Believe (Acrostic)



Before the dawn of time it was determined

Everlasting love awarded to those who wait

Life’s meaning played to the beat of one heart

Interrupted by distance and circumstance

Entwined forever by patience and fortitude

Veritable devotion rising from a phoenix’s nest

Emblazoned with the jewels of pride and poise




Me And My Shadow


Welcome back my grinning friend

You’ve been away far, far too long

Where the HELL have you been?



No wait, you best not answer me

You see, it is questions like this

That get me in all sorts of trouble



Like the time we……..never mind

I shudder to think of the damage

We have caused together, you and I



I see you creeping in my window

Your black toothed smile on display

With boundless Devilry in your eyes



As hard as I try to look the other way

You keep showing up at my feet

Seemingly taller every time



As my days get shorter and fewer

Can I rely on you my tried and trusted

To be there when any light shines?



Counting on me to look into that light

Finding the brighter side of circumstance

While you balance it with dark presence



Don’t be gone so long next time you stray

Stay close in case I am lacking distraction

You happen to be, after all…….My Shadow



These quiet times cherished

Alone with my thoughts

To solve a world of concerns

Or to ponder insignificances


A price cannot be assigned

To the importance of solitude

An entire wholeness of being

At one with my surroundings


A penny for my thoughts?

Why, I could give you change

Sometimes my thoughtful look

Has absolutely nothing behind it


Treasured and rare my moments

Where the troubles of the world

Kneel before me in surrender

So I may meditate on their demise


A jungle full of hardships

Or a raging sea of monotony

Can be solved within this time

Of solitary thought and purpose



Look to the horizon

To see what’s on my mind

A tempest always brewing

Ideas like locusts swarm

Among synaptic waves

High pressure front

Bringing dark clouds

And the promise

Of heavy rain



Dark side of the moon

Fills many a night sky

As the light cannot be seen

Through a thick smoky cloud

While a dead calm envelops

The thoughts of a madman

Written in a diary

And kept under

Lock and key



Purple haze has been gone

Far too long to recall

The peace it once brought

Replaced by frenetic energy

That brings on lightning

While thunder rolls

From front to back

As lucidity is executed

By electrocution



To capture lightning

Inside a whiskey bottle

Wasn’t the brightest idea

As such energy stored

Will surely strike twice

Deadlier than before

With cunning, ruthless intent

And with nothing to stop it

From finding ground



So now as yet another storm passes

Leaving its destruction as a toll

I am left to pick up the pieces

So that I can start once again

To forge another fortress

Standing in command of all evil

That dares to infiltrate

This revived temple

Of creative control

Lion Tamer

Valentines… a hallmark holiday so shallow and meaningless. Each and every day should be about recognition and gratitude. Having been blessed with the opportunity to give and receive love unconditionally needs no “DAY”. It requires a lifetime of nurturing. Both compromise and bliss are to be realized. So my thought is to write this Anti-Valentine on Friday the 13th to spit in the face of this hollow holiday while still letting someone know (and she knows) she is my everything. Two birds……and one stone just about the size of my heart.


 The colors of her voice soothe the savage beast

Many portray her with whip and chair

But this is tragically inaccurate

As she needs nothing

But a smile

To Reign

Me in


 The cooling yin to my blistering yang

A perfect balance to Libra’s scale

She swims in my bloodstream

This fish out of water

Heart filled peace

Forever mine

I see


Brought together by cosmic coincidence

We walked together in dark shadows

Keeping one another protected

From crimson bloodstains

Of our self imposed

Life sentences

Set free


Now two pieces of one glorious puzzle

Silvery yin to a dark hearted yang

Brought together by the fates

To be brand new warriors

Of a different battle

Forever linked





Number One With A Bullet

Not even sure where this piece came from as I am neither a pro or anti gun activist in any way. I do however believe in every Americans civil right to bear arms, but see irresponsibility and neglect of epic proportion as a huge epidemic in our country. This piece is neither pro or anti gun, just my poetic take on something I was thinking about upon seeing this image.


It is a brand new day

As we kneel and pray

Our Lord and Saviour

Of violent behaviour


Tools of a trade

Elaborately made

Wielded with respect

Not careless neglect


Put to the test

Of civil unrest

Violence begets

So many regrets


At war with a nation

In constant degradation

Now Tommy’s got a gun

And a life on the run


Find everlasting peace

As peacemakers cease

Call to arms for protection

Or enthusiast’s collection


In a hunters line of sight

Every American’s right

Bearing the arms necessary

 To bolster our military


 No answer in firearms extinction

A simple yet brilliant distinction

Eradication is not the answer

When irresponsibility is the cancer

Alter Ego


Welcome home my friend

A return of the prodigal son

To heighten my inner senses

While lifting up my lowly spirit

Come inside and tell your tale

Of the trials you have endured


Regale me with the fascinations

That have kept you away so long

I have waited ever so patiently

For some significance to reappear

In the form of identical likeness

Vastly different from it’s twin


You see, while I remained quietly behind

Not so much has been through change

It will be so very different once again

Now that you have returned to my side

To see me through the blinding night

Keeping me from under freezing sun


You always were my saving grace

Giving me warmth within my shadows

Stoking fires of inspirational awareness

While keeping the beasts of boredom at bay

So welcome back to your rightful place

My tried and true, trusted friend


My Imagination…..My alter ego



Pencil drawn confusion

Leading us all to wonder

Where can we find sanity

Now that life mimics art?


Which way is truly up

In a topsy turvy world?

A ceaselessly shifting

Flip flop of emotions


A genius’s artistry

Beckoning surreality

Only to be outdone

By randomness of life


Where is the gravity

When we are pulled

Into so many places

By heart and mind ?


Comfort found in chaos

Seek shelter from normality

Set your own benchmark

Walk improbable paths


Which way is truly up

Matters not any longer

We must now be content

To ask only…


Which way is FORWARD.





I find myself drifting off again to obsidian

It is in these shadowed dreary places

Within the recesses of a quiet mind

That I sometimes fall into trance

Recapturing dark  fascination

Wishing reluctantly

For the comfort

And Quiet of


Knowing well

Who and or what

Waits for me to slumber

Fitfully throughout stormy

Night inside my troubled head

Holding vigil quietly waiting on me

My return is greeted by familiar form

Shadow black and Sandman’s malicious grin





How can the sun so quickly stop shining

When all other stars are seemingly in line?


What makes such a positive point of view

Turn instantly to a cold and bitter outlook?


Simple obstacles turning smiles to frowns

As this world seems to conspire against us

Nothing will prepare them for this fight


Prideful determination cannot be denied

Walk in our shoes and it can be easily seen

Minor discouragement has not what it takes

To pull apart the seams of what is meant to be


Take my hand as we step onto the battlefield

Do not look back as we face oppression head on

Hardships will be plentiful, and barriers tall

Yet no mountain is too high to climb together


Treachery shall see us carry each other through

While taking every opportunity to bury negativity

Deep underground in a suffocation of dire regret

For having ever misjudged sheer determination