Off The Rails



There are no boundaries to the landscape of my mind

Nothing in place to keep me from this fantastic journey

I cannot sit still as a passenger on this rumbling train

Holding my ticket in hand as I leave reality far behind


Wild imagination drives forward as new worlds unfold

Breathtaking views of the meaningless and nonsensical

Are emphasized by visions of crystal clear significance

Illusions beyond the windows are spectacular to behold


Time is of no importance as this pilgrimage takes place

In fact, it seems to stop and wait, until my voyage ends

Ageless and unceasing this excursion within my head

I find the edge of time to watch it vanish without trace


Thought and purpose vacate as I speed along this track

Sights and sounds astounding as my destination nears

Amazing things surround me from the inside and the out

A myriad of colors imploding, leaving only white and black


My adventure winding down, I find no more unfound trails

The daylight finds my eyes again and time begins to shift

My nighttime world fades away to hide inside my memory

As again I am awakened before my train comes off the rails



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