Held captive inside his mind

Thoughts create impenetrable bars

Words bring inescapable twisting torment








Taken prisoner from within

Grasping at thinning straws

Banging on his imaginary enclosure








From birth to death

A lost soul inside his head

A life sentence to be served








Daylight returns once again

To shine brightly on his misfortune

As it illuminates everlasting madness


11 responses to “Imprisoned

    • Thank you. This explains where my head has been the last few days. I couldn’t even think straight to write. When the fog lifts, it usually opens the floodgates. I told you earlier it may be a day or two. Then this happened. LOL.

  1. Very relieved that you found the light so quickly — I was going to have to dig deep into my arsenal of Gloom Busting weapons to help you break free! 😉 Wonderful write, John, as I know many of us can identify with the prison you describe.

    • It is a prison I did not find parole from but had to go over the wall. I am still a wanted man. Still a bit closed in with my thoughts but this direct attack on it was a start. Thanks for the kind words D.

    • Thank you Morgan. It is a double edged sword. Sometimes there is solace in the quietude of the mind. We just need to leave before the doors slam shut.

      • Though my Nana used to always tell me to never close the door tightly, that way the Spirit can come in when He wants to 🙂

      • Depends on which spirit we are talking about though. The one holding the light can show me the way, but the one keeping me prisoner is sometimes the only one with a key. LOL. Usually and eventually the power of the light provided by people such as yourself dissolve the bars of the cage that holds me though. Thanks for your thoughts and kind comments.

      • Very true, the way that is Inviting and easy is often the wrong way, though its the way we tend to want to go, and even enjoy going, until somewhere along that way we realize we really ought not to be there LOL. Leastwise thats usually what happens to me 🙂

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