Silk Of The Dance


A stunning vision depicting graceful art

Beauty speaks in the eloquence of silence

Subtlety surrounding her very existence

Her true gift is seemingly frozen in time


Movement of the purest inspired instinct

Alongside the fluidity of Angel’s in flight

This tranquil dance brings Heaven’s choir

To be her accompaniment this silent night


Awakened to sheer elegances elusive desire

Every sense heightened by proficient poise

Each move more breathtaking than the last

As brilliance of both form and finesse shine


Erotic ambience encircling her every move

Bringing forth arousal of desirous emotion

Both thought provoking and mind numbing

Her performance builds in silken crescendo


Breathtakingly mesmerized by every move

She weaves a tale of sensuality and intrigue

Nothing exists except for exquisite beauty

As I am left wanting nothing but her encore


Temptations Tyranny (Eve and the Serpent)


It has been present since before the sun existed

Bringing it’s gruesome reality gnarled and twisted

Forcing even the most virtuous quickly to their knees

As no one else can observe what this serpent sees


Led astray by slight of hand or subtlest gesture

In hopes of discovering purest blissful treasure

Misguided down darkened path lit only by the moon

False promise made brings fates hand too soon


 Perfect beauty in His humble image ever to remain

Exquisite form of female perfections sensual domain

Coaxed by the silver tongue of this gardens keeper

To partake of forbidden fruit tainted by the reaper


Long gone is the euphoria of such simple ignorance

Carnal knowledge, greed and lust took our innocence

Seven deadly sins all feed our desire for satisfaction

Naïve disobedience brings about such dire exaction


Created in His image but now victims of His punishment

Forced to feel guilt and shame, a stain on the innocent

Certainly I am not alone thinking we are not all so cursed

Where would creation be if all our truths were reversed


We would not know the elation of pride, fair or unjust

Nor the transcendent ecstasy of passions fiery lust

The growing of wealth beyond greed’s comprehension

Or absolute power, corrupting absolutely without question


We’ve all been told of the snake in His garden of illusion

We are all here now to follow that story to it’s conclusion

Not surprising is Eve’s metaphorical “tasting of the fruit”

But the speed at which all others quickly followed suit


Young Eve knew not the consequences of her actions

What cost of such simple curiosity and lustful distraction

As was foretold by the seers, the wise men, and the sages

The tyranny of temptation shall go on throughout the ages

electric serpent









 Undeniably captivating and mesmerizingly seductive


Floating and fluttering as if carried on an angel’s wings


Seemingly formless silhouette ever so gracefully drifting


Twisting, billowing, shifting with the slightest breeze


Such a tasteful aroma lingers and saturates my memories


Calling forth fond recollections of playing too near the flame


Enraptured by the ceaselessly suggestive swirl and sway


A tiny dancer spins tantalizingly amidst a serpentine cloud


Hypnotically delivering me back to a much simpler time


Filled with wanton curiosity and lustful passions untold


Unheeded lessons of the fiery origin of my sensual seductress


Bring me to my knees as I pray for new salacious desires to unfold



Silver Seduction

I so enjoy writing with my good friend Desiree at Sea of Desire and always am amazed at her talent and free flowing writing ability. This is just another example of how beautifully she writes and how we seem to have an intuition for each others words. I hope you enjoy this and take the time to go swim in her beautiful Sea of thoughts, words, ideas, and impulses. Thank you D. for another tremendous writing experience. Til the next…….


Mirrors of liquid mercury
Shimmering and shifting
Reflecting my soul’s undoing
Wavering under moonlight
Searching for answers, wrong or right

Pondering a vast array of sins
Memories linger so bittersweet
Like quicksilver, ceaselessly elusive
Recollected in such great abundance
Dancing lightly upon remembrance

The ripples are mesmerizing
Binding me to this space
The shadows have descended
The pain is never-ending
I am mired in regret’s false beauty

Held captive by invisible chains
Imprisoned by a cage of anguish
Left alone to confront my misgivings
Faced with a turmoil insurmountable
Yet undeniably tinged with fondness

The ghostly faces no longer taunt me
But bring kisses of sad longing
Caressing my sinister soul back to life
Bygone intimacies prick my conscience
As tomorrow’s mirage salaciously beckons

Sweet anticipation of desires yet to be
Overpower the senses and erase all regrets
Reminiscence of the ecstasy in your touch
Runs wild within my fevered coursing blood
Again I dive into a silver pool of frenzied lust

