Mood Swing


How quickly do bright blue skies turn a morbid gray

When these demons of past experience come to play

Unwavering and without distraction their persistence

Countless times I have run from history’s existence


From the highest bow I have swung with pleasure

Price paid in a pound of flesh always their treasure

Happiness found at the apex of life’s constant sway

Quickly and forcefully confiscated then taken away


The exultation brought on by pleasant interaction

So rapidly replaced with shadow fallen distraction

From so very high, to low and above the world again

This place, then another, one place never to remain


Had the world in my hands, and a tiger by the tail

When dark clouds rolled in and happiness set sail

Hearing the creaking of rusty chains while I swing

A chorus of Hell’s tainted angels commence to sing


As a million demons rise to attack from the East

Out of the mouth of Hell; the belly of the Beast

I lift myself up defiantly and face their direction

Courage to fight supplied by change of perception


The good times swallowed by the negative light

Return as I stand strong and determined to fight

As quickly as the dark clouds overtook the Sun

I watch the coward demons turn tail and run


Triumphant I stand atop this new self realization

Dark thoughts in my head are of my own creation

I defeat them with the strength and pride of a Lion

Finding euphoric serenity in my own personal Zion














Desperate Redemption

Introducing another heavy but hopeful piece co-written with my good friend Patty at Petite Magique. Don’t walk, RUN to her site and see what an amazing artist she is. A published author and poet, she is as creative and gifted as anyone I’ve met.

I hope you all enjoy the results of our latest creative collaboration.


Lost inside this dark hell I call my mind
Maybe happiness is just another lie
It seems like I’ve been falling forever
With broken wings, you can’t fly

Another soaring dream turned free fall
Panic and fear come directly to the fore
So claustrophobic in this wide open sky
As ground rushes up to annihilate all hope

Falling from grace, no turning back
Losing all that I once had
I would do anything to turn back time
Before this life drove me mad

Grasping desperately to find some resolution
As my irreversible past mocks with wicked intent
To go back and change would not be an answer
But another pitfall to see me deeper in this abyss

My life collapsing underneath my feet
I am nothing but a careless, distant observer
Seeing it all, but there is nothing that I can do
Than to just endure this brutal torture

Is this what I truly believe to be my fate?
Surely I am not doomed to repeat past atrocities
There must be something more than meets the eye
A new way to turn the overbearing odds in my favor

Suddenly turning my life upside down
I draw my sword and clench my teeth
Prepared to fight to the death with courage renewed.
Stealing victory from the jaws of defeat!

Salvation Reigns

Introducing another collaboration with Yikici from A Poets Journey. Be sure to drop in and see what she is up to. She’s an amazing writer with a deep and heartfelt style. It was an honor to compose such a hard hitting piece that sadly looms too close to the minds of many. Hopefully this will bring some hope.

resurrection_of_gaia -billelis-deviantart 

It comes with a swiftness and severity unwelcomed,
as a thief in the night would steal away your dreams.
The sting of existence, accompanied by cloudy visions,
as reality and perception become cruel hallucinations.

Confused with what’s real and what’s mirror reflections,
gunned down by our failings, achievements forgotten.
What Hell has been stumbled upon?
To where is the light?
Heaven dissipating under this tiring, dire fight.

Never ending struggle for control of mind and emotion;
an assault, the likes of which only few will ever know,
bloodshed invisible to the eye, and silent is the battlefield,
price we pay to wage this war, is sanity,
at such heavy tolls.

Engulfed by emotions- erratic, too weary,
borderline disorders playing tug-of-war with our thoughts.
Glimmer of hopes- dashed by loss of faith in ourselves;
us warriors, downtrodden-
this muffled fight ensues to shroud our very souls’.

Warrior souls we may be, yet we struggle with an urge to give in,
falling to earth, laying still as the ravages of battle claim us,
yet something deeper clings to hope,
there is still strength to fight;
this inherent will to survive, and a determination to see
better days ahead.

Salvation seeks souls, those battered and weary,
kindling bruised minds, promising light;
loosening clasps, which once held on so tightly,
air filtering into ribs, where lungs desperately clung.

Ungodly weight lifted, from demon burdened shoulders,
as oppressions’ evil grasp begins to lose its vicious grip.
Warily we move ahead lighter of step, but cautious even still
whilst the warmth of optimism sheds light on darkened past.

From a spring-loaded clasp trap, we escape unknowingly-
while the fight which plagues us, whittles away…
Strong hands-
which welded our shoulders in quicksand,
gently uplifts us,
brushing the dark debris away

New-found peace, discovered in gentle grasp of Angelic protection,
A gloriously enlightening vision, exists everywhere to behold.
We must remain in this frozen moment
of magnificent self realization;
as the light shed will ensure, that our demons be forever held
at bay.

Copyright © JMC813 & yikici. 2014-infinity.




Held captive inside his mind

Thoughts create impenetrable bars

Words bring inescapable twisting torment








Taken prisoner from within

Grasping at thinning straws

Banging on his imaginary enclosure








From birth to death

A lost soul inside his head

A life sentence to be served








Daylight returns once again

To shine brightly on his misfortune

As it illuminates everlasting madness

Warrior Phoenix


These eyes have seen, and this body has felt

Many years of adversities and obstacles

Trials and tribulations.

I have stepped much too close to the edge

Played with fire, burned badly by the flame

Been left weary and weak

Tried and tested, pushed and proven

Rocked and rolled, left for dead

To see light of day again

My self my opposition, a worthy adversary

To you I can only find these words to say

Listen closely and take heed


Go ahead

Knock me down

I will get up


Keep on

Knock me down again

Again I will get up 



Push me over yet again

Once more I stand


Be strong

Drive me down hard

I lift myself smiling


That all you got?

Send me reeling this time

Joy accompanies my ascent


Throw me over

Painful reminders of long ago

Pride sees me up one more time


Grind me into the dirt

Weakened I continue to stand

Stand and fight for my life


No longer can you make me fall

I watch your expression;  surprise

Laughing, I rise one last time


I rise like the Mighty Phoenix

As you, my Demons, realize

That you are truly FUCKED


I am a warrior, and will rise

Repeatedly from the ashes

To soar high above you once again

For Us


So….I love you

I say it a lot

Too much

Like you might forget

In one ear out the…

Anyway….I love you


I’m crazy, you’re crazy

Both in different ways

yet much the same

It is evident how

You are amazing

Because I am difficult









But hear me out

Because I love you

And that’s enough right?


I am also







And that’s good, I think


Not one thing exists

In this entire world

That compares to the love

To the feeling of comfort

To the safety I feel

When I am wrapped

Protected in the trust

Of your loving arms


So forgive me if I am saddened

By the unhappiness in your gaze

Don’t blame me when I try

With questions to probe

Ways I can help you find

This happiness you seek


Together we will find it

And when we do

I bet all the stars in the sky

It has been waiting right there

Idle and patient

Right inside of you


The place where happiness is born

The place where happiness belongs