The Dragon’s Destiny

This piece was co-written by myself and a new friend and unbelievably

skilled writer Hastywords. She truly has a gift with words and I am very

 fortunate to have penned this dark anthem with her. Her talents are

 numerous and cross a wide spectrum of intrigues. I hope you will all

 go look into her world of intense passions and interests.

Find her at


I held my own heart in my hands

No longer red but black as night

Ripped from my body by the dark

As I lay stretched upon the sand


It’s pulsing rhythm slowly expired

Black and bleeding this scarlet fear

Horrific reality of deaths cold hand

Cloak and sickle my fate conspired


Summer sandcastles trampled, eroded

Beach graves as far as the eye can see

I watch the seagulls pluck at the decay

The result of Lucifer’s dearly devoted


Messenger of misery and doom came calling

His soldiers and pawns brought devastation

Slowly suffering this excruciating extinction

Man kinds fate since the time of His falling


Tides of jealous wrath came crashing down

Eager minions that starved for far too long

Exercising their hatred with fear and chaos

Demanded our shining stars to hit the ground


The kingdom of light and love has gone so dark

A world of greed and turmoil falls to it’s knees

This once beautiful place now barren and burned

Satan’s plan for end of days firmly found it’s mark



Written by JMC813 and Hastywords


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