cannot speak

My mind it moves a thousand miles in seemingly a second

Do I really want to know? Is resolution what I truly seek?


In the warm light that is becoming day

I brush away the dirt of my darkened past

Mind is flooded with a million wandering war stories

Heartache, takes my breath, I begin to need you at last


At last and again, for this all feels so familiar

Past battles lost and won, my mind chases to remember

The times and places of our war torn self realities

Scattered in ashes lost in time, memories burn like embers


 I decide to walk, past the reality of what I once was

Knowing that I’ll carry my scars, until the last days of life

Cloaked in what has turned to great wisdom, contrary to common belief

Look into my heart, my eyes, inside my soul, I am finally free from  strife


The strides that push beyond the realm of cruelty self imposed

Flaws shown boldly bring it home, this point not light to make

The parade of insecurities un shelved, knowledge given to find direction

Souls are bared, and hearts are freed, for yours, mine, and others sake


This is where I stand to speak, telling you today of all my glories

Although it rains inside of my mind, I’m here today, I’ll never rewind

Glorious you, who came to be, take my wisdom, for all you see

For I am a warrior, peaceful at heart, I will continue to fight, till death do us part.


Written by JMC813 & Jen on Tryst

Full Circle


As a young and growing child 
Mental seeds were sown
He’s medicated to be mild
Side effects unknown


Said to be unmanageable
Too wild to control
Prescriptions all too viable
No care for future toll


Now this child gentle, meek
Falls victim to their taunts
Mistake this boy as being weak
He flees to sheltered haunts


Witness of horrendous things
Of which he will not speak
How can family, terror bring
His loved ones, havoc wreak


He finds his shelter safe and warm
He climbs inside his mind
His sanctuary from the storm
His thoughts help time unwind


As he grows and comes of age
He grows tired of his pills
Things to do and wars to wage
Newfound battle of the wills


He’s grown and reached maturity
After years mis-diagnosed
A dangerous threat to humanity
For no longer is he dosed


Now his head is free to think
Unclouded by that haze of mellow
To evil thoughts his focus sinks
For vengeance new voices bellow


His problem is with reality
Cruel twisting of his fate
It is Preying on his sanity
Ever filling him with hate


All those years of passive sedation
The malice that was endured
Now he realizes with exultation
His revenge can be secured


Unnoticeable from the outside
The rage within his head
A wicked smile, eyes open wide
The madman kills to see you dead


Horrific spree of death and hate
This killer caught and sent away
Caged like an animal to meet his fate
Asylum his home ’til end of days.


Far too dangerous to himself and the rest
He must be tranquilized, to take away the wild
A remedy concocted, one that seems the best
The same one it happens, he was given as a child


The anger and fury lose their grip on his mind
The memories of his childhood friend held close
Taken back to better days, now easier to find
Then five words bring clarity, “it’s time…..increase the dose”


Life and death cross paths as they wind
And all things are bound to repeat
Locked away in cage and mind
The circle is complete

Ode to a Sinner


She is the epitome of sexuality and desire

enshrouded in a veil of erotic debauchery.

Capturing the imagination and ensnaring the weak of flesh.

Seemingly unknowing the power she holds,

yet secretly aware of the control she wields.

She follows or leads with a vigor and enthusiasm unmatched

while bringing her own deviant twists into a most energetic reality.

Dripping with SIN she will eagerly quench your lustful thirst

while leaving your head spun and yearning for more

She is a subtle drug bottled in an addictive silken carafe.

Amazing at first glance but even more intoxicating to the initial touch.

She is an experience not to be passed over

but to be fully prepared for and immensely enjoyed.

She has the ability to captivate your mind and steal your sexual soul.

She has a given name, although I call her only My Sweetest Sinner.

A wicked act by any other name… she would still SIN as SWEET!!

Mirror Mirror


Mirror, mirror

Castle wall

Fairest maiden

Loved by all


Mirror, mirror

Glass so cold

For ageless beauty

Her soul is sold


Mirror, mirror

Mind plays tricks


The river Styx


Mirror, mirror

Sharpened blade

Flashing silver

Gashes made


Mirror, mirror

Struck the deal

Ageless beauty

But life to steal


Mirror, mirror

Cut so deep

Crimson lifeblood

Soul to reap


Mirror, mirror

DEVIL deceiver

Curse the BEAST

This foolish believer


Mirror, mirror

Castle wall

Soul collector

Comes to call