Night Light


Is there anything as terrifying

As an irrational fear of the dark?

Is that truly where the monsters play

And the Demons leave their mark?


Not just a frightened child’s torment

Or a figment of wild imagination

Never ever can it be honestly said

That this dread is of minds creation


Age or gender is of no consequence

When referring to matters of dark oblivion

For the creatures of the blackened realm

Exist within or without absolute obsidian


Truth be told they are always there

Needing not the shadows to hide inside

Free to roam under a midnight sky

Yet uncompelled to be nighttime’s bride


What you must understand as wholly true

Is that what lurks in obscurity just out of sight

Is not only the horror of what cannot be seen

But also thrives alongside us in the light




 Strange and confusing this vision before me

As the raven stands quietly while time ticks away

Cloudy skies above shift with menacing precision

As the skies hold nothing but varieties of gray


A word scrawled in blood seeps into hardened rock

While doors stand without reason, waiting on my call

A clock keeps ticking, persistently insistent; set in stone

This bleak and puzzling picture before me casts its pall


A dreadful curiosity of the likes I have never known

Ghastly pull towards my fate to view the other side

Open door could be an opportunity or grave mistake

The Lady or the Tiger, or worse still, the Devil’s slide


Drawn back to the clock in stone and it’s solitary word

Written not so long ago as the crimson message still drips

“Alone” is all it says, leaving no other clues to meaning

As a nothingness engulfs me, while terror tightly grips


I stand before beckoning doors ready to take the chance

To find what’s beyond the minds temptations and lies

Slowly opening the door with great fear and apprehension

I step boldly across the threshold to meet my certain demise


Once inside the open doorway it all comes crystal clear

Raven was my guide to lead me to such a decisive place

The clock to tick away every moment of my indecision

Until this glorious exultation spread wide across my face


My dreams have brought me to the place I long to be

Surrounded by the loved ones, long lost to times decay

Scarlet script a reassurance in blood and eternal stone

“Alone” I’ll never be, as I am surrounded night and day





I Was A King


A welcomed sight for very sore eyes

Sturdy stone mansion high up on a hill

Weary from my travels, moon on the rise

A place to rest and fend off nights chill


A palace for Kings long ago many ages

Stories that could be told within these walls 

Of wise men, warriors, maidens and sages

Presence of nobility once roamed these halls


A quiet tension unmistakably evident inside

Walls seem to whisper and the floors loudly squeak

Wherein so many phantoms of past history reside

Spectral inhabitants have been waiting to speak


With fire in hearth, and warmth to the bone

I settle in for a peaceful nights sleep

Fire casts shadows on walls made of stone

Apparitions of the ages held in castles keep


Dark shadows dance and play in the light

As a chill strikes the air and swallows the heat

State of trance overwhelming, captive of the night

Frozen solid with fear no strength to retreat


Wild visions of this property and it’s horrific past

A power drunk King and his insatiable bloodlust

Centuries old nightmares have been freed at last

Crimes of the unspeakable and savagely unjust


Trapped in my own skin as history replays

Paralyzed in ice as the fire rages higher

Frozen grip of fear weakens as I meet His gaze

Acknowledgement of a past life my funeral pyre

Styx (Forever Together)


