Temptations Tyranny (Eve and the Serpent)


It has been present since before the sun existed

Bringing it’s gruesome reality gnarled and twisted

Forcing even the most virtuous quickly to their knees

As no one else can observe what this serpent sees


Led astray by slight of hand or subtlest gesture

In hopes of discovering purest blissful treasure

Misguided down darkened path lit only by the moon

False promise made brings fates hand too soon


 Perfect beauty in His humble image ever to remain

Exquisite form of female perfections sensual domain

Coaxed by the silver tongue of this gardens keeper

To partake of forbidden fruit tainted by the reaper


Long gone is the euphoria of such simple ignorance

Carnal knowledge, greed and lust took our innocence

Seven deadly sins all feed our desire for satisfaction

Naïve disobedience brings about such dire exaction


Created in His image but now victims of His punishment

Forced to feel guilt and shame, a stain on the innocent

Certainly I am not alone thinking we are not all so cursed

Where would creation be if all our truths were reversed


We would not know the elation of pride, fair or unjust

Nor the transcendent ecstasy of passions fiery lust

The growing of wealth beyond greed’s comprehension

Or absolute power, corrupting absolutely without question


We’ve all been told of the snake in His garden of illusion

We are all here now to follow that story to it’s conclusion

Not surprising is Eve’s metaphorical “tasting of the fruit”

But the speed at which all others quickly followed suit


Young Eve knew not the consequences of her actions

What cost of such simple curiosity and lustful distraction

As was foretold by the seers, the wise men, and the sages

The tyranny of temptation shall go on throughout the ages

electric serpent