Obsidian Reality


A heart that knows the heat of a volcanic eruption

Must also realize what molten lava leaves behind

A hardened glass;  glossy, sharp and jagged rough

Deeper shade of onyx would be impossible to find


Broken shards of a soul with an obsidian reality

Forged in the shadow of fires scalding perfection

This gem of human condition grows solid as it cools

It’s lustrous broken surface shines in black reflection


It’s stony surface now razor sharp, barbed and broken

This organ now pumps a lifeblood of fear and distrust

Once burning with the heat of a thousand angry suns

Now hardens icy cold from this love destroyed by lust

Dangerous Curves


Soft and simple in it’s complexity, yet so elegantly stunning

Brandished in ways to demand attention, deviously cunning


Nothing capture’s an imagination quite like the lines of you

The graceful beauty is matched by far between, and few 


You carry it with you always and know what everybody sees

This weapon of carnal wantonness that brings us to our knees


You use it to your advantage as you know it makes us weak

Our weakness gives you power as that is what you seek


I know all too well the game you play to win this life of favor

But I cannot look away from you as this vision I must savor


I am weak of flesh and lack the will not to wander or to stray

I find myself enraptured, spellbound, so in your trance I stay



Sinful Veritas

Here is another piece co-written by me and my friend Hasty at She is a truly gifted artist with the written word and I consider myself lucky to get to compose with her. I am also pleased to announce that she is now a published poet. Follow the link provided to open a brand new world of tremendous wordplay. “Darker Side of Night”. Be sure to check out her awesome blog site as well.


Darker Side of Night is available at Amazon in paperback or ebook.



Stormy clouds enveloped them

Hiding their meeting in the sky

Where dark angels congregated

With majestic ash covered wings


This gathering so dangerously forbidden

For the dark should never romance the light

But Heavenly allegiance holds no power here

As wings of white radiance tangle with those of fiery brilliance


Their passion rolling inside the thunder

Producing sparks that light up the sky

Their hungry appetite a clapping crescendo

Frightening earthly inhabitants with their rendezvous


The Demonic and the Divine twist eagerly in torrid revelry

Pushing boundaries of unspeakable eroticism and treacherous taboos

This heightening fervor becoming a furiously euphoric frenzy

The pure and possessed alike hunger for ecstasy and salacious satiation


  Will love overcome their bond and paint beautiful rainbows in the sky

Or will the deviance of dark wreck destruction outside our front doors

The romance of light battling the lust of dark within our atmosphere

Strong impassioned fervor between two forces longing to be one again


Nothing righteous could ever come from this unearthly carnal carnival

Writhing deities cast shadows of illicit acts performed by both angels and demons

Mankind is brought to it’s knees by lascivious desires sent down from a hole in the sky

The overpowering strength of reckless abandon spills forth casting a spell on all humanity




Written by Hastywords and JMC813



One thing always leads to another

A second and more menacing reality

A knowing glance begets one more sinful regret

As a chance encounter transforms to wicked tryst

One eager push leads to fate tempting shove

And a truth never told surely becomes a lie

As a sigh of satisfaction takes the tone of a sirens song

The most lucid thoughts become forgotten to irrational passion

And weakness of the flesh transforms into the power of the night

As a silky soft rose petal carries stinging sharp thorns ever close

Fulfillment of erotic certainty is replete with devious deception

The thrill of the chase becomes the terror of entrapment

And the guilt ridden reality of events transpired become an aching

An unrelenting longing until every dangerous embrace can be relived

Again and again………

Ode to a Sinner


She is the epitome of sexuality and desire

enshrouded in a veil of erotic debauchery.

Capturing the imagination and ensnaring the weak of flesh.

Seemingly unknowing the power she holds,

yet secretly aware of the control she wields.

She follows or leads with a vigor and enthusiasm unmatched

while bringing her own deviant twists into a most energetic reality.

Dripping with SIN she will eagerly quench your lustful thirst

while leaving your head spun and yearning for more

She is a subtle drug bottled in an addictive silken carafe.

Amazing at first glance but even more intoxicating to the initial touch.

She is an experience not to be passed over

but to be fully prepared for and immensely enjoyed.

She has the ability to captivate your mind and steal your sexual soul.

She has a given name, although I call her only My Sweetest Sinner.

A wicked act by any other name… she would still SIN as SWEET!!