Freedom Ferocity


Subtlety has it’s time and place

Within the quietude of the sunrise, or the melody of a birdsong

Yet one truth is made abundantly clear time after time

Survival depends on the balance between serenity and storm

Speak softly but carry the big stick of your convictions

Follow your path unflinchingly

With an enduring willingness to defend your way


Journey with the confidence and knowledge inherent to you

Understanding the place for individuality of opinions

The right to proudly yet peacefully bring them to light

So that others may expand their vision should they so choose

“To each their own” should always leave room

For “until it becomes mine as well” if belief is heartfelt


Whatever the case may be, we should never be led astray

Spoon fed others ideals or tastes for fear of not conforming

I shall never be one to occupy that spot in an unfortunate line

With recognition of the probability that popular is not always right

Join me as one to offer choice beyond the black and white

Always defending the choice to be free


Free as we were meant to be

Free as we were so unselfishly given the right to be

Lifeblood spilled for that right to always be

Free to do my part to perpetuate that freedom

Free to walk with awe and respect in Mother Natures garden

For that opportunity each and every day

This Lion will roar with an unrivaled ferocity




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