Styx (Forever Together)


Panic stricken defines our victim’s calling

Into depths unknown and quickly falling

Frantic memories emerge while thinking

Pictures painted on a mind that’s sinking


She struggles against what she knows best

Devils tears torture with promised unrest

Darkness so terrifying that it truly burns

As a nightmarish reality twists and turns


The waters of Styx are bathed in hells fire

Set ablaze by a Demons ceremonial  pyre

Not one but two now descending at speed

Waters get darker where spirits are freed


Together forever was the deal they made

Blood on parchment so quickly betrayed

Forever together very soon they shall be

Devils promise of forever; not forever free


So now they are together forever it seems

In an ocean of torture, a sea of bad dreams

Reaching his love, once again they embrace

But all love is gone, only grief in it’s place


Lucifer’s ruthless game of deceit is at hand

While river consumes his prey on command

Drowning them all in sins of lust and desire

Delivering them to this infinite ocean of fire


Aces and Eights


Pull up to the table with a Devilish grin

Take my cards from the dealer of every sin

The ante is high, the stakes even higher

My loss means my fate of eternal hell-fire


I glance at my cards and see what I hold

As this chance game of life begins to unfold.

A hand made for winning and built on desire

Shall surely bring about my foes funeral pyre


Life or death in the balance, name of the game

The dealer of wretchedness, has many a name

I clutch my cards close, in death’s desperate grip

No longer care free, or ready to shoot from the hip


Now the time has arrived to lay down our cards

Surrounded by minions, canines, and guards

My screams could be heard far across the land

As the Devil displayed his “Dead Man’s Hand”

Soul Sacrifice


Firelight in a darkened room

Across oaken table we sit

Radiant in It’s human form

Traveler from It’s fiery pit


Misery and dissatisfaction

Compels this entity’s arrival

Cries for help above unheard

Disenchanting mere survival


Foolish pride and ego proclaim

Entitlement to earthly bliss

Summoned  inferno’s overlord

Desires met by serpent’s kiss


Wields archaic parchment scroll

And an ornate feathered quill

Beckons me to scribe my mark

In crimson ink of bloody spill


Evil one rises, grins and laughs

My heart darkens in guilt’s regret

Hellion takes it’s prize and flees

Leaves me convinced our pact is set


Trepidation replaced by ecstasy

Our agreements hedonistic feast

Pleasures of the mind and flesh

Provided solely by the Beast


Wanton debauchery consumes

As wealth and power abound

Satisfaction should be limitless

Why am I lost in bliss newly found


The Devil’s trick leaves me empty

The pleasure and power surrounds

Yet insatiable my appetite for more

The need for satisfaction astounds


Chase for gratification winds down

Lucifer’s cunning plan comes to be

My body a shell of it’s former self

My mind now frayed ends of sanity


My contract revoked unfulfilled

Satan’s mocking suitably unjust

It’s dealings never held validity

But It’s temptation demanded trust


And so charred ashes to ashes

Become Hell storm’s dust to dust

As my greed for greed destroyed me

I was condemned by my lust for lust

Mirror Mirror


Mirror, mirror

Castle wall

Fairest maiden

Loved by all


Mirror, mirror

Glass so cold

For ageless beauty

Her soul is sold


Mirror, mirror

Mind plays tricks


The river Styx


Mirror, mirror

Sharpened blade

Flashing silver

Gashes made


Mirror, mirror

Struck the deal

Ageless beauty

But life to steal


Mirror, mirror

Cut so deep

Crimson lifeblood

Soul to reap


Mirror, mirror

DEVIL deceiver

Curse the BEAST

This foolish believer


Mirror, mirror

Castle wall

Soul collector

Comes to call