Setbacks And Breakthroughs


I am looking for anyone who can tell me

How one small step confidently forward

Is equal to two large steps defiantly back,

Times such as these make me question

Whether progress made is all just illusion

Or if the obstacles faced keep me on track


Roads I have traveled and then set aside

Were conquered with a bold perseverance

and determination forged in clarity of mind,

Troubles I have seen were meant to do harm

Yet with courage of self and love that surrounds

These hardships I faced were left far behind


So as each day brings angered frustration

I summon the strength to keep pressing on

Defeating the Demon casting negative light

I once was pulled under by adversities hand

No more will I allow any bleak clouded vision

As now I see clearly my future shining bright


Now with every single footstep taken forward

I am quick to follow up with two more ahead

Keeping all setbacks from gaining much ground,

With a guard up against Demon negativity’s ire

I will thrive and I will strive to keep pushing forth

Now knowing the worth of treasures yet unfound






9 responses to “Setbacks And Breakthroughs

  1. I may be completely wrong here, but I tell myself that it’s like putting the car in reverse to back out of a parking space or like remodeling a house. You have to do demolition to do an add on… I don’t know. That’s how I process it.

    • That is a great way of looking at it Lisa. I see it in a similar way. I figure every step backwards I take will just give me more room to build momentum and speed to break through the next barrier. Setbacks are a necessary part of life. Checks and balances and such.

  2. Awesome writing my friend! I like the power of this.

    ‘No more will I allow any bleak clouded vision
    As now I see clearly my future shining bright’

    Yes! 🙂
    Lots of love & Hugz ❤

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