Panic stricken defines our victim’s calling

Into depths unknown and quickly falling

Frantic memories emerge while thinking

Pictures painted on a mind that’s sinking


She struggles against what she knows best

Devils tears torture with promised unrest

Darkness so terrifying that it truly burns

As a nightmarish reality twists and turns


The waters of Styx are bathed in hells fire

Set ablaze by a Demons ceremonial  pyre

Not one but two now descending at speed

Waters get darker where spirits are freed


Together forever was the deal they made

Blood on parchment so quickly betrayed

Forever together very soon they shall be

Devils promise of forever; not forever free


So now they are together forever it seems

In an ocean of torture, a sea of bad dreams

Reaching his love, once again they embrace

But all love is gone, only grief in it’s place


Lucifer’s ruthless game of deceit is at hand

While river consumes his prey on command

Drowning them all in sins of lust and desire

Delivering them to this infinite ocean of fire



I so anxiously anticipate her every arrival

Once again she has returned to my sensibility

To haunt my nights and fever my dreams

Holding me captive under her wicked spell


An exquisitely mysterious spectral being

Casting shadows upon my weary mind

Replacing sunlight with her dreary grays

She keeps them in abundance just for me


I watch her spin and twirl under gloomy sky

As if a ballerina were possessed by the night

She tells her tale thru fascinating movement

Entranced by the haunting beauty of her sway

She keeps me mesmerizingly spellbound


A myriad of shadows follow her every move

As every silvery shade comes to life above her

Occasional azure hues bring tension to the fold

As she twists and drifts throughout my thoughts


The cold she brings is a welcomed shift in climate

As it passively tempers my often fiery recollections

There is an ominously stormy reality to her presence

Yet I find much comfort in her intermittent company


She never ventures too close to the veil between us

Her otherworldly existence keeps her out of reach

I am captivated by her terrifyingly strong charisma

But fear the consequences of breaking the invisible seal

So she shall remain beautifully yet undeniably elusive


She will be gone again soon….she never stays for long

And once again I will be left alone in her absence

To ponder the meaning of her existence in my life

I know one thing for certain though…..I shall miss her


I always do………


Off The Rails



There are no boundaries to the landscape of my mind

Nothing in place to keep me from this fantastic journey

I cannot sit still as a passenger on this rumbling train

Holding my ticket in hand as I leave reality far behind


Wild imagination drives forward as new worlds unfold

Breathtaking views of the meaningless and nonsensical

Are emphasized by visions of crystal clear significance

Illusions beyond the windows are spectacular to behold


Time is of no importance as this pilgrimage takes place

In fact, it seems to stop and wait, until my voyage ends

Ageless and unceasing this excursion within my head

I find the edge of time to watch it vanish without trace


Thought and purpose vacate as I speed along this track

Sights and sounds astounding as my destination nears

Amazing things surround me from the inside and the out

A myriad of colors imploding, leaving only white and black


My adventure winding down, I find no more unfound trails

The daylight finds my eyes again and time begins to shift

My nighttime world fades away to hide inside my memory

As again I am awakened before my train comes off the rails


Silent Scream


It has the power to make the night come alive


To paint the darkness vivid with invisible color


It walks alone, unseen among the multitudes


Casting shadows of nothingness upon empty spaces


Existing solely out of perceptual nonexistence


Consisting of the dreams said to be impossible


Things deemed far too frightening to be believed


Capturing imaginations without casting it’s net


It is the passing flash in the corner of the eye


A chilling sensation that there are eyes upon you


Stealing your aspirations and feeding on ambition


Existing everywhere and nowhere simultaneously


It lives inside the thunderous roar of quietude


Strange satisfaction derived from paralyzing fear


White noise inaudible and without distinct direction


Terror that can’t be described as it swallows you whole


As the world goes inconceivably dark and eternally quiet


All things devoured, absorbed within this silent scream


A Final Nightmare (River of Damnation)

I would like to introduce my newest duet partner. I had the pleasure of writing this dark poetic adventure with Patty at  Check out her blog and all the unique and tremendous talent she has to share with us. She is a true inspiration to me and I hope you will see the same incredible talent I have come to know. Check out “Just Patty” here


In the darkest of my hours, close to midnight

When I close my eyes, longing for a merciful dream

All I get is Nightmare’s solid bite

And my mind floats downstream


Behind guise of sleep my eyes pierce the veil of night’s tide

As I follow my consciousness down this passage dark

A shiny penny for the ferryman secures my ride

Along the rivers fiery current I shall embark


The movement of the waves sooth my withered heart

While the whispers of death guide my trip

Mind and body slowly drift apart

Strangely, I feel calm on this dead man’s ship


Flames reflect in liquid pools of Limbo’s estuary

As the faces of lost souls look up from below

Cast out into nothingness, no hope for sanctuary

I feel their grief, the emptiness they surely know


I wonder what will be my destiny

When this unbelievable journey comes to an end

Shall I burn or can I finally be free?

