Icy fingers clawing at the back of a fear stricken mind

Voices of suggestion imperious and insidiously corrupt

They laugh while frayed ends of sanity rapidly unwind

As the sounds of so many silent screams violently erupt


The bitter cold of ominous shadows never take leave

Constantly reminding of this anxieties stunning scope

Solitary soldier begging frantically for souls reprieve

Alone on this battlefield inside his mind without hope


A manic nature seeks shelter from the inevitable storm

Heart racing scared through forests of taunting visions

Reality bending at will creates deviations from the norm

Suggestions from within wickedly informing all decisions


A marionette to those so grippingly in control of the head

Actions are dictated by the tongues of malevolent beasts

No clear escape from the torturous grasp of unholy dread

 Spawned into the consciousness by Godless black priests


A warriors will to survive an onslaught of eye blinding pain

Only one escape from these hellions controlling his thought

As the sharp pinch of dawns needle brings light to his brain

Treatment but no cure for insanity’s war for ages hard fought


17 responses to “Panic

  1. Fantastic! I actually have the same photo sitting in my collection to use. I am glad to see you use it. Well done.

  2. It’s a lie. The voice lies to me too about the same thing. Remember who you are. A warrior. I’m going to get a link brb.

    • Thanks so much Lisa. While this piece is not as autobiographical as it may seem, everything I write comes from inside me somewhere. I do consider myself a warrior. The things I have conquered up til now are daily reminders of my warrior status. You know very well the ways of the warrior and the pride and confidence gained from facing hellish adversity. Thank you for your comment and for sharing the image and quote. Much appreciated. Be well and keep fighting.

      • Oh good! Assumption is the mother of all fuckups. Sorry about that. I learned my lesson. Hey! At least I care and what better response to your writing than someone thinking it’s real! 🙂

      • That’s awesome Lisa. Like I said, It comes from somewhere inside. I am grateful for your concern and your readership. I am truly thankful for you. Be well friend.

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