Desperate Redemption

Introducing another heavy but hopeful piece co-written with my good friend Patty at Petite Magique. Don’t walk, RUN to her site and see what an amazing artist she is. A published author and poet, she is as creative and gifted as anyone I’ve met.

I hope you all enjoy the results of our latest creative collaboration.


Lost inside this dark hell I call my mind
Maybe happiness is just another lie
It seems like I’ve been falling forever
With broken wings, you can’t fly

Another soaring dream turned free fall
Panic and fear come directly to the fore
So claustrophobic in this wide open sky
As ground rushes up to annihilate all hope

Falling from grace, no turning back
Losing all that I once had
I would do anything to turn back time
Before this life drove me mad

Grasping desperately to find some resolution
As my irreversible past mocks with wicked intent
To go back and change would not be an answer
But another pitfall to see me deeper in this abyss

My life collapsing underneath my feet
I am nothing but a careless, distant observer
Seeing it all, but there is nothing that I can do
Than to just endure this brutal torture

Is this what I truly believe to be my fate?
Surely I am not doomed to repeat past atrocities
There must be something more than meets the eye
A new way to turn the overbearing odds in my favor

Suddenly turning my life upside down
I draw my sword and clench my teeth
Prepared to fight to the death with courage renewed.
Stealing victory from the jaws of defeat!


13 responses to “Desperate Redemption

  1. John, You and Patty have spun a true “Desperate Redemption” with both of you skillfully fighting off defeat with your powerful words! Here I hear Patty & you alternating verses starting & ending with Patty! My guess! Excellently done as always! Patty sent me over here! Very nice website! Phil from

    • Good guess on the verses. Patty is a wonderfully powerful wordsmith. I enjoyed writing with her. Thanks for dropping in. Feel free to drop in any time

    • Thank you CBXB. I SO appreciate the compliment. I have been so busy I don’t have time to write much and when that happens I begin to doubt myself. This came at a very important time for me. Thank you ever so much

  2. Thanks CBXB. Such high praise. I miss writing. Work and Life has been so busy I have barely been able to keep up. I hope to return to my role of wordsmith soon

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