In which direction will my soul be sent?


Reflections in the depths of my life misspent

I watch my history dance in the rivers flow

My penance for wrongful deeds and what they meant

Too late for remorse as terror of hell-fire starts to grow


I see the consequences of a life lived in vain

An endless road of cowardly hiding away

In the end, all that remains is the pain

As I pass through this Devil’s gateway     

Red Eyes At Night


Figures move and shadows twist

Among the trees and darkened mist

Always present at midnights fall

Daunting eyes come again to call


Ever watchful and always there

Crimson daggers pierce the air

Silent fury and noiseless taunting

No escape from this tortured haunting


Familiar with their brand of cunning

No way out, and no sense in running

As evil beckons from every side

From wicked vision nowhere to hide


These unholy hunters with red eye’s of fire

Swiftly move in at the command of their sire

My fate’s clock expires as sheer terror abounds

My silent captors I recognize as Lucifer’s hounds

A Nightmare To Remember


    Have you had this  dream as well?? It comes to me often in restless fits of frantic  slumber. The destination is always unclear, but the urgent desire to arrive is pressing and tangible. As I cross the threshold  into the empty cavernous stairwell, I am drawn to the darkness  below. An indescribable feeling of  anxiety and agitation takes hold of me as I draw from a deep well of courage to continue down  the dimly lit steps into a vast and harrowing hallway of  uncertainty.

    Why must the lights flicker  so? With no rhythm or continuity the meager lights cut in and out adding to the thick and  palpable unearthly tension. With each descending step the fear increases astronomically. Almost to  the point of paralysis, but never quite enough to prevent me from  taking the next terrifying step downward. Familiar shapes begin to shift and move in and out of the wavering lights. Darting back and  forth from dark to light, light to dark. Elusive but intent on making  themselves known.

    Then come the  voices…Seemingly thousands of voices speaking clearly, plainly, yet cannot be understood. A myriad of indecipherable exclamations fill the air around me. So very many voices speaking as one, and  one as many. Listening to this  cacophony at great length would surely drive one to utter madness would it  not? But would it be an  insufferable madness? Or quite possibly a pleasurable new existence to be  embraced with eagerness and open mind. Certainly there must be a reason for this yearning to discover what beckons me  from below.

    As I press on toward the  depths, I  become aware that the steps that were taken with such fear and  trepidation are now replaced by much  more relaxed and purposeful movement down the steep stairwell into the dark  unknown. My entire body still  consumed with terror, but somehow at ease with the reality of   being  overwhelmed  by sheer unrelenting horror. The flickering of the lights and shape shifting shadow creatures coaxing me ever downward into the  concrete abyss. My senses telling me I am growing ever closer to the realization of all my fears and desires  simultaneously.

    So close now I can feel it.  The anticipation of the impending realization is heavy and distinct. The moment I have been cautiously awaiting is  finally at hand. As I continue to make my way down the steps, I am overcome with the feeling that the mood has changed. Is it  my imagination or is it becoming increasingly brighter in these depths? Yes…. the shadows that led me to this point  have all but disappeared as the light gets brighter still, and brilliant streams of sunlight start to pour through the cracks in the  walls and ceiling. As I start to run downward chasing the darkness, I am pulled  away by the light.

    Sadly, this is where my  dream ends. Each time I seem to get closer and closer to the point of dark  fulfillment, only to be taken away and left to  walk through my waking hours consumed by the curiosity of what I hope to find at  the bottom of that stairwell. For I am certain now that the only peace I will find will not materialize in the  conscious world, but in the dark expanses of my own eerily imaginative unconscious mental dreamscape. Perhaps next time I am drawn into that descending stairway of  dread, I will be able to make haste and find true discovery of self and purpose  with whatever waits for me down  below.