Beneath The Surface


The struggle to stay afloat churns the surface

Drawing the attention of mindless man eaters

A strong will to survive and stamina to endure

The constant rise and fall of this ravenous tide


Air to breathe and bright sun keep hope alive

As a menacing intensity drives the undertow

Gravity pulls downward with weight of despair

As sharks start to circle in hungry anticipation


Strength renewed could easily see you to shore

While the spirit within provides limitless fight

Yet a peaceful realization takes hold of the mind

While surface waters rage in aquatic turbulence


The perils to avoid most certainly reside above 

While the surface hides perfection in quietude

A calm like no other can be found in the depths

The most beautiful rays of light can be viewed


From Below






8 responses to “Beneath The Surface

  1. Jonathan and I both have actually kept this one as a mantra this month. I’m all like remember what John said!!! And Jonathan nods and takes a deep breath. 🙂

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